Our Mother's Day Beauty Favorites

Mother's Day is this weekend (how is that even possible?) and we've rounded up our favorite beauty gifts complete with mini tutorials for you today! You know we're obsessed with all things beauty, and makeup + hair products are some of our favorite gifts to give and receive. Everyone (especially mamas) loves great beauty products, but may not always want to spend the extra money on them. Gifts that fall into that category are always the best in our opinion - it's something that will always be used, appreciated, and extra special because it was a gift! 

....and sometimes you have to treat yo' self! I picked up a few new tools at Ulta that I desperately needed (and wanted) as a Mother's Day gift to myself. I had (seriously) been eyeing this hair dryer for a couple years, and finally decided to try it...whyyyy did I wait so long?! This is the best hair dryer ever! My hair is usually pretty frizzy after I dry it, but it's so much smoother with this dryer (and round brush combo), which makes curling my hair so much easier! Here are the products I used to get my waves (which I will be wearing for Mother's Day brunch), along with a little tutorial. 

When my hair is still damp, I apply this cream (nickel size amount) and brush through to make sure it's evenly distributed with this brush - trust me, you need this brush! I have also given it to a few of my mama friends, it honestly slides right through any tangles! I rough dry my whole head (without using a brush, simply dry your hair until it's about 90% dry), then I put it half up and grab my round brush. I finish drying using the round brush to smooth out the hair, really focusing on the ends - I normally have to straighten my ends before curling, but with my new dryer I didn't have to. 
Starting at the front of my hair, I hold the curling stick pointing down and wrap my hair away from my face around the barrel. My hair doesn't hold curl very well, so I leave it for about 10 seconds, but you can adjust that time depending on your hair. I continue curling this same way around my entire head, always make sure the curling stick is pointed down. 
*If you're new to this technique, I would recommend sectioning your hair before you start curling. 
After my whole head is curled, I pull on the ends to loosen the curls a bit and spray with this (my favorite)!
That's it! I promise it's super simple, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you've never used a curling stick, it will take some getting used to, but I think it's even easier than using a regular curling iron now. 
I've always struggled with figuring out the whole contour thing. This kit has been a game changer! It's so easy to use and you have so many different shades to play around with. The pigment is great and it blends well. 
This glow kit is on my must-have list. The colors are pigmented and don't leave your skin looking glittery.
I always do my makeup in our living room - the lighting is soo much better!
Sweep on your cheekbones, top of browbones, eyelids, and the corners of your eye for a gorgeous glow.
What mom doesn't need lip balm? I have at least 20 floating around between my car, purse and diaper bag! This is a favorite of mine and Brooke's and think it any mom would love getting it!
I'm kind of a lipgloss/lipstick hoarder. I keep these two glosses on heavy rotation. The butter gloss is creamy (color: tres leches) and the matte cream (color: stockholm) is long lasting. The price point makes it hard not to buy every color ;)
Perfume is another great gift for Mother's Day, and right now if you purchase any fragrance ($40 or more), you get a free spring tote! Here are a few more items on our Mother's Day wishlist:

Thank you to Ulta for partnering for this post! 

Weekend Deals

We both bought these sandals and they are SO good. They look just like Isabel Marant but they're only $30. Low key obsesssssed!

Platforms are our favs because they're sooo comfy. This pair from Nordstrom Rack are 56% off putting them at only $40! #yesplease

This lace blouse is gorgeous - it looks like it could be designer! Neeed this one!

Love this sassy red romper!

This utility jacket is on sale for $25! Love the mushroom color!

Take an extra 30% off sale items at Forever21 with code SPRING30. This kimono and these shorts are super cute!

We both love our white sneakers - these ones are cute and under $100!

You can't have too many rompers right? This one is crotchet + off the shoulder and only $23!

My large Ray-Ban aviators are being price matched for 25% off! I love the bigger lens and can't go back to the small ones!

How cute is this Free People tank top? I want it in every color!

Lot's of good basics on sale at J.Crew. We love this stripe tee and this embroidered top! Use code GETSHOPPING for 25% off.



1. What are you favorite sneakers for working out? I know you guys have a lot of Nikes but I wasn't sure which are working out and which are comfortable "mom sneaks"! I'm in the market for a new gym pair!
Meggan: I work out in the Nike Roshe Run. They are soo comfortable and supportive. I'm embarrassed to say I have them in three colors! #excessive 
Brooke: I wear these Nike sneakers to work out in - I need a bit more support, and I feel like these give it. 

2. I will be in NY in a couple weeks with my husband and 7 month old. He will be working during the day and most nights! Do you know of any place that rents out jogging strollers? We are staying near Central Park so hoping to utilize! Also, the best things to do with a 7 month old in NY?
This company looks like they have great rental options (and they deliver to you)! I would definitely check them out! With a 7 month old I would check out museums, shop, and go to Central Park. There's so much exploring you can do together!

3. Any suggestions for delicate gold necklaces?
Brooke: I have this one and this one, and love both! I also love Irina Victoria jewelry - her stuff is so well made, I have this necklace & this one from her site.
Meggan: I have a few from Irina Victoria too and also like Nadri (just ordered this necklace) and Tai (need this evil eye and this star one!).

4. Do you ladies use under eye patches? If so which ones do you like?
Brooke: No, I was just looking for some the other day but didn't see what I was looking for! I'll keep you updated if I find any I like! All of these look kind of amazing!
Meggan: No I don't but would love to try some too! I know these aren't the same as patches but I just got these face mask sheets and cannot wait to try!

5. I'm thinking about buying the Bri Bri belt. Do you have any other styling tips for it besides jeans and a tee?
It looks so cute with dresses and rompers! I've seen it paired with a chambray dress and looked so cute! It also looks cute with maxi dresses (love this one and this one) and gives you a little shape. I'll be styling it more on the blog and Brooke just got one too!

6. I'd like to know what a normal day looks like for you guys since I'm currently taking a break and always looking for new things to do!
Brooke: My days are seeming to get busier by the day...we wake up nice and early around 6:30-6:45 (both of the girls are for sure up by 7), I work on emails and/or the blog post for the day for 15 minutes, then breakfast for Sophia and Avery. I drop Sophia off at school, then I head to the gym. By the time I'm done working out and hitting the sauna, it's time to pick up Sophia from school (gotta love those long preschool days lol), and we come home to eat lunch. The girls love to play in the backyard, at the park, or in their playroom. I do a lot of work in the afternoon if I can, or run errands. Before I know it, it's time to start making dinner and get the bedtime routine going. After the girls are in bed I hang out with my hubs if he's home from work...watching all the worst reality TV ;), and then I usually stay up later and try to do some more work...my new goal is to start going to bed earlier, by 10:30. I would say that is my most "typical" day, but every day is different.
Meggan: Camden usually wakes up between 6 and 7...sometimes 5:45 if were real lucky ;) I make breakfast for Cam and shakes for Kyle and I. I'll check my email and finish up a blog post if it needs be and then play with Camden until nap time which is usually around 9-9:30. During nap time I try to get emails and blog posts taken care of and do things done around the apartment - laundry, clean, organize. I'm kind of a neat freak and tend clean everyday ;) After his nap we try to meet up with my friend who has a 6 month old. We will either go to music class at Monica + Andy in Lincoln Park or grab lunch. Then I usually run a few errands (Target obvi) and head home so Camden can take his afternoon nap. After his nap we will go to the park or just play at home and wait for Kyle to get off work so we can go to the gym. After that it's dinner (if you follow on snap, I always try to post what I'm making!) and relax time. Some days I'll go shopping or walk around different neighborhoods in the city...whatever Camden allows in his schedule ;) And once it's nice out (still feels like winter here!) I plan on going to farmers markets, walk along the lake, and venture out to more parks!

7. Meggan, I love your engagement ring! Do you know any specifics/details about it that you could share?
I don't know much about it because Kyle designed it on his own! It's cushion cut and has a diamond band. Here's a picture of it since I'm literally no help ;)

8. I'm starting a new job and I need some new business casual basics. Any suggestions?
A few pairs of great black pants, a skirt, and a dress can get you far! When I used to work in an office, I pretty much rotated the same 4 bottoms all the time. I loved Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Nordstrom Rack to find basics that weren't so $$$. I love these pants (40% off!), this blouse, and this skirt - all great basics you can mix and match with other pieces.

9. How do you guys dress your men?
Lucky for us they both have great style and usually shop for themselves! Their favorite stores are Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Barneys.

10. Meggan, I love your Isabel Marant sandals! Have you found any good dupes?
Yes! These are sooo good and a fraction of the price and so is this pairThese are amazing dupes of the Isabel Marant flat sandals and only $30! Brooke and I both got them!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! You can leave your comments for next week below in the comment section or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com XO

New In: Our Skincare Routine

We're constantly working on our skincare routine, and (cautiously) trying new products - we both have sensitive skin so we have to be extra careful. We've added a few new products from Nordstrom that we're loving, so wanted to share them with you today. 
Clarins Double Serum: This was definitely a splurge for me, but I've only been using it for a few days and I swear I'm already seeing results! The reviews are amazing as well - I love reading reviews, and base a lot of purchase decisions on them. This is Clarins' best-selling serum, and has 20 different plant extracts to boost skin's radiance, and fight fine lines. I bought the larger size because it's a much better value, and I don't think this will ever be leaving my skincare routine. 
Shiseido Eye Cream: Technically this isn't "new" to my skincare routine, but this is a new jar. I am so obsessed with this eye cream, it's so hydrating and I've seen great results. Meggan has it as well, and we both swear by it! I only use this at night, and put it on after the Clarins Double Serum, and follow with moisturizer. 
Philosophy Clear Days Ahead: Another repurchase item here, I'm on my third jar of these pads. Every since having Avery, my skin has been more prone to breakouts (no idea why, but it's the sad truth), and these have saved my skin! These pads were another item I purchased based on the reviews, and am so happy I did! I use these once/day (at night) after cleansing my face. I let the moisture dry completely, then follow with the Calrins serum, Shiseido eye cream, and finally moisturize. I also love love love this mask (wearing it in the photo below) for acne which I use once/week.
One thing I've done to step up my skincare routine is use masks on the regular. A few things that I look for in a mask are: no drying out skin, minimize pores, brighten and refresh skin. This Kiehl's clay mask checks off all my requirements!
It's pretty thick and a little goes a long way.
This cleansing balm isn't new in my routine but it's something I swear by and needed to share again!  Ever since I started using this, I really started to notice a difference in my skin. It's a balm but once you rub it on your skin it turns into a silky oil that literally melts your makeup off. After I use the balm, I wash my face then apply this Clarins 'multi-active' night cream.
One of our favorite things about Nordstrom is it's a one-stop shop for all your skincare needs. Below are a few more products we cannot live without!


Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering for this post! 


This dress is the perfect LBD for spring & summer days - the material is lightweight and it's not too short. The price tag is only $15, so it's got that going for it as well. 
The back is the best part. 

It's back to winter in Chicago and I refuse to put a heavy coat on! I hate to complain about the weather but ugh, this is just ridiculous. Anyway I just got this sweater and love it! Will be perfect for cooler summer nights. I wear these jeans wayyyy to often - they're just so comfortable I can't seem to get away from them. They are on major sale too!
jacket | sweater c/o | sunglasses c/o | jeans | necklace c/o

I'm going to be living in these jeans - if you can't tell, they are my new favorites (and they're under $100!). I love this sleeveless sweater - I was hesitant to purchase it, but have already worn it a few times, it's worth it! And of course, these sandals (look so much like Isabel Marant, but only $30 and made shockingly well!). 
sunglasses | bag | jeans | sweater | necklace | watch (similar) | sandals 

I wore this last week for lunch with a girlfriend. I left for Iowa City right after lunch so I needed to be comfy! I got this belt a few weeks ago and had to keep exchanging it for a size up - well I didn't realize I bought the waist belt instead of for the hips. I was starting to get concerned ;) And I've touched on this ring I wear everyday but it would be the perfect Mother's Day gift if you're looking for ideas!
tee | jeans | belt | sunglasses (on sale!) | ring

Feeling Spring

It finally feels like spring in New York and Chicago, and we're so ready for some warmer weather! Bringing you two spring looks today with Nordstrom Rack - one for date night/girl's night/happy hour, and one daytime casual/brunch look. 
I love the details on this Melrose and Market top - it's comfortable, cool, and can easily be dressed up or down. I wore this look for a dinner in the city over the weekend, but also bought these lace-up sandals that could make this an easy daytime look as well. I honestly couldn't believe when I saw the price tag on these jeans - I swear Nordstrom Rack is the place to go for designer denim! When I was first trying them on, I was afraid they were going to be too tight, but am happy I went with my normal size, because they fit perfectly and stretch out a bit while you're wearing them (just the right amount). 
sunglasses (similar) | jeans | Melrose and Market top (also love this one) | bag (similar to my CĂ©line) | Steve Madden sandals (SO many good ones) - similar here and obsessed with these  
I stop in Nordstrom Rack way more often then I should! It's close to my house and is always full of new inventory and good finds! My shorts are Current Elliot and I found them in store but this pair looks pretty similar! I have a hard time finding shorts that aren't too short, so I was pretty stocked to find these! I also got this pair of Free People shorts - they're so comfy!
This hat looks just like a designer hat (I thought it was Rag & Bone before I looked at the tag!) but it's only $30! Such a steal!


In collaboration with Nordstrom Rack!
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