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trench | dress c/o | boots (also love these) | bag c/o | sunglasses | nail polish

I have been wanting the lowland boots for awhile now and decided to treat myself for my birthday. They are classics that can be paired with almost anything in your closet - dresses, jeans, shorts - they're super versatile. The boots have a lot of personality so I paired them with this grey dress and classic trench, less is more!

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Wednesday Wishlist (Everything On Sale!)

Happy hump day, ladies! Thanks so much for all of the love on our interview posts, we had a lot of fun with them. Shopbop is having one of their major sales of the year, and it's definitely a good one! Nothing is off limits, and with so many new spring/summer items out, it's a great time to buy + save on items that won't be going on sale anytime soon anywhere else.

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Get To Know Us: Brooke Interviews Meggan

Hi ladies! Hope you enjoyed Brooke's interview yesterday! We love reading personal posts about our favorite bloggers and thought this would be a fun way for you to get a glimpse into our lives. I loved all her answers, especially the one about growing up in Iowa. I'm also from Iowa and I feel like The Bachelor is giving us a bad name right now, ha! It's seriously the best state ever :) Enjoy!

Get To Know Meggan
Top 5 items on your current wishlist?
These sandals (such a cute color for spring!) | White denim by Citizen | Crotchet bikini | Karen Walker sunglasses | This romper

What are you most excited + nervous about when it comes to being a mom? 
Well first of all, finding out I was pregnant was a MAJOR shock. I remember the day like yesterday, it was a Sunday night and I told Kyle I thought I should take a test. I came out of the bathroom with a blank face and told him it was positive. I can't remember what he said (I think I blacked out from shock!) and I took another to be sure. The next couple days were really hard, and were spent curled on the couch in tears. Even though Kyle was supportive, I felt scared and alone. We were both super nervous at the thought of becoming parents and were scared about the changes we were going to face. I'm still nervous but nothing compared to the first couple months! I learned to turn my nervousness into positive nerves (if that makes sense?). But I do worry about normal things most first time moms get worried about - Am I going to be a good mom? Will the baby be healthy? Am I going to have time for my my friends? My mom told me God doesn't give us anything we can't handle and it will all fall into place, which I totally agree with!
 I'm most excited to just meet him and start our little family. Excited for firsts - first cuddles, first kisses, first laugh, first words, first steps. Everyone says there's no love like you love your child and I just can't wait to experience that. Everyday I wonder what he's going to look like, what his personality will be. I also can't wait to see Kyle with the baby...I know he's going to be a great daddy.

Favorite places to eat and shop in Chicago?
 There's so many great places this is going to be a long list! Brunch: Flo, Bongo Room. Kanela Breakfast Club, Little Goat. I know this is a chain but we went to Original Pancake House this weekend for the first time. I got the southwest skillet and we split blueberry pancakes - SO good! Lunch/dinner spots are Big & Littles, Tango SurGT Fish & Oyster, Topo Gigio, Yuzu Sushi, Homeslice, La Scarola. And of course Big of my favorite patios and margaritas in the city! I'm sure I'm missing some other goodies. My favorite area to shop is Bucktown - there's local boutiques and name brand stores like Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Club Monaco and Intermix. It's such a cute area! I usually end up going to the Magnificent Mile to shop since it's walking distance from my apartment. There you can find just about everything but some of my favorites are Zara, Nordstrom, All Saints, and Neiman Marcus.

What does a typical Saturday look like?
My old Saturday's were filled with boozy brunches (hello bottomless mimosas!) and now they are quite different! I have been waking up super early, like before I'll usually read or browse Pinterest (follow us!). Once Kyle makes the slightest movement I'll start waking him up - he says I'm like a dog, LOL! We usually hit up one of our favorite breakfast spots (see above) and then I'll get things done that I don't have time to do during the week - mani/pedi, groceries, shopping. Not going to lie, the last couple Saturdays have been spent at home snuggled on the couch, watching Parenthood. It has been super cold and I'm enjoying quiet time before the baby arrives!

How would you describe your personal style? 
Casual and laid back! My go-to is jeans and an over-sized top. I like to invest in nice basics so they last a long time.  A nice tee (my favorite here) jeans that make you feel amazing, booties, and a great bag.

What was the most important lesson you learned from a past relationship? 
My last relationship was three years long. We had a lot of fun together but at the end of the relationship I knew we weren't mean't to be. I would get anxiety attacks thinking is he really the one? Am I really going to marry him? I knew deep down that I wasn't 100% happy and I didn't want to marry him. I struggled with the thought of breaking up because I honestly thought I didn't have a good "reason" to. I had expressed to him I was unhappy a couple times but I didn't have a reason for those feelings. This made me feel really bad because I knew that was hurtful to hear. We would work on things and it would feel like the honeymoon stage again but that would only last a couple weeks. My unhappiness eventually caused a downward spiral and we had a pretty bad breakup. My advice is not to settle with someone just because you're comfortable. Breakups are hard and scary but once I was finally "free" I felt so relieved (and sad!). It may sound selfish but your happiness should come first. And in the end, it turned out to be best for both of us!

Biggest splurge? 
I don't splurge often but I just bought the Stuart Weitzman lowland boots. A birthday treat to myself :) It's safe to say I luhhhh-uv them!

Three things you can't live without? 
I'm addicted to coffee, lip gloss (I buy a new one weekly), and coconut oil!

Who is your girl crush?
Natasha Oakley. Can I just have her life?! ...and bod! She travels around to the best beaches around the world with her BFF and models bikinis. Not to mention she is an entrepreneur and is killing it! I love when women can turn their passion into a career.

How did you meet Kyle + what is your favorite thing about him?
We knew each other from Iowa, he was one year ahead of me but I don't think we ever actually had a conversation - he did buy me a shot once, ha! We even took a picture together post-shot...totally random! He moved to San Diego after school and lived there for 4 years. His Facebook status popped up on my feed one day that he took a job in Chicago and was moving here so I decided to message him to say congrats. We exchanged numbers and ended up texting for 16 hours straight the next day - LOL! I told my aunt about him and our texting escapade/how much we clicked and she told me he's the one. I thought she was crazy but it turns out she was right! We went on our first date when he came here to look for apartments and the rest is history. He is the most caring, unselfish, and loyal person I have ever met and brings out the best in me daily. Everyone asks if we're going to get engaged soon since we have a babe on the way but we decided we don't need to rush into it. A baby is already enough pressure and we want to be able to focus on our family and not a wedding. And let's be honest, I want to celebrate my engagement with LOTS of champagne!! ;)

As you get older (sorry for the reminder, LOL), what are you learning about yourself?
Thanks for the reminder LOL! I will be 26 this weekend which seems old, only because it feels like I was turning 21 just yesterday. I've changed and grown a lot over the last few years but something I've really learned the importance of the people you surround yourself with. Family and friends that support you and stick by your side are the ones who matter most. I let go of some crappy relationships I had and it turned out to be one of the best things for me!

Best makeup trick?
I might be late to the party but I just learned the most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle with the base under your eye and point toward your cheek. It conceals dark circles and creates the illusion that your face is lifted. I need all the help I can get in this department! I use the MAC 'pro longwear' concealer but I'm thinking about trying the concealer Brooke uses by Make Up For Ever - it has great reviews!

xx meggan

Get To Know Us: Meggan Interviews Brooke

Happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend! Running on little to no sleep over here - the perfect way to kick off the week, right? ;) The other day Meggan and I were talking and decided we should interview each other for a blog post since we've never done that before, and it's been a while since we started our blog/introduced ourselves (you can see a bit more about us here). We will be answering the questions each of us thought up for the other this week - and here are mine. Hope you guys enjoy this! If there is anything else you guys want to know, feel free to ask us! 

Get To Know Brooke

1. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? of my guilty pleasures is YouTube makeup tutorials (is that embarrassing?) LOL. I love watching them, and can get sucked in so easily. I'm a product junkie, and always trying out new makeup and techniques. My favorite beauty vlogger is Carli Bybel - she has so much personality, and is bomb at doing makeup. If I could splurge on one major life change it would be a 'glam squad' - I haaate getting ready, and would love nothing more than to have someone do my hair and makeup daily. Who's with me? 

2. How did you and Chad meet? 
Chad and I met in Miami. I was on a vacation with one of my best friends, and he was actually living in the hotel we were staying at. We both lived in Chicago at the time, but he was in Miami for work - and had an apartment in the hotel where he stayed during the week. We met at the pool, funny story. There was a group of 'tween' girls having a birthday pool party (definitely not an age-appropriate location), and they thought Chad was famous (HA!). They were asking him to sing happy birthday, and my friend and I were just watching this whole scene go down, and couldn't stop laughing. He escaped the tweens (without singing happy birthday), and somehow we started talking. We talked for 3 hours at the pool and discovered we both lived in Chicago, had mutual friends, and both had dogs named Kingston (fate much?!). We decided to meet up that night with all of our friends, and the rest is history! We had (and continue to have) so much fun together, and he was truly the first person I felt totally myself with. In past relationships, there was always something 'I needed to work on,' but with him, everything was easy. Life lesson: never settle! We got engaged a year after we met on a trip to Miami - his proposal was pretty amazing, but that's another story! 

3. What are your favorite places to eat/shop in NYC? 
There are so many great places to eat and shop in NYC. A few of my favorite places to brunch: Bubby's Tribeca, Jane, The Fat Radish, and Smorgasburg (in the summer in Brooklyn - best donut of my life), and dinner: ABC Kitchen, Buddakan, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Catch, Dos Caminos, and Isola Trattoria. There are still so many places I want to try, and this list is forever changing! To shop, I love love love Madison + 5th Ave - basically any and every store you could want (besides Nordstrom!) within walking distance of each other - Bloomingdale's, Bergdorfs, Schutz, Hermes, Celine, Barneys, Vince, ZaraDiptyque, more, more, and more. I also love shopping in SoHo, but it gets so crowded, and the Upper East Side is just easier for me to navigate (we lived on the UES when we moved to NYC, so it is definitely the area of Manhattan I know the best).

4. What has surprised you the most about being a mom? 
"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things." Since becoming a mom 2 years ago, I have learned so much. The greatest thing is learning how much love you can truly have for another human being - there is nothing like it! It's so cliche, but it's honestly a love you just can't imagine until you have a child. It's incredible how one little person can cause so much love, worry, joy, frustration (let's be honest), and even more love at the end of the day. There are definitely days where I'm counting down the hours until bedtime, but as soon as Sophia is asleep, I sneak into her room to just look at her, and thank God for this precious beauty! I'm so excited (and nervous!) to have two. I'm nervous for Sophia - I hope she will still feel all the love I have for her, since a lot of my time will be occupied by a newborn...any mamas have tips for this? 

5. What was it like growing up in Iowa? 
Amazing! I love the fact that I grew up in Iowa - this is always something people are surprised about (and in NYC almost scoff at), when I tell them I'm originally from Iowa, but honestly, I'm the one laughing on the inside. People who aren't from Iowa - or who have never been - assume it's all corn fields and farms. While a lot of it is (if you watch the Bachelor, you know what I'm talking about!), that's not all there is to Iowa. I was lucky enough to grow up on one of three blue water lakes in the entire world, and the lake was my backyard (this is also where Meggan and I met!). I learned to drive a boat by myself at age 5 (definitely consider it my hidden talent) and got to spend my summers on the lake with friends. Iowa gave me the best friends (who will be my friends for life), a great work ethic (hello! I was mowing the lawn at 10 years old, and always learning from my entrepreneur dad), and a true childhood which was completely focused on family. I feel so fortunate for the childhood I had, thanks to my parents and their hard work. Thanks Mom and Dad - I LOVE YOU! 

6. Favorite piece in your closet? 
Probably my Cartier 'LOVE bracelet.' I've wanted one as long as I can remember, and Chad surprised me with it this year for my birthday - I was totally shocked. We are definitely planners and savers when it comes to finances, so this was totally unexpected! I love the meaning behind it, and it's my favorite gift ever - besides my baby girl! 

7. How did you get into interior design? Your eye for design is amaze!
Thank you! I love love love interior design - probably just as much as fashion. I've loved it since I was a little girl. I would paint my room a different color every year (I'm sure my parents were thrilled with my highlighter green phase), and was always rearranging the furniture. As I got older, and moved into my own places, my style was always changing - from rustic, to super modern, to a mix of the two. When Chad and I were first married, and living in an apartment in California, he said it looked like Las Vegas LOL! He let me decorate it exactly as I wanted, and let's just say I went a little overboard with the bling and white ;). When we bought our home in CA is when I really got to experiment, since we did a few renovations (see our kitchen before and after below). I love experimenting, and just when I think I've found 'my style,' I see something completely different that I love. My favorite designer is Amber Lewis (Amber Interiors), and a lot of my inspiration comes from her. If we ever move back to California, I would love to have her come do my entire house! A few photos from my past (in California) and current (New York) home. 
kitchen before + after

8. What are 3 products you can't live without? 
1. Rosebud Salve (can't believe I forgot to list this on my skincare routine post - it's an absolute must for me!)
2. Great concealer (so far, my favorite is by Make Up Forever), but I'm always ready to try a new one for my dark circles - thanks to my French heritage + mom life! Do you have a favorite concealer I need to try? 
3. My curling wand. I don't wear my hair straight very often - I feel like it just looks like it's hanging there, so a curling wand is my favorite tool to get beach waves (tutorial coming soon, promise!). I currently use this super affordable Conair version which works great (even on my thick, heavy hair), but I'd love to splurge on a NuMe wand

9. First cocktail you're having once the baby arrives? 
Champagne - it's a celebration after all! ;)

10. Best advice you've gotten from your mom? 
My mom is my best friend, and just learning from her has been great advice she didn't even have to give. She is so loving, selfless, and always doing things for everyone besides herself. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to be as great as her, but she is certainly the person I look up to most in this world. When Chad and I got married, my family gave me a jewelry box filled with notes of "marriage advice," which we still have. Hers said,"Keep your first date butterflies alive," and that is something we try to do. It's easy to get into the routine of marriage/parenthood, but it is so important to get dressed up (or at least put makeup on lol) and head out for a date night as often as you can (we shoot for once/week). Sometimes I would rather put on my pajamas and lay on the sofa, but once we get out and have conversation outside of our home, I realize how great & important it is. 

11. What's your go-to outfit?
One of two options - jeans and a tee (white, gray, or black), OR all black everything. ;) 

12. What's on your spring wishlist?
UHG - so much! Here are five items currently in my shopping cart:

13. Who is your girl crush?
Chrissy Teigen all day! She is stunning, but also seems like such a cool, down-to-earth girl (you need to follow her on Instagram if you aren't already)! 

Thanks so much for reading, ladies! Have a great day! xx 

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