Weekend Deals

Just got this off the shoulder sweater - it's so comfy and under $100! It's low in sizes so I found a couple look-a-likes here and here.

Love this choker tee. Just ordered in burgundy! 

If you have any upcoming beach vacays this pom pom hat is so cute and festive! I can picture myself with a drink in hand laying on the beach with it ;)

How warm and cozy does this sweater look!? Just went 30% off!

Are you loving the velvet trend as much as us? Forever21 has so many fun velvet pieces - such a cute cami dress!

Love this trench in dusty rose! Can't believe it's $30!

SO much stuff being priced matched at Nordstrom. A few favorites: these peep toe booties, Spanx leggings (have in both colors and love), this fancy top, and these booties (ordered in taupe).

20% off all in-stock items at West Elm. I've been ordering like crazy trying to get my house furnished! 

Need these moto leggings in every color!

Neiman Marcus is having a huge designer sale. Our espadrilles we got last year are almost 50% off - wowza!

Love this basic midi dress! Under $100.

This cardi is so cute and comes in two colors! Need it in the grey!



1. How long did it take you to really start building your following and see real results from your blog? Do you have any good tips to get it going?
We started our blog in July of 2013 and it took a couple years to really see results (in 2015 we felt like "woah, this could actually go somewhere"). We try not to focus too much on our instagram following because (in our opinion) that's not the most important thing. Here are some tips:
1. Post consistently.  You can't expect to get a consistent following if you are only posting once or twice a week. We post 6 days a week and do two series posts (#coffeetalk and weekend deals).
2. Take clear/crisp images. We use VSCO to filter our photos & try to use the same filter for each photo for a consistent feed.
3. Set goals and work toward them. We try to set quarterly and yearly goals!
4. Have a professional help design/set up your site
5. Just do you! It's better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else ;). Being original is super important! Of course you can always get inspo from bloggers who inspire who (everyone does that), but copy-catting is easy to spot! Good luck babe! 

2. I know you both said you use the Bobbi Brown intensive serum corrector and IT bye bye under eye. Do you use them both for under eye or do you use the Bobbi Brown for blemishes and the other for actual under eye?
Brooke: The Bobbi Brown is a corrector that actually primes your under eye for concealer, and wouldn't be used on it's own (because it's very orangey). A peachy/orange shade cancels out the darkness of under eye circles. I use the Bobbi Brown, then foundation, and finally concealer - I use this one most days (I still love the IT concealer, but this one is a bit easier to apply when I'm in a rush which is always!).
Meggan: Yes to everything Brooke said - intensive corrector and then concealer! I usually use the IT bye bye under eye but also like this one from MAC.

3. I'm looking for a stocking for my baby girl (her first Christmas)! Any suggestions on cute ones that aren't too childish looking?
Brooke: I got these for my girls and they're so cute! Definitely not childish, and one they can "grow up" with. I love the idea of having the same stocking each Christmas.
Meggan: I got these stockings from Pottery Barn for our whole family. I agree with Brooke on growing up with the same stocking. My mom has had our since I can remember! Pottery Barn Kids has some really cute ones (and they're on sale). Love this and this!

4. I'm wondering how you found your photographers who take your blog pictures? Do you work on a shoot schedule or is it kind of random, (i.e call them when you need them vs. shooting every week at the same time)? Did you have a trial and error period to figure out if the style of photography worked for your personal styles/blog message? I'm really thinking about starting my own blog but want to do it in the right way so I'm trying to gather as much advice as I can!
Both of our guys take our pictures. It's easier for us since we're with the kids all day errryday. We take our photos on the weekends because that's really the only time our guys have time to take pictures - aren't they lucky lol ;). It isn't always easy or fun to shoot with your significant other #letsbehonest, but it is most convenient for us & it's free! We have shot with photographers before and truthfully the shoots are much easier/quicker (since they are a professional photog), but it's hard for us to schedule shoots with kids. If you have someone who could take your photos, you could always try that first, but if you don't have a DSLR camera, going with a photographer off the bat is a great idea because you know your images will be really great (important when first starting out!). Good luck!

5. Meggan, what size did you get in the peach top you posted on instagram and how does it fit? It's perfect for the holidays!
I agree, it's perfect for holiday parties! I got a size small and it fits true to size.

6. I am wearing a metallic gold/black dress to my company holiday party next weekend and want to do something fun with my lip color. I am thinking a bold red, but was wondering if you had any other suggestions?
A couple of our favorite reds: lady danger, ruby woo, and Russian red! All great shades - have fun!

7. I'm spending Christmas with my boyfriend's family and looking for lounge clothes to wear throughout the weekend that are cute and pulled together, but still comfy!
Definitely these leggings, and oversized sweaters - love this one and this one (in my cart!).

8. Brooke, could you share a more affordable version of your coffee table (preferably under $200)? Also, what size rug did you get for your living room?
Thank you! We have two living rooms, so I'm not sure which table you're referring to (this one or this one), but I've found a couple budget-friendly options for both. For the mirrored look: this one, this one (love this!), and this one (on sale for $299, but it's SO similar to mine I had to include it). For the rustic/wood look: this onethis one & this one!

9. I recently bought these boots per your suggestion :) but I really need help with some outfit ideas for both work and nights out. I'd love to get as much use out of them as possible. I always get a feeling that OTK boots can be a bit "much" for the workplace (although I don't have a dress code). I can't seem to find the right length sweater dresses that are long enough (always feels like I'm not wearing pants, ha!). So many issues and I could use some help!
Over-the-knee boots are definitely do-able for the work place if you wear them right! We would say to always stick with pants/jeans (sounds like you can wear jeans woo!) and add some layers on top. A simple top like this or this, layered with a cardigan or blazer, jeans with the boots would look super cute! For going out we love a look like this - could also be paired with a moto jacket.

10. I'm attending a Lingerie Ball New Years Eve party, dress code is black tie lingerie. I am really interested to see what combos you would come up with? It sure would be edgy and sexy, and I would sure go with whatever you pick!
Wow, we've never heard of a lingerie ball but we're sure it will be fun! ;) Truthfully, neither of us can imagine getting in lingerie in public right now lol, but some pieces that are fun and a little more covered up (which is what we would choose) are this bodysuit, this romper, or this bodysuit. Sorry if we're way off here, but hopefully these ideas are in line with what you're thinking! Have fun!

11. Do you have a favorite lip primer? I'm looking for something that will help my lipstick go on smoother, especially in these cold months when my lips tend to get more chapped. If it could also help prevent feathering, that would be great!
Brooke: I don't use a traditional "primer," but 30 mins before I put my liner/lipstick on I use this on my lips - it conditions them better than anything else I've tried. I dab it off with the back of my hand (don't wipe) before applying my lip liner and my lips stay much more hydrated. My all-time favorite neutral liner is this one (in shade subculture).
Meggan: Gah my lips get so chapped and I swear I'm applying chapstick every 15 minutes in the winter. I don't use a lip primer but definitely need to look into getting on. Before I put lipstick on I exfoliate my lips, then put chapstick on and let it absorb for a few minutes before I apply lipstick. I've been using these hydrating patches a few times a week and they really help!

12. I'm looking for a classic black cross body bag that I can use for everything when I go out. Preferably leather and something timeless! Do you have any ideas?
We love this one (it looks designer), this one (sooo pretty in person, I almost bought it yesterday), and this one if you're looking to splurge!

13. So I bought this skirt (hopefully it fits with all the crap I've been eating lol) and wondering if you have suggestions for a black top to wear with it for a work party. 
LOVE that skirt...might have to order it ;) We are thinking a body suit would look cute with it - love this onethis one, and this one. All fun but work appropriate!

14. I'm going to be 9 months pregnant at Christmas time and wondering if you have suggestions for comfy outfits for Christmas Eve dinner and holiday parties with family. Something dressed up and flattering but not too expensive because I'm close to the end!
We felt like the cutest/most flattering & comfy looks with big bumps was a form fitting dress with a cozy cardigan over it (feels like you're wearing PJ's...nothing worse than pants when you're 9 months pregnant are we right?!). It's fun, shows off your bump, and looks so cute (and sometimes you don't even have to buy maternity if the material is stretchy enough)! For the holidays we love this dress, this one, and this one (not maternity but looks super stretchy!). And for a cardi over a dress, we love this one and this one!

15. I am obsessed with this coat but it's sold out :( Have you ladies seen any similar to this? It doesn't necessarily have to be plaid or have an attached scarf but I just love the combo of the colors!
Ugh that is SO cute! We found a couple similar ones here, here, and here.

16. I'm going on my honeymoon in January to Mexico and am looking for some cute day to night pieces as well as night pieces. I would love you suggestions!
We love this romper (easy to take from day to night), this jumpsuit, this dress, and this dress! Have fun! xx

Thanks for another great week of #coffeetalk! You can leave your question below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! XO

Seattle Recap

I've been meaning to get this post up for awhile now! Kyle and I took a trip to Seattle a month ago (can't believe it's been that long!) for our first solo trip together EVER!! Isn't that crazy?! We've been a lot of places, just not alone...guess that's what happens when you get pregnant only a few months after dating, HA! I actually grew up in Seattle (Issaquah) and Kyle had never been so it was on our bucket list to visit. We lucked out and had the most amazing weather - it only rained once the entire trip! I'm actually horrible about taking pictures (weird since I'm a blogger right?) so I don't have too many to share but I do have a ton of recommendations! I'm not going to lie, we pretty much just ate and drank the entire time and missed a lot of attractions lol! 
 We stayed at the Palladian Hotel right downtown. It's the cutest hotel ever and walking distance to pretty much everything! They made us feel right at home the second we checked in. The hotel decor is so fun...kind of moody/hipster-ish. There are celebrity portraits all over the lobby and on the throw pillows in the room. Our shower was huge and had a clawfoot tub in it! Every day they have a free happy hour and serve local wine and whiskey. Perfect way to you buzz on before dinner ;)
We walked to Pike Place Market right after we checked in to grab some lunch and explore. It was exactly how I remembered it...the smells, the people, the fish, the flowers. It really hasn't changed much! We stopped at Matt's in the Market for lunch which is nestled in the heart of Pike Place. The food was SO good and we had a table overlooking the famous Public Market sign. This is kind of a long story but I want to share with you guys!
When we moved to Seattle I met my best friend, Christie. She lived across the street from me and we quickly became inseparable, as did our families. We did everything together - boating trips, countless sleepovers and built the greatest, most amazing tree fort in the woods behind her house. Her family moved to California after a couple years but we were reunited when we all moved to Minneapolis together - yay! Fast forward a couple years and Christie was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) which is cancer in your blood and bones. While she was in the hospital she did a therapy to help cope with chemo. She had to go to her "happy place" which was Pike Place Market - specifically where they famously throw the fish. Her story got published in Newsweek Magazine (you can read it here if you want) and a couple of the "fish throwers" from the Market heard about it and wanted to do something special for her. They surprised her on her 13th birthday in the hospital and brought her happy place to her! So amazing right?
Sadly, she lost her battle and passed away when I was a freshman. I have a glass bottle sitting on my nightstand that Christie and I filled with sand/shells from a weekend in the Puget Sound together. I love looking at it and being reminded of her and Seattle! Okay so I was going somewhere with this story...one of the fish throwers who went to visit Christie (his name is Dan) now owns Matt's in the Market which is why we went there! He's kept in touch with her family and her mom was the one who suggested we go there. I even got to meet him which was pretty special and definitely a teary moment for me! Anyway, I'm sorry for the sap story. I had so many memories of her while were there and had to share. But you should definitely go to his restaurant! The food and vibe is great...I'm still dreaming about my fish sammy!
I wore this look for drinks and dinner one night! After dinner we tried to go to a
Rachel's Ginger Beer mules were so yummy!
We spent one day exploring Bainbridge Island - you can read about it here.
We obviously had to be the ultimate tourists and go to the Space Needle! 
Where to eat:
-Umi Sake House
-Staple & Fancy
-Pike Place Chowder
-Blueacre Seafood
-The Walrus and the Carpenter
-Portage Bay Cafe

Where to drink:
-Rachel's Ginger Beer
-The Nest at Thompson Hotel
-Cantina de San Patricio (great margs)
-Bathtub Gin & Co.
-Kells Irish Pub (such a dive bar but had a great live band
and the best people watching)

What to do:
-Bainbridge Island
-Space Needle
-Chihuly Glass Museum
-Shop at Nordstrom (duh)
-Gum Wall
-Pike Place Market
-Check out Ballard
We were both so impressed with Seattle and can't wait to go back! xx

Getting Ready for the Holidays With Dior

We love getting a little more glam for the holidays, and are so excited to team up with Dior today to share a new obsession - Diorskin Airflash Foundation. The only time we've ever had airbrushed makeup (before this) was for weddings & done by a professional, so it was really exciting to try it on our own. Not going to lie, we were a little intimidated at first, but surprised by how easy this foundation is to apply. 
I prefer full coverage, so I sprayed the foundation directly on the kabuki brush and applied in small circular motions on my face. I was honestly shocked at how much coverage it provided because it feels like you're not even wearing makeup! I also tried to apply it with my beauty sponge, but I think the kabuki brush applies this foundation much better - right now, Dior is offering a free gift with purchase (a mini kabuki brush) of the Airflash Foundation! 
This gives the prettiest glow - I apply it all over my face (shade Fresh Light). 
The dynamic duo! Investing in good brushes has really made a difference in my makeup this past year. This one is so soft and gentle on the face, but it provides excellent buildable coverage. 
 Another product I am seriously impressed with is this eyeshadow palette (mine is shade 796) - the shadows are SO pigmented and beautiful! I have a few palettes that I already owned, but this one is the only one I've been reaching for lately because the pigment is so so pretty. I use the black shade as eyeliner on my top lid, applying it with this brush
I tried putting the foundation on two ways: spraying directly on my face (loved it) and onto the brush first. Both worked great and I agree with Brooke - it doesn't even feel like you're wearing makeup! 
I used to steal my mom's Dior mascara when I was in college. She finally got fed up and started putting them in my stocking ;) This is my first time trying the blackout and I love it. I have really light eyelashes and this really brings them out! 
A little holiday glam ;) I usually stick with a neutral lip but was thinking about doing this lipstick in rose harpers for the holidays. It's a satin to matte finish which I love!
Any of these Dior products are perfect holiday gifts - complimentary gift wrapping is included with every order, and it's beautiful! 
More Dior goodies we stocked up on...

In collaboration with Christian Dior

Getting Back to a Healthy Lifestyle (Our Plan)

If we're being honest, we have sucked at eating healthy and getting to the gym consistently the past couple of months. ;) It's always hard staying on track around the holidays, especially when you throw a move (Meggan) and home renovations (Brooke) in the mix. We were texting last night, and decided we want to get a head start with getting back on track before the new year starts! Here's our plan...
1. Set short term goals - hit the gym three times a week & try new workouts. WRITE DOWN GOALS! When you write down your goals, you're more likely to achieve them. 
2. Try new recipes from our Skinnytaste cookbook. This cookbook makes eating healthy fun - the recipes are far from bland + boring "clean eating." 
3. Motivate each other! It's so much easier to get back on track when you have someone holding you accountable! Grab a friend (even if they're long-distance like us), and make a plan together! You could do the same workouts, share goals, and text throughout the day to help keep each other motivated. 
4. Manage stress! Stress can greatly hinder healthy living, and both of us are guilty of eating SO poorly when we're stressed (red wine, chocolate, and fried foods!). Both of us get overwhelmed easily and struggle with anxiety which can cause more health issues, so we're finding ways to manage - exercise alone really helps us, but we're also going to add yoga & meditation to our routine. Any other tips for us here? 
5. Stock up on healthy food & throw away the junk! It's no secret we love junk food, but we've found when we don't buy it, we don't eat it, and the cravings are eventually gone (for the most part). We're going to focus on stocking our fridge and pantries with healthy snacks and get rid of the processed junk & candy. 

New gear from JackRabbit definitely helps get in workout mode! Activewear is another thing we are slightly obsessed with buying and the most worn in our closets ;)
I am obsessed with the Nike Thea sneaks. I already have them in grey but couldn't resist the black and white!
I love buying jackets/capes that I can wear from the gym to running errands, and when I spotted this Nike zip up, it went straight to my cart. I ordered a small, but think the XS would be fine as well. I also love it in black! 
These pants are my go-to whether I'm going to the gym or running errands ;). They are so comfortable and TTS - wearing an XS. 
I have these Air Max sneakers are in a few colors, but this black pair is my favorite - I looove the patent details! I order a 1/2 size  down in Air Max and the fit is perfect. 

More favorites from JackRabbit...

In collaboration with JackRabbit
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