1. I graduated from college in May and got my first bonus. I want to use it to buy a Burberry trench coat, but I am having trouble justifying spending so much. Do you think they are worth the price? Do you know of any good dupes?
We love Burberry trench coats (this one is amazing!), but there are absolutely some great dupes for the classic Burberry trench if you want to save a lot, our favorites: here, here, here and here!

2. Do either of you girls have experience with having your eyebrows microbladed or have you considered it?
Brooke: Yes, I did it last year and loved it! I did a blog post on it here. My brows are still going strong without makeup on them (I use my brow pencil when I'm doing a full face of makeup though), and I'll be heading in for a touchup soon.
Meggan: No but I want to do it! I just read this article the other day and it convinced me (plus Brooke loves hers). I would love some Dallas recommendations from you girls!

3. Have you found any casual beach rompers for your upcoming trips?
I ordered this one from Forever21 - so cute and under $20! Also love this one and this one.

4. What vacations do you ladies have planned?
Meggan: Cabo, Scottsdale, and then back to Cabo for my wedding and honeymooning in St. Lucia - so excited!
Brooke: We're headed to Maui on Monday and Miami in April - can't wait! Get me some warm weather!

5. Brooke - I know you have done BBG in the past, did you like it? Where did you buy it (the app version vs PDF version)? 
Yes, I loved it! It's hard and you definitely have to be dedicated, but it's only 30 minutes (that's what I always had to remind myself while I was doing it lol), and I love that you can do it anywhere - at home, at a gym, at a hotel, etc. I'm planning to start it again after I get back from vacation. I purchased the PDF version - it was before the app came out. I like having it printed on a piece of paper I can reference during the workout, so not sure if I would like the app as well (but it would be convenient).

6. Meggan - any new HIIT workouts you've done?
I honestly just make them up as I go! It's too hard for to look at a piece of paper or app with the routine while I'm trying to run. Sooo I'm kind of all over the place! For example I will sprint 2 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 3 minutes on incline, jog 1 minute, etc. Just depends on how hard I feel like going! This workout is similar to what I do on the stairmaster but I don't last 20 mins on there...maybe someday ha! I always feel the most accomplished (and sweaty) after the stairmaster. If I can't make it to the gym, I will do a HIIT workout like this my driveway and add in sprints or jump roping (our driveway is gated so no one can see me - that would be embarrassing lol!).

7. I want to make my first designer bag splurge but I'm having a tough time deciding on the "perfect" bag. I obsessed with the Givenchy Antigona and Celine Luggage but also love the Chloe Faye and Gucci Dionysus (as you can see I'm all over the place!). Meggan I love your blush YSL crossbody. Do you love it and does it hold a decent amount of things? Also, what were both of your first bag splurges? Were you happy with the decision at the time?
Brooke: My first designer bag purchase was a black, leather Gucci I found at Saks Off 5th! I still love it because it's simple and not too over-the-top. Personally, I would not do the Givenchy for your first splurge - I love it, but it loses it's shape over time (so sad). My vote is for the Dionysus because it's a classic (people always ask if it's vintage), durable, and goes with every outfit!
Meggan: My first designer bag was the Alexander Wang Rocco in grey with gold hardware. I love it and still do (I wore it to death and need to get it cleaned though!). We are both obsessed with the Gucci Dionysus (for the reasons Brooke listed above) and that would be my vote too. It's seriously the best bag ever! And yes I do love my YSL but I use it more for date nights/special events - definitely not an everyday bag.

8. I'm a stay at home mom (and mostly at home haha) but enjoy stylish clothing. Could you recommend some soft, comfortable, quality and cute loungewear?
Brooke: For pants - anything from Hard Tail or Lululemon honestly. Both are so comfortable, cute, and last a long time! I used to buy a bunch of cheap leggings and loungewear, but ended up always re-buying and trying new b/c I wasn't happy with the cheapy ones I already purchased. After a while, I could have purchased a couple quality outfits for the amount of $ I spent on cheap stuff I didn't love - buy once, cry once ;). I've had these pants from Hard Tail for over 10 years (yes, by now I need a new pair lol and will probably go with a legging style), and I wear these Lululemon leggings at least 3 x's a week, and everyone tells me these pants are the most comfortable pair Lulu makes (I haven't tried them yet). Some cute loungewear tops we love here (on sale!), here (so cute - throw it on with the leggings and a baseball hat to run errands!), and here - lol perfect for moms ;).
Meggan: I'm obsessed with these joggers from Target - I have three pairs and they are all grey lol. I don't see the grey online but I just saw them in store the other day. If home, I'm most likely definitely wearing them :) I recently got these Zella leggings and I don't know how I lived so long without them. Buttery soft and so comfy!

9. Do you ladies have any experience with Rodan & Fields or Beautycounter cosmetics/skincare? I've been invited to several parties or approached by sellers lately, but am not sure it's a bandwagon I want to jump on! Also, on a side note, do you have any good anti-aging facial moisturizers with spf that you recommend?
Meggan: I've only tried the lash boost from Rodan & Fields and it didn't work for me. It made my eyes extremely itchy/red and I didn't notice any growth after using it for a month. So I probably won't be jumping on that bandwagon either! The only anti-aging product I use is this one from Tula but it doesn't have spf.
Brooke: I used the lip serum from R&F and really liked it, but that's the only thing I've tried from either brand. I use this Tula moisturizer, and this one when I want an SPF. I just purchased this SPF for my trip b/c I've heard so many good things about it (and read all the reviews), and I'm hopeful since most of the reviews say it's not greasy at all!

10. I live in the midwest and spring can be an awkward time for weather! What are some good in between season jackets, coats, or sweaters that don't seem too bulky? I love cardigans but sometimes they seem too wintery!
This jacket is lightweight and SO chic (and looks so much more expensive than it is!), and we also love this camo jacket, this one, this sweater, and this thin cardigan - comes in 5 colors!

11. My jeans have all quickly become Somewhere, Lately inspired and I love them all! Do you have a recommendation for white jeans/white distressed jeans?
I have this pair and this pair and I'm seriously obsessed. FRAME jeans fit me so well! And I have this non-distressed pair.

12. I turn 21 in July and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what cities/towns you think would be fun to celebrate in? I have Miami and Vegas in mind. I also just got back from Cali and LOVED it, that might be an option too.
We would for sure suggest Miami (one of our fav cities!). It is so much fun and has so much to offer - beach, pool parties, spas, shopping, good restaurants and nightlife. You really can't go wrong there. ;)

13. I have work meeting in early may and will be 25 weeks pregnant. I need your help finding a business casual look to wear to the meeting. I'd like to show off my bump since I will be meeting with associates I only see once a year - preferably a cute dress. Also, what were your must-haves to wear while pregnant?
We love this dress, this one, and this one. If you need them to be more professional, you could easily throw a blazer over top (business casual can vary from office to office). Our must-have clothing pieces while pregnant were these comfy leggings & tees and this robe.

14. I'm looking for a jumpsuit or a two-piece set to wear to a family party in Scottsdale (I'm tall so can't be too short). Any suggestions?
Love everything about this wide leg jumpsuit! This two-piece set is cute (top + bottom) but not sure if it's too short (the model is 5'7" for reference), this jumpsuit is pretty and looks like a two-piece set, and love this too!

15. I'm a real estate agent and in need of a new work bag. I am looking for something big enough to put my laptop in, preferably one that zips and under $200. Thanks!
This is a nice + understated work bag (and it zips!), and we also love this one and this one is great because you can customize it.

16. I have been looking everywhere for great neutral rug options for my new living room. Ivory, white or off-white to give a very fresh and light feeling (can have a pattern but nothing over the top). Any ideas? Everything I see is the same 1 or 2 prints that I see everywhere!
We're obsessed with buying rugs (lol, seriously) and some ivory/neutral options we love - herehereherehereherehere, and here! That's a lot of here's lol!

17. I have a wedding in the beginning of May in Louisiana and will be 6 months pregnant. Any suggestions on a cute maternity dress, preferably under $100?
ASOS has so many cute and affordable maternity dresses! We love this classic black one (only $34!), this maxithis floral one, and this pink one (love the off-the-shoulder!).

18. What photo storage devices or websites do you use to store your iPhone photos? I use my phone constantly for taking pictures of my kid and the "cannot take photo" icon appears regularly because I'm a photo hoarder. So I end up deleting old pictures to make room. Any tips or suggestions?
Brooke: Uhg, this was happening to me also so I ended up getting a phone with the most storage, and still had to buy more storage space after a while, sorry I don't have a better solution! I purchased an external hard drive for my computer (same problem lol), and I'm not sure if that works for a phone as well but it's worth looking into!
Meggan: The same thing kept happening to me so I ended up buying more storage for my phone. I also upload all my pictures to the Shutterfly app so they are saved on there and easy to print!

19. I'm 5'6" and love the look of wedges but I can't seem to find them in my idea height of 3 to 3.5 inches. Since I have really long legs, my body isn't flattered by 4"+ wedges and the 1-2 inch look is a little awkward. Do you have any suggestions?
Yes, we found some really cute ones with a 3-3.5 inch heel! In love with this lace-up pair, these are classic and come in a few colors, this pair is cute, and need this pair!

20. I'm from California (born and raised) and work is looking to relocate us to the East Coast to the Carolinas. How hard was the transition from Cali to NY? We lived in Chicago for a year and I didn't do well with the brutal winter (we moved back to Cali quickly). How would you compare the West Coast and Midwest to the East Coast? Do you miss the beach? How did you decide NY would work for you guys? Meggan, how did you decide Dallas would also be a good fit? How do you guys handle the humidity? Any advice would be great!
Brooke: Yes, I miss California and the beach - although the East Coast has some really great beaches as well (both the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore are beautiful, ocean beaches)! The transition for me was fun, but difficult at the same time. Fun because it's always exciting to explore a new place and NYC has so much to offer, but difficult b/c it was hard to meet people, and we moved right before winter hit (uhg - I hate winter). I think the West Coast is the most laid-back (and my favorite) place to be honest - sorry, I know this probably isn't what you want to hear! But I also love the East Coast for different reasons - the energy is amazing, the restaurants are better, and it just has that "vibe" that California doesn't have. I don't think I'd ever move back to the midwest, and will/would be happy living on either coast! I've never been to the Carolinas, so I can't really give an opinion on living there, but it looks pretty (and has warmer weather - yay!). Also, I hate humidity lol.
Meggan: We always talked about moving to Dallas at some point for a few reasons: Kyle's family is here, he could transfer to Dallas for work, warm weather, and city life was getting hard with a baby! Chicago was great for when we were young/single but being around family is more important to us now so it was an easy transition. I haven't really experienced the humidity yet but I'm sure I'll be wearing my hair in a bun all summer and wear flowy dresses. I'd rather have that then a cold winter!

21. My mom and I are going to Miraval spa in Arizona and want to know what you'd suggest for a spa resort trip? Athleisure? Casual and comfy?
That sounds so fun and relaxing! We want one of everything on this page, especially these leggings (wear them with a white tee and a denim jacket), and this tee (with a strappy sports bra under). We love baseball hats, and this one would be great to pack. Maybe pack a dress or dinner outfit you you plan on leave the resort for dinner one night - I just got this dress (in US size 4) and love it - it's actually so much cuter in person!

22. I recently got engaged and decided to buy myself a MacBook - perfect size to do wedding planning anywhere and everywhere on the go! Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect tote/messenger bag that will hold it, a notebook, and bridal magazine or two. I would love your recommendations for something under $100!
Congratulations! Totes we love under $100 - here, here (just got this one), here, and here!

23. I'm going on a girls trip to LA in July, wondering if you have any recommendations! We are staying in Santa Monica. Any cool bars, restaurants or shopping?
Santa Monica is so fun, but it's been so long since either of us have been there we don't have a lot of suggestions for you, sorry! Whenever we're heading somewhere new, we go to Yelp & do some research and end up finding the best places! I know there's some really good shopping close to the beach (I remember going to Nordstrom there), and some fun restaurants right there as well, have fun!

Please leave your questions below for next week or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! Have a great weekend babes! xx

Denim Shorts

During the spring/summer in Chicago, I usually wore jeans with a tank/tee. I've never been into shorts (mainly because I didn't want to take the time to find a pair that fits right) or felt comfortable in them. Now that I'm in Texas, I don't think I can get away with jeans in the summer so I'm on the hunt for shorts! These are the first pair I've bought and I love them - they're high-waisted and cover my butt (why is that so hard to find these days?!). I went down a size (24 and I'm usually a 25) and they fit perfect. I also got this pair and this pair yesterday but haven't tried them on yet. I will report back once I do!
Obsessed with this lace-up blouse from Paige. The print is so perfect for summer!
top (also comes in black) | shorts | belt | sneakers | bag | sunglasses

We leave for Cabo on Sunday and I'm soooo excited! It's a girls only trip (plus the kids) and I'm sure it will be no fun ;) I'm doing my hair + makeup trial and doing some planning but the rest of the time will be spent pool side. We're staying at the hotel were getting married at which is going to make it so surreal!! xx

More jean shorts I'm loving...

Spring Sandal Edit

Spring is finally here! I'm soooo over winter, who's with me?! It's time to put the boots away (depending on where you live lol), and pull out the sandals. I've put together a spring sandal edit today after we've received a few requests to share our favorites for spring/summer. We've been going a little crazy in the shoe department lately, but there are so many great pairs out right now it's hard to resist ;). 
We love these strappy sandals (available in 4 colors) because they go with everything and they're under $100! 
These sandals are so fun and the details are amazing! They run small, I ordered 1/2 size up. 
In love with these lace up wedges - the height is perfect for everyday and the details are SO good! *Update: just found them on sale here
 Meggan has these sandals in olive green (obsessed), and I searched all over last year but they sold out instantly, so when I saw them available for pre-order I was all over it. They're definitely a splurge, but Meggan swears they are so comfortable and they go with so many different looks! I'm normally a 7.5 in sandals, and ended up with a size 39, they run small! I found a couple realllly great budget-friendly dupes here ($70), here, and here
These sandals are sooo pretty and I love the block heel! I can't wait to wear them - they will go with jeans just as well as a dress! 
I know some people probably haaate these heeled slides lol, but I thought they were so fun! They reminded me of the Tibi pair from last year and they're under $100! Put a little fun on your feet ;), Zara has so many great pairs of shoes right now! 
Both of us splurged for these ChloƩ wedges last year, and they were the most comfortable sandals of the season (and love the height they give you!). They're back this year with a scalloped edge, but you can get an identical pair under $160 here - and they have great reviews! We're also loving this taupe version - such a pretty color!
 I love these - they look so much like a Balenciaga pair I was drooling over at Barney's last year, but for much less! They also come in black and white - perfect for casual spring days. 
Classic slides are great because they're comfortable, and can be worn with so many different outfits. There are sooo many slides that I love right now under $100 - here (so pretty!), here (great dupe for the Hermes pair!), and here - ahh the white is so good!  
These little fringe babies are so fun and instantly take your outfit to the next level! I looove all three of these colors and they're on sale! 
Meggan's platforms are lust-worthy, and so fun for spring! I found some really cute budget friendly options here and here (if you prefer less of a platform). 

SPRING SANDAL EDIT (all under $160!)

A Pop of Red

I've been eyeing these booties for awhile now and decided to finally make them mine (a birthday treat to myself). I don't have anything like them and they instantly add a coolness factor to any outfit. I wore them the other night with skinny jeans and a muscle tank for a casual dinner. I love how effortless they are.
How cute is this skirt from the Rosie HW x Paige collection? I spotted it at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and had to have - it makes for the perfect off-duty look. I'm also loving this one-shoulder top (huge trend for spring) and this denim mini skirt.
This tee is my go-to (I have it in white, black, grey and maroon!). It's currently being price matched so I might have to get the light pink. I order a size up and get a medium so I don't have to worry about shrinking. 
tee | skirt (went down 1 size) | booties (look for less here) | lipsticksunglasses

Cam is in some serious need of summer clothes (poor kid has one pair of shorts) so we're hitting up Old Navy and Gap today. It was SO hot yesterday - I think we skipped spring and went straight to summer! I pulled weeds in the yard all afternoon and have a slight farmers tan now. Going to need to get rid of that before I head to Cabo next week ;)


Neck Tie Blouse

Happy Monday ladies! I'm ready for a new week, time to get back on track with my eating ;). Not going to lie...I had sushi delivered Friday, Saturday, annnnnd Sunday lol. Our weekend was super low-key and we watched a couple (really bad) movies and did some shopping for our upcoming vacay. I'll be sharing what I picked up later this week. One of my favorite trends right now is the neck tie blouse, there are so many cute ones to choose from - I just added this one to my cart since it's on sale. I love the sleeves! 
 blouse - wearing xs (on sale in black here) | jeans - also some sizes on sale here | boots (on sale!) | bag (similar) | Burberry jacket (love this one under $50! and this one under $100) | sunglasses (these are almost identical and under $100)

More neck tie blouses I'm loving...

Weekend Deals

I got this blouse last year and it's back in stock! So cute and only $57.

Nordstrom is price matching soo many good beauty products right now: Mac lipstick + liners (we're stocking up on our favs!), the Urban Decay 'Naked' palette, Smashbox photo finish primer, and the Beautyblender to name a few! See the rest HERE.

Obsessed with this dress - easy to dress up with heels or dress down with slides or flat sandals.

These champagne glasses are so cute - would be a great hostess gift or wedding gift (major sale)! 

How amazing are the sleeves on this top? It also comes in white!

Speaking of weddings, this dress and this dress would be perfect to wear to a spring wedding and both are under $100!

Love these tissue t-shirts and they are 25% off today with code: BYEWINTER. This one is so so cute, just added it to my cart!

These espadrilles are so cute and come in chambray and ivory - love the fringe. Also love this black leather pair!

I just ordered this blouse - it looks like spring to me, and I love the details (and the price)!

These jeans are so cute and under $100 but look designer - perfect with booties now and sandals later!

These slides are perfect for spring and summer - they look so much more expensive than they are!

I just ordered this dress in black for vacation & am planning to wear these earrings in green with it - love!

This bikini is so cute (and finally one that's not $300 lol), love the stripes!

Our favorite jeans are 20% off - hurry they always sell out quickly!



1. I noticed one of you, Brooke I believe, bought the Peloton bike. How do you like it so far? I want one so badly and I've never even taken a spin class lol. 
Yes, that was me (Brooke)! It was my birthday gift to myself, and I absolutely love it! I had only taken two spin classes in my life, so I'm not a big spin person either! It's great because there are live classes as well as pre-recorded classes, different class lengths, music types, etc. I honestly can't say enough great things about it! For me, it was totally worth it! As far as accessories go, I think you definitely need to get the shoes if you get the bike - the workout just wouldn't be the same without the shoes (I can't really imagine doing it without being clipped in). I'm not sure if other cycling shoes are compatible, but I would guess so - I ordered mine from the Peloton website when I got the bike. Also, I have to say the customer service when they came to set up my bike was aahhhmazing (nothing worse than bad customer service, am I right?)! 

2. I love your ladies' blog and style and enjoy reading new posts every week! One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the items you link to don't go above a size 12/14. Do you have any plus size fashion brands or bloggers that you follow? 
Yes! We love Nicolette Mason's blog - her style is so great and she posts a lot of awesome outfit ideas! In terms of brands, a lot of our favorite retailers carry plus size options as well - Nordstrom (love this dress), H&M (this trench is a staple), and Asos. Eloquii is an online retailer with tons of cute and trendy pieces specifically for sizes 14-28. We are loving this top, this dress, and this military jacket

3. What was the lash serum you posted on instastories?
It's the neuLASH serum and it is SO good. We both use it and saw results within a week & to be honest we were shocked - we didn't think it would work!

4. Are you both full-time bloggers? Your feed is amazing! Do you ladies have any tips for a new blogger? Sometimes I feel really discouraged. And who takes your pictures?
Thank you! Blogging is our full time job (along with full-time mom duty). Our guys take our photos for us, but we've also worked with photographers a few times. We've talked about this before, but we didn't start our blog with the goal of making it our full-time job. We both had jobs that we really liked, and blogging was totally our hobby & something we loved (and still do!). Our tips for new bloggers include: don't rush it - it takes time to grow a blog/brand, make sure it's something you're truly passionate about (and would do for free), connect with other bloggers, go to as many events as you can, post consistently, and post quality content. Good luck, and try not to get discouraged!

5. Meggan - I live in Chicago (born and raised in the burbs) and have an opportunity to move to Dallas in the next year or so for work. Knowing what you do about the midwest, do you enjoy living in Dallas? I have nothing holding me back, but I am a little nervous to move since I love Chicago so much! I love the heat so that's definitely an upside for me - but do you have any major opinion on Dallas vs. Chicago?
This is a hard question because I truly love both cities! Here are my Dallas pros and cons. Pros: warm weather, lower cost of living, the people are extremely friendly, I feel safer, there's lots to do (sports teams, tons of restaurants (a lot of healthier options too), bars (lots of fun patios), shopping, museums, concerts etc.), no state income tax, cute neighborhoods, and you can park anywhere for FREE or extremely cheap (I still can't get over it lol). Cons: not as much culture as Chicago, you don't exactly get a city feel (downtown is small), summer heat is brutal (I haven't experienced this yet but everyone keeps telling me its HOT!), and there's not as much architecture. There are trade-offs to both cities but I would say go for it if you are looking for a change ;)

6. Brooke - I love what you've done to your house and all the incredible decor touches. Would you mind sharing the lighting in your entry way and family wall picture frames over the stairs?
Thank you! The lamp in my entry is from Pottery Barn & is sadly sold out, but it's very similar to this one (loooove!). The photo frames are actually also PB - these in different sizes and colors - I mixed black and white frames (they're on sale today!).

7. Also Brooke, what technique did you use to hang the frames to ensure the arrangement looked correct?
Honestly, all I used was my husband lol. We started at the top of the stairs and simply placed the first frame where we felt like looked best, and added on to it (working our way down) from there! It turned out great, and I loved that there was little planning involved. I would just have him hold up the next frame we were going to hang and if I didn't like it, we would adjust the position or switch to a different frame. If you're wanting to create a gallery wall, try to eyeball it - you will know what looks good/what you like once the frames are going up. Lots of inspo here!

8. I saw you girls post about swim suit bottoms and I totally agree with you - what is with suits covering only half your a** lol! Do you have any good full coverage recommendations? Also a good tankini that doesn't look too mom-ish?
Hahah the struggle is real!! It seems like every suit I find and love the bottom is Brazilian cut and I just can't rock that! There are some super cute suits with full coverage though. Here are five we're eyeing: one, two, three, four, five.

9. I remember awhile ago you posted on Snapchat about a self tanning lotion that you love. What was the name of it again?
I've posted a couple on there before but this one (just ordered more b/c I saw it was on sale!) is my absolute, all-time favorite! You leave it on for 3 hours MAX - yes please, I haaaaate sleeping in that stuff! I use this mitt to apply it to my body and a makeup brush (in circular motions) to apply it to my face.

10. Meggan - you had those killer abs in a post awhile back - I'd love to know how you got them and how you've been able to maintain them?
Oh gosh thank you! I was on a kick then but sadly didn't maintain them, lol. I'm in the process of getting back in shape for my wedding though. I do a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts followed by weights (low weight, high reps). I like to switch up my cardio so I do HIIT on the treadmill, stair stepper or even with a jumprope. For my diet I try to eat clean most of the time (80/20 rule) and do high protein, low carb meals. I did a post here with one of my workouts and some easy + healthy meals. The nice thing about HIIT is you can make it up as you go.

11. I will be going with a small group of couples to Napa in May. I would love some outfit ideas - pieces that can be transitioned from day to night, lightweight and comfortable! I'm thinking rompers, midi dresses, jean jacket, etc.
This jumpsuit would be cute with flat sandals and a jean jacket (love this one) during the day and for night it can be worn with heels. Dying over this romper, this dress is versatile (can be worn with sneakers/booties/wedges), this maxi is cute, and this top would be a good option too!

12. I am obsessed with the look of the Marysia bikinis (specifically this and this) but really have a hard time justifying spending over $300 on a bikini. Any dupes you've seen or other look-a-likes? Or even discounted sites you've found? I've looked everywhere!
Ugh we feel you on that girl! We both want one so badly but not sure we can justify the price (if anyone has one, let us know your thoughts!). But luckily we found a few dupes - this one from Target is identical (we both ordered!), same with this one from Express and this one by J.Crew!

13. Thinking of going to NYC with 3 kids. What are some kid friendly things to do in the city for a couple days?
There's a ton to do in NYC with kids & here are some of my recommendations - Seaglass CarouselJane's Carousel & Brooklyn Bridge Park area (right there together - beautiful views of Manhattan), walk the Brooklyn Bridge, visit Central Park, The High Line, Teardrop Park, visit 9/11 Memorial (not necessarily for kids, but easy to take kids to and it's a must see when you're in NYC), the Bronx Zoo (if you're willing to travel a little), and a few great children's museums (although probably my least favorite thing to do b/c they get so crowded and not great for younger kids under 4)! My favorite kid-friendly restaurant is Bubby's, but there are tons of options here!

14. I will be traveling to England and will be doing a lot of walking. I want to be comfortable but cute! What are the best sneaker recommendations you have? I prefer the color black :)
Meggan: The three comfiest pairs of sneakers I own are: these Allbirds (definitely the most comfortable), the Nike Roshe, and the Adidas Tubular (go down a full size).
Brooke: My vote is for the Allbirds! I have (and love) all 3 Meggan listed as well so you can't go wrong with any, but honestly the Allbirds are SO comfortable & they will go with everything!

15. I'm on the hunt for a green utility jacket, preferably around $100 or less. What are some of your faves?!
This one is super cute (love the cut), the pockets on this one are super cute, and we're also loving this one and this one (how amazing is the back detail?)!

16. I'm happy to see you recommended Miami for an anniversary trip in last weeks #coffeetalk. I am planning a 5 year anniversary trip in June and was considering Miami but didn't know if it was too party and not enough romantic/fun/relaxing. Do you have any specific recommendations for things to do/places to go?
Miami is definitely romantic - it's a city that has a little of everything, and can easily be what you make it! It's where I (Brooke) met my husband ;). You can relax by the pool or on the beach, go for a walk on the beach, have drinks at sunset, go to the spa, walk around Lincoln Road, go to Bal Harbour Shops (beautiful outdoor mall with some great eats), and go to fun restaurants as a couple. My favorite romantic restaurant is Casa Tua (so pretty, request a patio table!). We're going in April, so I might have some new recommendations after we get back!

17. I have an outdoor wedding in Austin at the end of March. Any suggestions on what to wear?
A few options are: this dress (obviously not in white lol), this maxi, this midi, this open back one, or this maxi dress (it's a little pricey but the color and texture is stunning!).

18. My boyfriend and I put an offer in on a house that has not closed yet. I am already having regrets about the location and the amount of work that needs to go into the house. I'm wondering if you have any advice or if either of you have experienced this?
No, neither of us have experienced this - it sounds stressful, we're sorry! :( We would recommend discussing your options with your realtor!

19. My sister is getting married labor day weekend and I'm her MOH. It's a two-day event with the ceremony and formal dinner taking place night one, large party and dancing night two. I'm struggling to find a dress for the first night! She wants it in the mauve-y/rose-y color scheme and it must be formal/black tie. Any advice on where to look or any dresses that come to mind would be so appreciated!
 This dress is so chic - we love that you can read the reviews and see other girls in the dress! We love this dress - sooo pretty, and this one is another great option! Not sure if this dress is formal enough, but we're obsessed!

20. I'm going to Europe and want to pack super light since we'll be traveling around from city to city. Do you have any baseball style hat suggestions (plain black since I'm not loyal to a team and don't watch the sport lol)? Also black sneakers that are comfy for all the walking and any other basics that can be re-worn!
So fun! Some great black hat options here and here. Sneakers we love that could easily be worn again - here, here (sooo comfy), and here! Have fun!

21. I just bought OTK boots and am looking for an outfit to wear with them for a girl's weekend. I would like to find an outfit under $150, thanks! 
We love mini dresses with OTK boots, especially for a girl's weekend - we love this one and this one (we would tie a denim jacket around the waist with this one). If you wanted to do a more casual look, you could wear jeans with an off the shoulder sweater, or a band tee with a moto jacket! Have fun!

Please leave your questions below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. Thanks so much for sending your questions each and every week, we love hearing from you guys!

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