Day at The Bean

We are soaking up our last weeks in Chicago and have a bucket list things we want to do (it's mostly places we need to eat lol!) before we leave. I'm getting so sad that our days are winding down here. There's so many things I will miss about here - the people, the parks, the food, the culture...pretty much everything but winter ;) Yesterday, we bundled up and brought Camden to The Bean since he's never been. He was amazed and probably a little confused lol but he seemed to enjoy it. He loved running under it and looking up at his reflection. It's the little things!
I've been on the hunt for a collarless coat and was so happy when I found this one from Banana Republic. It's great for fall and transitioning into winter. It's not too thick so you can wear chunky knits under and not feel like a stuffed sausage ;) I went down a size (xs) and it fits perfectly. It also comes in green which is gorgeous!
I am obsessed with these booties! They passed the comfort test (walked around the entire park with no problem) and are soo cute! I might ask for them in nutmeg or olive for Christmas...orrrr maybe just buy them now because I don't know if I can wait ;)
That face - he looks like a man on a mission! It's so hard to get clear pictures of him now - all he wants to do is go go go!
Kyle is 6'5" and pretty slender so it can be hard to find jackets and tops that are long enough or aren't boxy. We go through a lot of returns when we shop for him so we were super stoked when everything we ordered from BR fit!
On me: coat (on sale!) | sweater | jeans | bag | sunglasses | booties
On him: coat | sweater | pants | sneakers

Before we leave we are planning on going to the top of the Sears Tower (Kyle has never been!), a cooking class at the chopping block, getting a drink where we had our first date, and bringing Camden to the LP zoo one last time. And of course going on a food tour of all our favorite restaurants. Anything else you think we should hit up?
More favorites from Banana Republic...
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Our Skincare Routines

We've had a lot of requests for an updated skin care routine, and we promised it on #coffeetalk a few weeks ago, so here it is! We are obsessed with skincare and always trying new products, so our routine is ever-changing...but here's what our routines currently look like!

Meggan's Night Routine:
Step 1: I remove my makeup with this Clinique cleansing balm. It literally melts your makeup off, I can't live without it. I also just got this one by IT Cosmetics and can't wait to try - it has pretty amazing reviews!
Step 2: I use this cleanser to wash my face. I've been using this for quite some time now and love it. It doesn't dry out my skin and makes it feel smoother and brighter.
Step 3: I've always had large pore on my nose but have never took action on minimizing them until I came across this treatment. Put a tiny bit on a cotton pad and cleanse in circles all over your face. I've been using it for a couple months now and I can definitely tell a difference.
Step 4: I switch between these two serums: Korres 'Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Serum' (wow that's a mouthful!) and Tula's 'Illuminating Serum'. I didn't start using a serum (say serum again) until last year and had no idea how much I was missing out on! It helps even your skin tone, diminishes fine lines + dark spots, and works against aging. The Korres is pricey but a little goes a long way!
Step 4: I'm always on a mission to find the best eye cream - I've tried SO many. I've been using this one for quite some time and really like it. But also have this one and this one in my medicine cabinet that I use from time to time. I'm kind of a hoarder when it comes to skin products!
Step 5: Okay, so I got this overnight cream during fashion week and have been obsessed since. It feels like my skin is drinking water (if that makes sense? lol) and makes it sooooo hydrated. This is definitely a can't live without product. You can get 25% off with code SLNIGHT25! The code is valid until 10/31 - don't miss out ;)

Meggan's Morning Routine:
All I do in the morning is wash my face, use the pore minimizer, and hydrate with either this cream from Tula or this one by Perricone MD.

Brooke's Night Routine:
Step 1: Remove makeup using Simple remover wipes. I love these wipes, they are cheap and great for sensitive skin!

Step 2: If you struggle with hormonal acne, this face wash is your new best friend! I discovered it recently and I swear it works miracles (along with the pads in step 3)! Since this is drying, I only use it at night. I use my Clarisonic a few times/week (2-3), at night with this face wash.
Step 3: Every other night (to avoid drying out my skin), I use these anti-acne pads (I also have used and love these). After the acne pads, I use a serum (I use a serum every night) - I love this one, this one, and this one together with this micro roller (collagen boosting!).
Step 4: Hydrate! My skin has been so dry this week out of nowhere (probably with the dropping temps), but I tried this overnight treatment last night for the first time, and I woke up with hydrated skin this morning. I was seriously shocked at how well it worked...shocked! I also love this moisturizer (helps reduce redness) and this one - I alternate between these two normally, but think I'll be sticking with the overnight treatment during fall & winter. It's pricey, but it's a big jar & most importantly it works! I use this eye cream & this or this for my lips (obsessed with both, but can't live without the Rosebud)!

Brooke's Morning Routine:
My morning routine is much simpler than my nighttime routine. I wash my face using this cleanser or this one (we keep this in the shower), and moisturize using this moisturizer from SkinCeuticals (one of our favorite skincare lines), or the Tula Day & Night Cream.
Our favorite masks:
This is one of the best masks for hormonal acne.
This is so great for dry or irritated skin.
This one and this one are great for clarifying and exfoliating skin.

Our favorite eye patches:
This one is hydrating and energizing.
This one is the best for getting rid of tired eyes!
This one is great for firming and smoothing.

Gym to Street

Good morning ladies, hope you all had a great weekend! It was cold and rainy here, so we stayed in...ordered pizza (twice) and organized the house which was not fun, but nice to have done! I mentioned last week, we're still in the middle of renovations, and I hope to have the kitchen done, photographed, and on the blog before Thanksgiving! The master bathroom is on it's way as well - we're just waiting on the glass for the shower & the new bathtub (if you follow us on snapchat you know what' I'm talking about lol). 
Since we have contractors in and out of the house all day, we've been trying to stay busy & out of the house as much as possible. I drop Sophia off at school, go to the gym, pick Sophia up, go to the park with the girls or run errands, and then head home to start making dinner. I usually don't have time to change and get ready for the day after the gym, so I'm always looking for pieces that can easily transition from gym to street. 
When Meggan was here last week, I tried on this jacket she bought from Nordstrom and quickly ran to my store and grabbed the same one - it's SO good and under $100. It instantly transforms your outfit from "workout" to "athleisure". I always wear a hat to the gym because I can take my ponytail out after my workout, and throw it on to cover the crease from my hair tie. I found this one in the men's section, but it fits fine because the back is adjustable. I also grabbed this one (some of you were asking about it on snap) while I was at Nordstrom. Kind of obsessed with baseball hats lately! 
I love the twist front detail on this tee - I have worn this to workout in, as well as with jeans. 
I've had this backpack since last year and use it all the time...for the gym, and on-the-go as a diaper bag. 
jacket (under $100, wearing XS) | gray top (wearing S) | black tank (wearing S) | pants (wearing XS) | Nike flyknits | hat | sunnies (under $100!) | backpack (also comes in gray!) 

More "gym to street" pieces I'm loving...

In collaboration with Nordstrom 

Weekend Deals

My sweater is long enough to double as a dress and it's under $40!

Get our favorite overnight cream for 25% off with code SLNIGHT25! Your skin will thank you ;)

Love this colorblock poncho - only $39!

Express is having a GREAT sale! I love this sweater (see post here), this sherpa jacket, and this sweater dress. Sale ends Sunday!

The sleeves on this top are so dramatic - would be so cute for date night!

Such a cool biker jacket and under $100.

We both have these booties (in navy & burgundy) and LOVE them. They are so stylish and under $100!

Is it too early to look for NYE dresses? Love this one and the price tag! (also comes in black)

Absolutely need this top...added to my shopping cart ;)

Cami's are huge right now but some are pretty pricey! This one is so cute and only $44!

Take 20% off your entire at West Elm...I've been ordering so much stuff for our new house like this dining room table and this chandelier to hang above it! Use code SCORE20.

Just added this parka to my cart...seriously loving the olive/burgundy combo!

Love this bell sleeve sweater - just went on sale!

This is a cute/simple mock neck sweater. Comes in black or grey and under $40.

Up to 60% off casual wear at ASOS. Contemplating this embroidered leather biker's soooo pretty!



1. I'm going to Puerto Rico for the holidays and am looking for coverups, daytime dresses/rompers, fun dinner outfits & a versatile hat! 
I thought about having my bachelorette party there, it looks SO pretty! For coverups we love this skirt, this duster (comes in three cute colors), and this fringe one. Some daytime options are this maxi dress (doubles as a coverup), this romper, and this simple romper. For nighttime we are kind of in love with this stripe maxi (so fun!) and this skirt (amazing!). This is a bit of a splurge but we both have this hat and are obsessed with it. Have so much fun! 

2. Meggan, can you recommend some West Loop dinner spots?
Formento's, Girl & the Goat, Momotaro, and Au Cheval are a few of my favorites. And I'm dying to try Duck Duck Goat and High Five Ramen.

3. The life long struggle continues to find the PERFECT pair of white jeans that aren't see through, and fit just right without making me look like a beluga whale.. trying to find a pair that's mid to high rise and ankle length. Also looking for a distressed pair and one not. Thank you girls!
 Lol we had this problem forever too - why are white jeans so hard to find?! Our favorite pairs of distressed are this pair (on sale now!) & these FRAMES and non-distressed are the AG legging ankle jean.

4. I'm going to a cocktail attire event in December and I'm looking for a dress to wear (also hope to wear it for family photos)...the dress needs to be slightly conservative, and I'm a new mom (so not too tight in the stomach). 
This dress is stunning & comes in 2 colors, we love details & bell sleeves on this dress, and this one would be super flattering!

5. I am getting married in July and just started the process of looking for wedding dresses! So far I have visited BHLDN. Where did you get your dress and do you recommend any dress shops in Chicago?
I tried dresses on at Dimitra's, Mira Couture, BHLDN, and Ultimate Bride which was where I found my dress. I also had an appointment at Alice and Ivory but cancelled because I had my dress. I thought Ultimate Bride had the best selection - there were two I was absolutely in love with and had a hard time deciding. Such an exciting time, have so much fun!

6. I have a friend's wedding in Chicago in December and was wondering if you had any suggestions for a winter dress. I've never been to a winter wedding (brrr) and struggling to figure it out! It's just cocktail attire, not black tie. Also, any coats to wear with it since it will probably be freezing!
For a winter wedding long sleeves are a must! We love: this dress, this one, this velvet dress, this one (would be super warm - dress it up with pumps and statement earrings!), and also love this jumpsuit (hello pants!). Two coats that would go with any of these looks are this one, and this one

7. I work as an event planner (for a university in Chicago) and we have an upcoming "Presidential Inauguration" and I hate wearing stuffy suits. It will be chilly (in Nov), can you please help find a business outfit that's not "stuffy." It does not need to be a suit (skirt, dresses, pants are fine).  
Okay, not sure if you watch Scandal...but we're thinking something very "Olivia Pope," she always looks SO good and her outfits are very "presidential." ;) We love this blouse with these pants, pumps, and a coat with a great collar!

8. Meggan, when are you moving to Dallas? So excited you are moving to my city!
We are taking off sometime the second week of November (3 weeks ahhh!) after the movers pack our stuff up. Kyle's mom will be here and is going to fly to Dallas with Camden and Kyle and I are road tripping! We closed on our house last week and some of the new furniture we've ordered is already there and unpacked - it's killing me that it's there waiting for us. I'm anxious to get settled in!

9. I'm looking to splurge on a new bag ($300-$500 range) and would love your suggestions! Preferably something neutral and can be worn on your shoulder.
Love this Rebecca Minkoff bag, this Clare V. totethis satchel (LOVE it in olive), and this suede hobo bag. #treatyoself

10. Brooke, will you be doing a home tour on the blog? We are in the middle of a remodel and I'm dying to see your renovations!
Yes! As soon as everything is finished - I'll hopefully have the kitchen posted before Thanksgiving! Everything was supposed to be finished by July 4th, but we're strong into the 5th month lol. Everyone said double the expected timeline you're given, and it's true!

11. Looking for a cute long sleeve bodysuit for fall! One of you was wearing an off the shoulder one earlier this week that you posted on snap. Where was it from?
It actually was this top but for bodysuits we love this one (comes in 3 colors), this henley bodysuit, and this one that can be worn two ways!

12. The temperature is finally dropping where I live and I'm looking for some chunky sweaters that are under $100. Any suggestions?
This could be a long list but we will narrow it down to five ;)
one / two / three / four / five

Thank you so much for sending your questions every week - we love hearing from you guys! For next week, leave your question in the comment section below or email them to with #coffeetalk in the subject. Have a fab weekend! XO

Image via Emily Luciano

My Travel Style

This look is pretty much my go-to when traveling. I used to love getting dressed up when I traveled (anyone else?) but now that I have Camden my priorities have changed and I need to be more comfortable ;) But I've learned that comfort doesn't mean sloppiness - you can still look put together even in sweatpants! These joggers have been on my radar for awhile so I finally decided to order. The quality is SO good and I love how they fit. I went down a size (xs) and the waist and length are perfect. I've always loved baseball hats and so glad they are now "in style". This tan one and this heathered one are in my cart...yes I have a problem but Nordstrom has so many good ones right now!
I think I need to order another pair of these sneakers because I wear them pretty much everyday. I just got Kyle a pair too because they literally look good with anything!

More travel outfit options...
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Changes: Our Fall Plans

Happy hump day ladies! Hope your week is going well, ours has been good - it was so fun to meet up with Meggan and Camden in NYC yesterday. It was cute to see the babes interact with each other since they are about the same age (we posted a couple videos on snapchat). We had lunch at the Plaza & went to Central Park for a walk and to let the kids run wild ;). We always wish we had more time together, and are always saying that someday we have to live in the same city - fingers crossed!

When we moved to NYC, we thought it was going to be pretty temporary and didn't plan on staying more than two years. But here we are 3 years later with no plans of moving anytime soon! Our weekends are usually pretty chill, but we've recently decided to change things up & take advantage of where we live and explore the Northeast more! We want to get out and take more trips - road trips or quick weekend trips because we're realizing how quickly time is passing - everyone says it, and it's true! We're going to make a bucket list of places to visit - I would LOVE suggestions from you guys! This past weekend we drove to an apple orchard & pumpkin patch in upstate NY - the girls had so much fun picking apples, riding horses, and bringing their pumpkins home. 
I love this cable-knit scarf from Banana Republic - it's not itchy at all and comes in 6 colors! PS - I just saw on the BR site, they're hosting a 24-hour flash sale today! 40% off your purchase of $200 or more with code: BRFLASH! I'm going to snag some gifts for the holidays! 
My hubs is super picky when it comes to clothing (I swear he returns everything I buy him lol), but he loved this jacket I picked up for him. It's perfect for fall & has a super soft lining like a sweatshirt. I love the look of guys in trench coats - this would be a great gift! 
My mom gave the girls these matching sweaters, so cute! 
Sophia loved climbing all the trees - I can't believe she's already at this age, I feel like she was just a baby! This teddy jacket is my new favorite - it will easily transition to winter and I love the collar & button details. 
On me: jacket (wearing XS) | sweater | scarf | sunglasses | jeans | boots
On him: coat | sweater | scarf | jeans | sneakers
Girls' boots here and here 

My favorites from Banana Republic:

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