Hope you ladies had a wonderful Christmas! We are loving being home and celebrating with family and friends - getting ready to head back to the city tomorrow.

Coach is really stepping up their game lately, has anyone else noticed?! I'll admit, I had not been into a Coach store in years until last week, while I was waiting for my flight home and there was a Coach store in my terminal. Looking to blow some time, I made my way into the store, not expecting to find much, but was honestly stunned at how they've really changed the look of their bags. The best part? The price point! While they are still not CHEAP by any means, they are definitely not quite as expensive as many other designer bags on the market. As a lover of handbags (and by lover, I mean hoarder), I am super excited about this "upgrade" Coach has made - I'm definitely considering one for my next bag purchase. I've rounded up a few of my favorites from the store - and trust me when I say the leather is to-die-for! I went through and inspected each and every one of my picks below. ;) You may have seen on Instagram, I ended up going home with these wedge booties

Are you as impressed as I was? Have a great day, I'll be eating sugar cookies all afternoon! 


  1. I bought 2 Coach purses in the last 2 years because the styles are so good and the quality far surpasses Tory Burch! All 3 of my Tory Burch purses look like crap after 1 season. The leather is just not good quality.

  2. Received a gorgeous Coach handbag and wallet from my stylin' little momma yesterday (rose gold studs, yes please.) I am SO impressed. Usually I'm not a big fan. Definitely noticed their step-up as well :)

  3. I love this dark red clutch! I'm treating myself with one ''expensive'' bag per year... maybe I should take one of these babies into consideration for 2014. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. Agreed. The newest collection shows that Coach is hoping to appeal to those that appreciate a more modern and sleeker design. The older styles were a little too old lady for me. Nice selections...will be stopping by Coach soon!

  5. I agree -- Coach has definitely stepped it up! I'm definitely loving the leather over the Coach logo bags. They look so much more upscale and luxurious.
    xo A Southern Style

  6. Love coach!! My fiance got me a new black coach clutch for Christmas and I'm obsessed.. always a classic brand!


  7. Could not agree more - I am loving their new City collection and loving even more that they don't have the C's all over the place!