Five Things About Me

Hi dolls! It's almost the weekend - yay! I decided to do a "5 things you don't know about me post" because we get so many requests to share more about ourselves. Brooke did this post not too long ago and it was super cute! I'm not the most interesting person in the world but here it is!

1. I'm from South Dakota
Every time I tell someone I'm from South Dakota, 99% of the time the response is "I've never met anyone from South Dakota!" The city we live in is actually called the tri-state area and it includes the most exciting (ha!) states - Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. As much as I love Chicago, there's nothing like going back to Sioux City! I was so ready to leave when I was younger, and now I count down the days till my next trip back.

2. I'm addicted to shoes
If I fall in love with a pair of shoes - they will be mine. If they aren't in my budget I will eat ramen noodles for weeks so I can afford's that bad! Last year I bought around 30 pairs (OOPS!) and so far this year I've added 3 pairs to the collection. A girl can never have too many shoes, right?

3. My mom is my best friend
She had me when she was in high school and still managed to raise me as a single mother, work full-time and put herself through nursing school. She taught me to be selfless, hard working and to never give up. And most importantly, she taught me how to have a good time;) A lot of people mistake us as sisters,which I could go without hearing, but I do hope I look half as good as her when I'm 42! Love you momma!

4. I am soft spoken
I'm pretty quiet when I first meet people but once I warm up to you, I am the complete opposite of shy! I also get extremely camera shy. At every blog shoot I ask to see the pictures being taken immediately to make sure I don't look like a goof. I even get nervous when my mom takes my pictures for me!
5. I'm a celebrity stalker.
Every time I travel to a big city I get on Twitter, Google, Instagram or whatever to see if there are any celebrities in the area. Last year in Miami my main goal was to find my girl (don't judge) Paris Hilton. She was staying in the same hotel as us and I still didn't see her. We ended up running into Trey Songz leaving the club at 4am...wasn't as cool but I'll take it! E! News, TMZ, and gossip magazines are my guilty pleasure.

Have a great day loves! xx


  1. How sweet that you're so close with your mom! Love it, girly!

  2. I love that about you and your mom - there is nothing quite like having your mom as a best friend!! And i'm a celebrity stalker/junkie as all that stuff!

  3. Always fun to learn more about the gal behind the blog! Thanks for sharing! And who doesn't love a good celeb spotting :)

  4. YAY! I love these kinds of posts! Great getting to know more about you. And I LOVE shoes too, I buy too many all the time. I need to start buying better quality ones though that actually last me more than a season (boots especially haha).

    Also, how nice to be so close to your mom! She sounds like a very strong and motivating woman :) I am from Iowa, so I get what you mean about not loving it where you were from. I hated being there when I grew up and now I love going home to spend time with my family!

  5. Love seeing this from another Sioux Falls/Sioux City gal!

  6. This is so fun! I'm such a celeb junkie as well. How cute are you and your mom. She is so young!

  7. Lovely post! We have no 2 and 3 in common ;)


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