Let It Snow!

Happy hump days ladies! Hope you are having a fabulous week! Like Brooke, I'm all for the snow as long it isn't absolutely freezing - however if we get another 10 inches, I might go a little crazy. Bundling up and not being able to wear my favorite shoes everyday is getting a little old! The snow looked so beautiful Saturday morning, so I had to squeeze a blog shoot in on my way to work. I'm still loving this Forever21 jacket - I always get so many compliments when wearing it! Skulls were a huge trend last year and they have definitely faded out but I still wear this scarf one from Tobi every once in awhile. Last year I contemplated buying the Alexander McQueen scarf but decided against it - this one will do for now!

I leave for New York tomorrow and I'm beyond excited! We will be doing lots of shopping, fashion week activities, blog shoots, exploring the city and celebrating Brooke's birthday - I'm sure we will be Instagramming a lot, so be sure to follow along:)



  1. Such a great look! You're so right about that jacket. It's darling! Way to go, F21! Have a great time in NY!


  2. OH I LOVE this look. We kind of stopped getting snow here (at least not the 18 + inches that might happen in Iowa this WEEK oh my)! And yay! Looking forward to following both of your adventures together! :)

    1. Thanks love! We just got soooo much snow last night and this am - now I'm ready for it to stop!

  3. yayy! I love the snow - great picks. loving your outfit!


  4. You look so chic despite the freezing temps and snow. Love you look! :)
    Have fun in NYC!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  5. Hi! love this jacket you suggested from sheinside, I've read some horror story reviews about the site, just wondering if you guys have ordered from there before? thanks!!


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