Casual Spring Look

The weather has been so up and down lately its hard to know what to wear when heading out. I usually bring some kind of jacket since I'm always freezing, even when its 70 degrees! This camo one is my favorite since its light weight and it can pretty much be paired with any outfit! I recently got these sandals from French Connection and can already tell I will be living in them this summer. They're super comfortable and I love the warm grey color, they also come in black & white - swoon! I've been so busy lately washing my hair just hasn't been a priority, it's more of a know what I'm sayin? Hats and dry shampoo are just so much easier:) Have a great day hump day loves! xo


photos by whodough


  1. Such a chic look! I'm in love with the detail on your pants! Happy Hump Day! :)


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