Fit Friday: Isagenix Weeks One & Two

As you know,  I'm striving to make health & fitness a priority in my life (but it's definitely something I struggle with on a daily basis). If you've been following our blog for a while, you know I'm a mom to a 1.5 year-old babe, and the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy are simply amazing, but I've never been completely happy with my body after baby. I had been holding off on joining a gym in NYC, but after constantly feeling sluggish and relying on caffeine to get me through the day, I decided to bite the bullet and get a membership. When we moved to NYC, I left the business world to stay home with our daughter, and I've found that going to the gym has given me a sense of independence that I used to feel in my career (I'm sure many stay-at-home mamas can relate). I get an hour to myself to work towards bettering my health and overall happiness. My goals are to lose some fat, but mostly gain muscle and lean out. 
28 weeks pregnant - summer of 2012

Anyway, moving on to the main subject of today's post: Isagenix. If you haven't heard of it, you can read more about it here. I mentioned a couple weeks ago I was starting a 30-day cleanse and I've completed the first two weeks, so wanted to share my experience thus far. Overall, I'm enjoying it - it's not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated, and I'm definitely noticing improvements in my sleep, energy levels (I've had NO CAFFEINE for two weeks - never thought that statement would come out of my mouth), skin, and fitness. I've summed up my first two weeks below, enjoy! 

Week 1:
Pretty simple, and painless (except for the no coffee thing - I miss my lattes!!!!). Without going into too much detail, I started week 1 by replacing two meals/day (I chose breakfast & lunch) with an Isagenix shake. Snacks throughout the day stayed the same - fruit, veggies, hummus, etc, and I had a regular (600-800 calories) dinner each night. Drinking a minimum of 60 oz of water/day. Overall, not too difficult. There were times when I wanted to cave and eat what was in front of me, AKA what my husband was eating (grilled cheese at Bryant Park, ice cream from the 25 ice cream trucks roaming the city, peanut butter french toast...), but I didn't - and I'm happy about that! I did have Mexican food one night, but a small portion so I wouldn't ruin my entire day - it's all about moderation. I hit the gym 3 times this week - 45 minutes of pretty intense cardio (500+ calories burned), followed by 15 minutes of weights + abs. On to week 2 (which includes a real 'cleanse' day - nervous for that!).

This water bottle is the only way I'll stay on track with my H2O. 
Week 2:
Really feeling improvements in my energy levels and sleep, and noticing my skin looks brighter. Experienced my first "deep cleanse" day on Tuesday, and it was not as bad as I expected. I was not starving (there are cleansing drinks that you have 4 times/day, and a few snacks you can eat to curb your cravings). Woke up feeling extra energized on Wednesday after my cleanse day, and cleaned my entire apartment - all 1,200 sq feet ;). The rest of the week has been pretty simple, and I'm noticing changes in my abdomen - it's definitely not where I want it to be, but it feels much tighter. I've been to the gym twice this week, and planning to go again tomorrow. I've decided to wait until the end of the 30 days to post my "overall" results (if I lose weight or inches).

New sneakers to keep me excited about going to the gym ;). I was so happy to hear that new workout gear helps you ladies stay motivated as well! HAPPY FRIDAY lovahhhs! xo 


  1. Love this! You look gorgeous! Have a great weekend!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Good for you! It is so easy to be hard on yourself, but you always look amazing!!!!! I think it is great that you are doing it to be healthy and feel energized! I love Ellie's pieces ... they are really high quality and cute! And for me, a little more affordable than some other awesome workout gear :) P.S. I recently learned from a friend who is about to become a personal trainer (she used to be a blogger) that is it actually better to lift before you do cardio! I used to always do cardio first then lifting, but if you lift first, it increases your metabolism while you are doing cardio... so burning more calories and overall getting a better workout... just a tip I thought I'd pass along!

    I'm excited to hear more about your cleanse! Good luck!

    1. Yes, You are correct about lifting first. I was itching to say something but didn't want to offend anyone.

    2. Thanks ladies! I had totally forgotten this since my last "workout binge" last year haha! I did it this way today, and will continue from now on!! XO Thanks for the sweet words Rachel!

  3. sounds great! and i totally hear you about that hour of alone tie at the gym or out for a run! . . . and YES new sneaks and workout clothes are always necessary motivation : ) .... cant wait ot see how you are feeling at day 30! Wait does this mean no vino or margaritas for 30 days too??? not sure I could do that part lol

  4. LOVED this post. I like that you were so honest about your body after baby and feeling a lack of independence cause so often people want to paint the perfect picture. Glad that the cleanse is helping! I don't know how you are surviving without coffee!!


  5. I had no idea you have a little girl! I think you always look fabulous! Def sounds like a doable program. Good for you! I think I NEED to get that water bottle.

  6. You look great but know you're not alone! My son is 2 1/2 and I still haven't found the best way to get back to me. I've heard about Isagenix, I might have to check it out. I'm loving the water bottle and those shoes...may have to snag them both so thanks for sharing! :)

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