Fringe Obsessed

TGIF! This week has been a long - never easy getting back on track after a long vacay! I've been going non-stop this week so I'm planning on taking it easy this weekend. Lately I've been wanting everything fringe! I ordered some fringe sandals the other day and now I'm in search of the perfect fringe jacket. This KateMossxTopshop one I tried on the other day is gorgeous but I'm not sure it's worth the price tag! I'm off to a coffee date, have a fab weekend lovahs!!


  1. Fringe it so cute! Were the fringe sandals you purchased the black ones in this post? Cannot wait to see which ones you got! Happy Friday! XO

  2. I'm loving fringed items right now too!

  3. Fringe is so fun, especially come summer. There is just something about it. I agree, love the Kate Moss jacket, but not sure I'd spend that much on such a trendy item.


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