Fit Friday - Favorite Fitness Gear & Current Playlist

Happy Friday babes! I am super busy today packing and heading to the airport later for a trip to my parent's house. I'm so excited - I haven't been home since Christmas. Next weekend is my best friend's wedding (stay tuned for photos), and the following week is the 4th of July - the absolute best time to be in my hometown! There will be boating, fireworks, and R&R - sounds perfect right now, be sure to follow along on instagram. For today's 'Fit Friday' I wanted to share my favorite workout gear, and the playlist I'm currently staying motivated with. Andy posted her playlist a few weeks ago, and I always love seeing what other people are listening to, and discovering new songs for myself, so I thought I'd share mine with you today. Not all of the songs are brand new, but they all get me pumped up - it's definitely a wide variety! First up though, is my favorite workout gear.

I just bought these shoes - while they are not the best for running, they are great for any other gym activity (lifting weights, stair master, elliptical), and they are seriously so cute! They can be worn to the gym or on the street - I bought them in red. I think I'll be wearing them all summer long!

These are my go-to pants. They are so comfortable (don't stretch out or lose elasticity), and they last for years. I still wear a pair I bought 4 years ago - they hold up through the wash, I'm not sure I'll every stray from these. Has anyone tried Zella workout pants? I'm dying to try some, I've heard great things - I'm really loving this pair. This jacket is great too - I love a great jacket to throw on after your workout to run errands.

My shoes I wear running are these. Meggan has them too, and I know she loves them as well. My hubby always told me Nike's were bad for running, but these were recently voted one of the best running shoe, so I had to give them a try, and I love them! They have great support, and do not hurt my feet or shins when I run (problems I've had with other shoes).

I don't have any specific workout tanks/tops that are my favorite, but I am always trying new ones in attempt to find 'the one.' Do you have one I need to try? I usually buy mine from Target or Forever21. And now, for my current playlist - as I mentioned it's a mix of all different types of music, but every time the song changes, I continue getting pumped up - music is KEY for me ;). What's on your playlist? 

Have a wonderful weekend!! Xx


  1. The red look so much cuter in your pic than online! I love the light blue ones too! I am in desperate need of a great pair of gym shoes.... not much of a runner haha!

  2. I only have training shoes as well.. I think I should purchase running shoes since I have a marathon coming up! I love your playlist. Beyonce is a mainstay in mine too! =)


  3. Hey, hey! Thanks for the link love, girls! ♡ I LOVE Zella gear - seriously all that I've been wearing for the past 6 months {plus you get to rack up some Nordy notes when purchasing...bonus!}.