Pinning, Lately

 In search of a perfect white jumpsuit for summer, and lusting after this one. via
This is a perfect example of how you can spice up your rental. I have a lot of trays around my apartment, and it really brings a design element to a space that's not so design friendly (ie - rental bathroom). This tray is perfectly done because it looks gorgeous, and it's functional - the items look like every day beauty routine products. via 
Black and white perfection. via 
Another great rental solution - decorating with books and a glass cloche. You can put so many items under a glass cloche - succulents, crystals, coral, etc, and they add a 'finished' look to any space.  via
These salads look so delish - I'm craving both right now, and it's 8am. They would be perfect for a dinner party or wine night. View the recipes here.
The most perfect summer beach waves, like ever. Maybe I'll attempt this, and create a tutorial...interested?  via 
These blood orange margaritas look seriously amazing, thinking I need to make them this weekend. You can view the recipe here

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  1. Always interested in hair tutorials!

  2. seriously! was there life before Pinterest? How did we manage to do anything?! lol love your pins, that white jumpsuit is EVERYTHING, i just did a post featuring the same pic. :)


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