Hope you ladies are having an amazing week, we are finally getting back into the swing of things from the weekend. As bloggers, we tend to get caught up in the never-ending world of social media. We are constantly using technology...whether it's blogging, Instagramming, or checking in on our favorite blogs, it seems as if life revolves around a screen. Both of us have to agree, taking a break is essential to our sanity and creativity. smartwater has created an Instagram challenge (#lookupsweepstakes) to look up, and take quick tech breaks throughout the day. Be sure to follow smartwater on Instagram and enter the contest (you could win a free trip!).
As you know, I was recently on vacation, and all I could see was a blue sky over the lake, surrounded by blooming flowers. I'm not sure there's anything greater than being on vacation surrounded by beautiful views. I had to throw on my favorite floral bathing suit to enjoy time on the dock with friends. The flowers on my suit looked just like those surrounding the lake, it was the perfect outfit for a day under the sun. It was such a great change of pace from my everyday (hectic) life. 

Like Brooke, I was inspired to take a break from my busy city life and spend the day at one of my favorite parks just south of the city. The sky and water were so blue, I decided to mimic Mother Nature and threw on this maxi dress and purse. The day was spent with close friends, good food and amazing views of the city and lake. It's so easy to get caught up in life and forget to take a breather from "reality". Days like this are the ones I will never forget! 

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