Simple 4th of July Treats

 These pretzel rods are so simple to make! I've made these for so many occasions, they're just too easy (and tasty) to not! I didn't even have to leave the house to get the ingredients, all you need are pretzel rods, chocolate and sprinkles! Melt the chocolate in microwave or stove top for about 1-1.5 minutes depending on heat and stir occasionally so the chocolate doesn't burn. Then dip the pretzels, lay on wax paper, cover in sprinkles and cool them in the fridge. So easy! If your headed to a party, wrap them up and tie a festive bow! Chocolate covered strawberries are another favorite. Once again, you only need three simple ingredients: strawberries, chocolate and sprinkles! Same steps as the pretzels: melt, dip, sprinkle! Both of these are great to make if you're in a time crunch! 
The 4th is hands down my favorite holiday. I usually spend it at the lake but this year I'm headed down to Dallas to spend some time with my boyfriends family. We will be hanging by the pool, bbq'ing and drinking lots of margaritas! What are you ladies doing for the 4th?


  1. These look so tasty! Can't wait for the fourth :)

  2. I love making these too!! So festive + easy! xx