Pillow Situation

Happy Monday, babes! Why does the weekend always pass by so quickly? We both had busy + fun weekends (more on that later). Today, we wanted to share our current pillow situation with you. Our friends at Interior Define (who just launched an amazing sofa collection with The Everygirl) sent us a few new pillows to accessories our places with and we are in love. The pillows are so soft, beautiful, and mix well with what we've already got going on in each of our homes. 
What do you think? Do you love them as much as we do? You can find these pillows, and the rest of their collection here.


  1. I do, I DO love these pillows! I'm excited to start fresh with some interior design when I move to a new apt. next month!

  2. Oh these are lovely! One can never have too many pillows. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous


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