October Wishlist

 It's almost the weekendddd! It seriously feels like the weeks go by faster and faster - crazy! Friday night I have a gala at the Cultural Center and Saturday AM I'm road tripping to Iowa City, I can't wait! I've been searching for a simple black bootie but still haven't found one I'm completely in love with. I hate buying things when it's not exactly what I'm looking for because I know I won't wear them as much. The Matisse ones above are super cute but I want ones that go higher up on the ankle. If I had an unlimited budget I would be splurging on these or these mid-calf booties! I lost my Wildfox blue aviators (pretty standard) so I'm back in the market for some new shades! Loving the frame on the ones above but I can't decide if I should re-buy the blue ones. Decisions...


  1. I may be about to commit a mortal sin for bloggers, but I have to ask - what is it about the diptyque candles? Is it the minimal design or do they really smell that fantastic? I've never seen one in person to know!


  2. These are great picks! Perfect black booties are so hard to come by--I hope you find your favorites soon :)



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