Bumpdate // 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks...halfway mark! He's the size of a banana. I love getting the email updates from Baby Center with the fruit size he is each week, I think it's so cute!
Maternity Clothes? Yes and no. I have a pair of Gap maternity jeans that I've been wearing because they are sooo comfortable. I can still fit into my regular jeans (with help from the hair-tie trick and tummy tube) and pretty much all my tops still fit. I'm lucky that most my sweaters and tee's are already over-sized. Bra's on the other hand...holyyyyy. I need go buy a larger size AGAIN!
Cravings? Clementines....it doesn't take me long to get through a bag of Cuties. And cinnamon raisin bagels with strawberry cream cheese. I seriously cannot get enough!
Exercise? Does walking to and from work count? I need to get back on the treadmill ASAP! I worked out a couple weekends ago and felt so sick after, it was the opposite of refreshing. I want to start going to the gym in the AM but laying in bed always seems like the better option at the time. Any one else on the work out struggle bus??
Baby movement? I can feel him moving around but it just feels like little bubbles. I'm excited to start feeling bigger kicks! One night I shot out of bed because I thought I felt two huge kicks, but I'm pretty sure I was just dreaming!
Sleep? Sleep was great until this last week. Now its lots of tossing and turning, can't get comfortable and up at 5am. I have a body pillow on it's way in the mail, hopefully that helps!
Missing anything? A glass of wine (or two) after work! 
Milestones: Halfway there! We have our 20 week ultrasound on Monday...I cannot wait to see how big he's got!
Best moment this week: Feeling him move around and getting lots of baby gear in the mail! Our apartment is starting to get crowded. We are moving at the end of April into a two-bedroom so right now we don't have much extra space. Boxes are starting to stack up and line the walls. I'm anxious to move and get the nursery set up!
Feeling: Excited and a little overwhelmed. I hopped on Buy Buy Baby to start a gift registry and got MAJOR anxiety. Nipple cream? Breast pads? 20 different bottle brands? My head was spinning. It made me feel really unprepared, but my aunt re-assured me that all first time moms feel this way so not to worry! Kyle's sister made us a list of all her favorite brands/must-have items which was super helpful! 

West Elm $1000 Giveaway (last chance to enter!)

Happy Thursday everyone! If you missed THIS on instagram, then you probably haven't entered to win a $1000 gift card to West Elm (or Pottery Barn, or Williams-Sonoma!). There are so many great items at all three of these stores, and $1000 will really take you a long way! To enter, be sure to follow up on Instagram (you must enter there on the original photo - all contest rules are listed there) - but hurry! The contest ends today at 1pm EST!

Check out a few of our favorites you could purchase with that cool $1000:

Valentines Day // Treat Yourself!

Sometimes we get so focused on work or school or taking care of your husband/kids/boyfriend that we forget to take care of ourselves. I think Valentine's day is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little something! It doesn't have to be a big purchase...maybe your favorite lipstick or a candle. I haven't bought myself anything since I found out I'm pregnant so I will definitely be treatin' myself to a little something! xx


piperlime coat (also loving this one on major sale!) | sweater on sale! (love this one as well) | denim | bag (more affordable version here) | booties by coach (similar here) | beanie | sunnies 

Hope you ladies are having a great week! NYC is in the middle of "the blizzard of 2015," and everything is shut down - transportation, roads, businesses...it's crazy. We are just hoping our electricity does not get knocked out - fingers crossed! (Update: I wrote this last night in case our power went out, and it ended up not being as bad as expected, thankfully!) Here is a look I wore over the weekend - I'm still rocking my non-maternity jeans at 34 weeks - ONLY because of the wonderful thing that is the 'tummy tube.' It's pretty great, and turns your regular pants into maternity jeans, you just have to make sure your top is long enough to cover everything. ;) 
I'm definitely over winter at this point, and ready for some warmer temps...it's hard to be outside for more than 10 minutes without freezing my buns off! I miss living in California where every day is 70 and sunny - lucky YOU if you live somewhere like that! Have a great day loves! xx 


Sneaker Style: Get the Look

coat | jeans | sneakers

 These are outfits I could live in all day, everyday. I love the effortless look sneakers give an outfit. I'm sure I will be living in my sneaks once the baby arrives! Sorry for the short note, off to the doctor! xx

Our Favorites:

Resort 2015

I'm dreaming of a vacation on the beach somewhere tropical (so over the cold weather). However, with a newborn on the way, and my "travel cut off date" creeping up on me, that's not going to happen. We had a trip to Hawaii planned for March, but had to cancel due to the timing - I'd rather not risk going into labor on a 10+ hour flight HA! Just because I'm not going on vacay doesn't mean I'm not lusting after everything resort right now. Flowy dresses, white lace, and tropical prints are calling my name, but I'll have to wait a good 5 months before breaking them out. Shop my favorites below:

LIKEtoKNOW.it 101

If you follow along on Instagram you have probably seen us tag LIKEtoKNOW.it in our posts and wonder what it is! We have explained a little on our insta posts but wanted to give you the full run down on how it works.

1. Register your email at LIKEtoKNOW.it
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3. Go to your email to find the ready to shop likes

Simple! And you will only get emails with pictures that you like. It's an easy way to come back to the products and you can forward your favorites to friends and family so they have the links too! Let us know if you have any questions! xx

Bookmark us here: http://liketoknow.it/somewherelately 

New In: Classic Carry-On (and my favorite travel bags for every budget!)

I've been wanting a classic carry-on bag for years, and finally added one to my collection. This LV Keepall has been on my lust list for years, and after seeing it on one of my favorite girls, Natalie, I knew I needed it. I looked around for a vintage version because I love the idea of a vintage travel bag, but I couldn't find one in great shape with a shoulder strap which I really need when traveling with a tot (soon to be 2!), so I opted to buy new. Obviously, you can't really go wrong when you buy new, but you can save a lot if you go vintage (or pre-owned). I would suggest searching reputable sites like Fashionphile or Portero versus Ebay to steer clear of fakes. Below are a few of my favorite weekend/carry-on bags for every budget. 

Do you have a favorite carry-on? 

Our Camera Roll

Sunday brunch and errands outfit. This maternity top from Gap is so comfortable! And the best part is I will be able to wear it post-pregnancy as well. 
one of my favorite outfits for the babe / gap is having a huge sale on baby clothes right now...loving these little jersey pants!
playing dress up!
donuts & coffee...yes please!
this over-sized knit is from the oxford trunk / its sold out but there's lots of cute stuff on the site right now!
we both love our DW watches / this one is the classic sheffield in rose gold
lady in red / this coat is on SALE!
madewell scarf cape...highly suggest!
nike roshe run / comes in 3 other cute colors!
typical all black outfit / bag & coat
chi city

Nursery Inspiration: It's A Girl

I'm currently 33 weeks, and as I mentioned last week, have yet to buy anything for baby girl's nursery. I have a really hard time making "big" decisions while I'm pregnant, so I keep going back and forth on so many items, I don't want to purchase only to regret later. The only item I do have is this crib, which I love. I've been rounding up some ideas and pinning away to get me inspired, but I'm still stuck. I don't know what kind of rug I want, I don't know what colors I want to go with (but I know I want white walls - great start, huh?! lol), so hopefully I can get with it these next few weeks. Below are a few items I'm currently loving (but who knows, maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow). Any suggestions? Am I the only one who can't make a decision during pregnancy? 

rugdresser | baskets | chandelier | crib (linked above, also obsessed with this one - so awesome!) | rocker (also love this one) | pouf | vintage scarf (to frame) 

Happy Monday! xx