Resort 2015

I'm dreaming of a vacation on the beach somewhere tropical (so over the cold weather). However, with a newborn on the way, and my "travel cut off date" creeping up on me, that's not going to happen. We had a trip to Hawaii planned for March, but had to cancel due to the timing - I'd rather not risk going into labor on a 10+ hour flight HA! Just because I'm not going on vacay doesn't mean I'm not lusting after everything resort right now. Flowy dresses, white lace, and tropical prints are calling my name, but I'll have to wait a good 5 months before breaking them out. Shop my favorites below:


  1. All of these outfits make me drool.. especially the top floral one! Wish you knew where that was from :( .. but furthermore, I, too am so over winter weather and this post is just a tease!! :)


  2. Ugh love these picks--wish I was going somewhere tropical too!

  3. All of these are making me ready for spring break! Well faux spring break because I have to actually take time off work for it, but I'm going somewhere warm!!!!!!


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