New Hair For Spring

We are both craving new hair for spring, but we can never chop, or not to chop? We see short hair we love, and want to chop...but then we see long hair we love and think maybe we should keep it long/keep it growing. Anybody else with us? The struggle is real. We probably have this conversation once/week. We've rounded up a few of our favorite looks for all categories: the "lob," mid-length, and long below. Which is your favorite? 
 and a few of our favorite products to achieve these beachy waves...


  1. I chopped about 5 or so inches off two years ago, and I've never looked back! I love short hair because it's so much faster to wash and style, and I've learned to curl mine with a straightener for loose waves that I could never get when my hair was longer. I love long hair on other people, and I give you all credit for having the patience to grow it out and care for it because I can never get it much past my shoulders!

  2. The struggle is so real!! I have really long hair but I rarely style it since it takes so much time. I go back and forth between cutting it so often but I can never make up my mind lol!
    XO Kelly

  3. OMG I've had that top left picture saved in my phone for my hair dresser for ever! It's so effing cute, I'm just trying to build up the nerve to chop of my hair again!

    Xx Sylvia

  4. I'm the same. I'm worried I would love it in the salon but not know what to do with it at home. Long hair is so much easier with the unstyled style if that makes any sense. I love the lobs though!


    Flip Flops and Furs

  5. I'm going to chop mine off next month and I'm so excited! I've had it long and short and while long is pretty, short is so much faster and I think its a bolder move :) Plus I'm so sick of getting my long hair caught in everything!


  6. I always have major hair envy when I see "the bob" on others, but I know that if I cut mine I would totally regret it.. but I'll still look and lust. :)

    xx- becky

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