The Look For Less: A Polished Summer Oufit Perfect for Festival Season

Leg-baring season is FINALLY upon us, and in case you didn't notice, we are eternally grateful. Don't get us wrong, our camel coats and black boots have been good to us, but nothing beats a chic dress and open-toe sandals. Today's outfit inspo is as on-trend as they come, featuring two of the seasons must haves: fringe, and gladiator sandals. Yes, gladiator sandals are never going out of style. And while this is the ultimate look for all you festival-goers (who prefer to ditch the crop tops and flower crowns), we think it also makes the perfect Sunday brunch look. So, even if you can't spend big bucks on the actual look, we found stylish picks that work for every budget. Better book that pedi appointment! 

Get the look for less: 

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Oversized Moto Jacket

jacket (on sale!) | top | jeans (similar) | wedges | bag | sunglasses

Hi loves! It's my last day in Vegas and I'm so not ready to leave the heat or part ways with my mom. Three days was not enough! It's still been pretty chilly in Chicago (ugh!) which means jackets are still necessary. This Trouve moto jacket is a great transition piece and easy to throw on with any outfit. It also comes in white, I had the hardest time picking between the two! I've had these jeans for a few years now but definitely want to add another pair of flares to the lineup - I love how long and lean they make your legs look! These white Rag & Bones and these FRAME's are on my wish list!


The Summer Sunglasses Guide: Find the Best Shape For Your Face

Sunglasses are definitely not "one size fits all" which I'm sure you know by now. There are a few styles that look great on most people (aviators), but we've broken down our favorite shapes, and who they work best for. Here we go...

1. Round: Best for oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. 

2. Aviators: Best for oval face shape, but works for most! 

3. Cat Eye: Best for oval, heart, and square faces. 

4. Classic Round: Best for heart and oval faces. 

5. Flat top: Best for most shapes, ideal for oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. 

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We stay in our pajamas as long as possible on the weekends - so having something a little nicer to wear around the house is perfect. I will have to say, answering the door for the UPS guy in my boyshorts and oversized (paint-stained) tee was pretty horrifying, lol. Loungewear is the perfect gift because it's not something you want to spend a ton of money on for yourself, but you really appreciate it when you've got it.  We popped into Nordstrom this week and found some of our favorites - they have so many different options, you can definitely find something for yourself, your mama, or even a girlfriend this Mother's Day.
Although my little one isn't here yet, this Mother's Day is extra special knowing I'm going to be a momma in less then two months!

My hubs usually brings me coffee in bed on the weekends after he gets up with Sophia, so I'm hoping Mother's Day will be no different - unless pancakes and bacon are involved ;). 
I love a classic pajama, and this pair is suuuuper comfortable - the fabric is so soft, and I love the stripe. 
I mentioned in my 'First Month Favorites' post that I love Nordstrom's baby sleepwear, and couldn't resist this sweet sleeper for Avery.
We tried to get Sophia + Avery together for a few shots, but Sophia ripped off her pajamas in 5 seconds flat, and wouldn't sit still ... #momlife. This is the best we could get, and I consider it a win. 

A few more of our favorites from Nordstrom:

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Statement Necklaces For Every Budget

Hallelujahhhhhhhh it's Friday! #whoswithme? I love a great statement necklace, and it's not secret I'm obsessed with DYLANLEX, but I just can't wrap my mind around the price tag (yet, maybe I'll eventually cave for one of those beauties). Are they splurge-worthy? I'm not sure...for me, I like to splurge on items (read: bags) I know I'll love for a long time. I'm not sure if splurging on a statement necklace is right for me. If you feel the same, don't worry - you can get the look without spending a fortune. I achieved this look by layering two necklaces - the top one is currently sold out from Windsor (c/o), but this one would work perfectly with this one underneath. Check out this one - SO amazing and only $29! And here are a few of my current favorites for every budget:

5 Closet Organizing Hacks You Need to Try

Walk over to your closet right now... what do you see? If you're anything like us your closet is an overstuffed, chaotic jungle of clothes, shoes, bagsthe works. If your closet is pristine, well, we tip our hats to you. For the rest of you clothes hoarders, today is your lucky day because we're sharing five tried-and-true hacks that will help you get your closet in tip-top shape just in time for those warm weather days ahead. Small closet, big closet, no closet... we've got you covered! 

Hack #1: Think Outside the Box (aka the Bedroom) 
We're not saying to keep sweaters in your oven à la Carrie Bradshaw, but you can use the rest of your home as creative display opportunities for your prettiest shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Fashion is art, after all. Take it a step further and try mixing in household décor like books, sculptures, and candles to give it a more home-y vibe. 

Hack #2: Suitcases Aren't JUST for Traveling
We're all guilty of it: You, like us, probably have several empty suitcases taking up a sizable amount of space in your home's closets. Stuff those babies with things like your snow boots, sportswear, bulky jackets, or even bikinis that only you only wear a few times a year. 

Hack #3: Use Shoe Boxes to Organize Small Items
Are your drawers currently a hodgepodge of bracelets, scarves, and tangled necklaces? We feel you (especially on those necklaces). Well, finally your shoe-buying addiction pays off! Use old shoe boxes (versus buying expensive storage trays) in your drawers to organize your small accessories. It will save you tons of time and a minor headache. 

Hack #4: Use Tension Rods to Gain Extra Hanging Space 
Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact, and that is most definitely the case when it comes to rods and racks when organizing your clothing. We believe a closet's space is very valuable, so the next time you take a peek inside make note of any nooks and crannies that could use a small tension rod where you can hang necklaces, scarves, or delicates that you can't bare to hide in a drawer. 

Hack #5: Put your Organized Clothes on Display 
You may not have a fantasy walk-in closet (just yet!). Heck, you may not even have a closet, but that doesn't mean you can't have an envy-inducing display. Pick up a couple (if your space allows it) clothing racks and use the opportunity to display your prettiest garbs. Finding one that separates long and short clothing also helps to keep things looking tidy. Racks not your thing? Use a bookcase to display your coolest accessories and foldable items. 

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? What tips and tricks do you use to keep your closet organized? Here are a few things to help you get organized...

Packing for Vegas

This mama is going to Vegas next week and can't wait to soak up the sun! Never thought I would be going to sin city while pregnant but it was a trip I couldn't turn down - it will be my last vacay before the baby arrives. It will be a fun couple days spent with my parents hanging by the pool, hitting up the black jack tables, and sipping on pina colada's - nonalcoholic for me of course ;) We are staying at Madalay Bay which I hear has a great pool!

Since it will be in the 90's I will be packing light! I scored this cover up during the Shopbop sale, it's perfect for the pool or to wear exploring. I'm a little (okay, a lot!) nervous about getting in a suit, only because I'm SO pale - seriously Casper over here!! This cover up (you can never have too many!) from Tart Collections is light and airy, will be perfect to throw on and go! My boyfriend got me these Ray-Bans for my birthday, Vegas will be the perfect time to break them out! And of course I'll be packing the SPF and my favorite Kiehl's lotion (on sale!) to keep my skin hydrated. I won't be hitting the clubs so no need for high heels. These Matiko wedges are so comfortable and will be perfect for walking around. Shopbop just restocked them in nude - get them while you can, I have a feeling they will go quick!

At Home With Lulu & Georgia

Ever since we discovered Lulu & Georgia a few years ago, we've been ob-sessed. They have the best home decor from rugs to accessories and everything in between. You may remember these rugs from my California home tour - they are still my favorite (the buyers requested them with the purchase of our home, so I had to let them go), and I've been trying to find a spot for them in our new place so I can re-order! Today we're sharing our favorite pieces from L&G throughout our homes, AND we have a great coupon code for you to receive 20% off your order (only valid for ONE week from today): Somewherelately20.  Enjoy! 

I love these gold safari animals for the baby's room. I didn't want to decorate with anything too cartoon-ish and these are perfect!

I have been wanting to change up my lucite console table for spring/summer, and love how it turned out. The PRADA Marfa print is one of my favorite photos - such a cool art piece (google it if you've never heard of it). 
I love these DwellStudio faceted vases - I currently have eucalyptus in mine, but they are perfect for flowers as well. I can't wait to change up the arrangements throughout spring and summer. 

Thanks to Lulu & Georgia for partnering for this post!