WTF is Dry Brushing?! (Plus, a Step-by-Step Guide)

Happy Friday, ladies! If you've never heard of dry brushing, then you're missing out on one of the best detoxifying spa secrets around.  Sure, scrubbing down your dry skin may sound far from pampering, but we promise there's a reason why beauty gurus and stunning celebrities like Miranda Kerr sing its praise. 
Aside from giving you the most glowing skin of your life, proper dry brushing also hosts a plethora of health benefits, like: aiding in blood circulation, releasing harmful toxins, and ultimately rejuvenating our nervous systems which allows our bodies to run more effectively. Plus, dry brushing has also been linked to temporarily improving the appearance of cellulite (yaaaassssss)... just in time for bikini season! 
Check out this handy six-step guide covering the basics of dry brushing and great post-scrub down tips. Go on, get your scrub (and glow) on: 
1. The Brush: The first rule is to splurge on a proper brush. We're not saying to spend a fortune, but be on the lookout for a good quality brush made with vegetable-derived bristles. Using a synthetic brush won't work-- it's like brushing away toxins with toxins. One like this or this would be perfect!
2. Brush Toward Your Heart: The direction in which you brush is key to properly ridding your body of toxins. Always brush toward the heart, making long circular sweeps, avoiding back and forth motions. Start at your ankles and move up the body brushing counterclockwise. Never scrub so hard that your skin gets raw or irritated. This is supposed to feel good!
3. Midsection BrushingThis is where it can get tricky! Once you get to your midsection, you’ll draw from your back toward the belly then rub clockwise on the belly. You’ll then move over to your arms, which you should lift above your head and rub downward toward your heart. Start at the back of the hand and go to the armpit.
4. Nourish Your Skin: To reap all the benefits we recommend dry brushing 2-3 times a week. Mornings, before showering is the most beneficial time as it opens your pores and allows a thorough washing. For the most effective detoxifying experience, rid your shower of any harsh chemical-filled products. We're huge fans of Beautycounter's Everyday Body Wash
5. Clean Your Brush: Lastly, keep unwanted bacteria at bay by cleaning your brush after every use. We recommend letting your brush soak in an all-natural water, vinegar, and baking soda solution for a few minutes and then letting it air dry. 
6. Drink Up: Take your detox a step further with a glass of filtered, room-temp water mixed with lemon and cayenne pepper to jump-start your digestive system. Even if you happen to reach for a midday pastry, at least you'll have started the day off on the right foot. 

We are going to give it a try, and we will report back with the results, so stay tuned! 
If you want to see more, here is a great video! 
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"Investing" In: Classic Handbags

It's no secret, one item we are A-OK to splurge on is a great bag. It's definitely my biggest shopping weakness, but I seriously can't get enough. Just when I think, "Okay, I'm done for a while," I'll spot another one I want to save up for next. I would rather splurge on a bag than shoes...simply because the wear on shoes is much harder than on a bag, and I think it's easier to buy shoes that LOOK expensive than it is with bags. Bags are easy to re-sell, and if you choose the right one, you can often get a lot of your money back (sometimes even more...but that's definitely rare). One question I get asked a lot is what is the best bag to splurge on? And I think that certainly depends on your style/personality. Here's a look at some of our favorite bags...

If you are saving up to splurge on one bag, and one bag only...I think it is important to buy a classic that will hold it's value as well as it can, and look great forever (aka no trendy elements like studs). I also think if you are looking for one great bag, you need to go with black (for a leather bag), or a true classic (like the LV monogram). One great way to get a great bag without paying full price is to purchase from a second-hand store (so many great ones in NYC), or online shop like Fashionphile or Portero. I haven't purchased anything from one of these sites, but have friends who have - they are very reputable, and both offer returns if you are not 100% satisfied. I have my eye on this little mini...swoon! Here are a few bags that I think would be "worth the splurge" if you are looking to get your hands on a new bag...

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Look

Stuck in a beauty rut? I know I am. I don't know if it's because it's my last few weeks of pregnancy but I am just feeling BLAH! Same old topknot, lipstick, blush...the list goes on. I rounded up a few (and affordable!) ways to refresh your look. I'm going to try and check all of these off the list!
Switch your part
In high school and college, I would change my part all the time and it never failed - someone always asked me if I did something different! The simple switch adds volume and can really change your facial features. It may take a couple washes and blow dries to get it to stay!

If you haven't jumped on the brow-obsessed bandwagon, now is the time! This is something I needed serious help with so I popped in Nordstrom so the beauty experts could show me how it's done. I fill mine in with a powder but there are other options like gels and pencils. I've heard great things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. In fact, I really want to add the highlighting pencil to my makeup bag!

Swap your signature mani
I keep the same colors on rotate (hello neutrals!) and rarely ever change the shape - I did go through a Khloe Kardashian phase and grew my nails out creepishly long but daily tasks like typing were too hard...I don't know how she does it! Loving this simple stripe and this pastel mani. Also, nail art is huge right now and an easy way to polish your look - pun intended!

Make a mask with things in your kitchen
Head into your kitchen and mix up something for your face or hair! You can make different ones to exfoliate, tighten, fight acne - whatever you want! Pinterest is the best place to find recipes for this (duh!). This 3 ingredient face scrub sounds amazing and effective. All you need is oatmeal, honey and coconut oil, definitely going to try this! I've tried this DIY hair mask which made my hair silky smooth. It was a little weird smearing eggs in my hair but the end results were worth it!

Change your foundation
It's easy to fall in a rut with tried and true products you keep purchasing over and over again. There are so many finishes to chose from (matte, powder, liquid) from 100's of brands which is overwhelming so easy to find one that works and stick with it. I use Laura Mercier smooth finish foundation and LOVE how it makes my skin look/feel. However, I really want to try contouring so I'm planning on heading to Nordstrom to get some help with that. I will do a follow-up post once I learn!

Try a bold lipstick
Using a bold red, pink or coral can instantly update your look and add a little glamour to your daily beauty routine. I stopped at the MAC counter and picked up Saigon Summer (coralish/orange) and Lady Danger (a crowd favorite) to switch it up from the usual nude. The drugstore is a great place to find affordable new colors to play around with. If you want some guidance, here's a list of Haper's Bazaar's 10 best drugstore lipsticks.

Whiten your teeth
I don't like to shell out $50-$100 for teeth whitening kits that 99% of the time hurt my sensitive teeth. You can use baking soda and fresh squeeze lemon juice for an easy (and free!) at home whitener. Has anyone tried this?

What do you do to refresh your look?

New York Weekends

striped shirt (old, similar here and here) | black denim (also own and love these) | bag (more affordable option here) | sunnies (also here) | flats (also loving these) | necklace | Sophia's tee | Sophia's destroyed denim 

Good morning, ladies! We are back from Miami - we got home last night and I officially have a vacation hangover. We had such a great time, and agreed this was one of the best vacations we have taken in a while - Sophia is at such a fun age for trips AND we fell in love with the resort we ended up at (more on that later in the week). The only thing I was a little worried about was taking Avery out in the heat - she is only 2 months old, and it was so hot + humid in FL, so we only took her out to the pool/beach a few times for a couple hours. Needless to say, I'm running on fumes and caffeine today. Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day! We watched American Sniper last night - it was such a great/emotional movie, and we were saying how thankful we are to have such amazingly brave men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything for our country - so amazing! 

These photos are from a few weeks ago. We usually spend our weekends running around NYC - exploring new shops and restaurants, and making a few pit stops at the park (Washington Square Park + Central Park are our favorites) and coffee shop (Stumptown and Aroma are currently our go-to's). We aren't planning to stay in New York forever, so we want to get out and see as much as we can while we are here so we don't end up saying, "We never did _____, we should have gone to ______." We visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum the other weekend, and it was amazing - so thankful we were able to see it in person. I swear the air feels different over there, has anyone else been there and felt the same? I'm always looking for new places to visit, so please share your favorite NYC spots with me! Have a fab day! xx 

Eyelet Tee

tee c/o (similar) | hat (only $13!) | jeans | sunglasses | wedges | bag c/o

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! It was beautiful here on Friday so we hit up the pool and yesterday did a little bbq'ing! Now that I'm 36 weeks, it's starting to get harder to get dressed everyday. I don't want to buy anymore maternity clothing and don't want to stretch my clothes out too much! My tee is from Sanctuary Clothing (last year) but this one is almost identical. I love these eyelet shorts (perfect for the pool!) and romper. My shoes are from Steve Madden and are SUPER comfy even at 36 weeks pregnant! 


Memorial Day Steals & Deals

Take 25% off your entire purchase on Lulu & Georgia (one of our favorites, see our post with them here)! Love this orange tray and these palm tree glasses...perfect for your next party!

This linen BB Dakota dress is only $61 - You can't have too many white dresses for summer

These Alexander Wang heels have been on my radar for quite some time tempting now that they're 40% off!

Rebecca Minkoff just added tons of items to it's sale, including this bucket bag (lovvve!) and this tweet tee Brooke has (see it here and here)!

These classic Michael Kors wedges are under $100 and come in three colors!

Nordstrom is price matching these Paige skinny jeans...I have a pair of these and they are soo comfortable. If you don't believe me, read the reviews! 

This watch is 40% off at Nordstrom! Can you say steal?!

Comfy and chic...this romper is only $95! Dress it up or down, it will be a staple in your wardrobe this summer!

Lancome is being price matched - stock up on your beauty favorites!

The big brown bag sale is currently happening at Bloomingdales and ends tomorrow so don't miss out!

Love these shredded Rag & Bone white jeans, especially when they're 30% off!

The cutest mules I've seen this season...30% off and sizes are going quick!

Meet Jasmin, Our First Contributor

Jasmin is a bi-costal fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer with a penchant for event planning and DIYs. You can usually catch her scouring the web for the latest trends or hunting the streets for her next favorite coffee shop. Jasmin has contributed to Lucky Magazine, Brit + Co, and Teen Vogue.
Current location: Los Angeles, CA

3 words to describe me: Quirky, go-getter, optimistic

3 words to describe my style: Laid-back, polished, seventies

I cannot leave the house without: My keys and cell phone (worst is when you leave both at the same time!)

On a typical Saturday night, you can usually find me: Binge watching Law & Order SVU and Friends reruns.

My biggest pet peeve is: Passive aggressive and fake people

I have a weakness for: Cute coffee shops. ($5 for a coffee? *Swipes debit card)

The food I crave most is: Dessert

My best stress reliever: A nap, hot yoga, or a run

My celebrity crush is: Josh Hartnett - aka Trip Fontaine

My hidden talent is: I know EVERY line from Titanic

I'm passionate about: Being kind to others

My style go-to is: A striped tee, high-waist jeans, suede booties, and a red lip

When I want to feel sexy I put on: Red lipstick

The most important lesson I've learned about love is: The most important person to love is yourself

Currently on my iPod: Louisa Wendorff

My weirdest phobia is: Choking when I'm home alone

First thing I do when I wake up: Check my phone for the time (and then go back to sleep)

My guilty pleasure is: Shopping...duh.

Something people have wrong about me: So many things, but that's okay.

In 5 years, I see myself: Being married to Josh Hartnett #InMyDreams


Good morning from Floridaaaaa! We decided to book a vacay to Miami on a whim last week, and we got here yesterday. We had booked our stay at Fountainbleau for the week, but there is a big music festival down here this weekend (which we had no idea about), and I guess Miami Beach gets a little cray-zay, so we decided to head somewhere a bit quieter with two kids. Needless to say, yesterday was quite the adventure - we were up at 3:30am to catch our flight, had to cancel our Fountainbleau reservation (which was surprisingly easy), and find another place to stay, but we made it! I'm seriously in Heaven...never want to leave! 
A little Miami mint manicure - color is CND "Mint Convertible." 

I've been living in this suit since we got here, and I'm kind of obsessed. It's definitely perfect for a post-baby body that's not quite bikini ready ;). I'll be sure to fill you in on our entire trip next week, but wanted to pop in and say hello! Hope you ladies are having a fab week! Revolve is having a major sure to check it out here