Sunday Night Online Shopping Sesh

Currently cuddled up on the couch listening to the rain and doing some online shopping....perfect way to end the weekend! This dress and tote are perfect for a beach vacay (if I only had one planned!) and blush and lipstick add a fun pop of color for summer. These sandals are in my Nordy's cart (only $79!) along with these chic wedges.
dress | phone case | bag | sunglasses | earrings (swooning!)
sandals | clutch | blush | lipstick | suit


  1. Same here. I wish I had a beach vacation to look forward to. As it is, I'm sitting in the office and watching the rain come down like there's no tomorrow. A quick tropical get-away sounds pretty good right now. And you are right, that dress would be awesome for a trip like that. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. Add baby updates! Would love to hear how your pregnancy is going :)
    I'm preggers too ;)

  3. True nothing is better than to end up weekend with shopping and I must say you have good choices
    Price Comparison


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