WTF is Dry Brushing?! (Plus, a Step-by-Step Guide)

Happy Friday, ladies! If you've never heard of dry brushing, then you're missing out on one of the best detoxifying spa secrets around.  Sure, scrubbing down your dry skin may sound far from pampering, but we promise there's a reason why beauty gurus and stunning celebrities like Miranda Kerr sing its praise. 
Aside from giving you the most glowing skin of your life, proper dry brushing also hosts a plethora of health benefits, like: aiding in blood circulation, releasing harmful toxins, and ultimately rejuvenating our nervous systems which allows our bodies to run more effectively. Plus, dry brushing has also been linked to temporarily improving the appearance of cellulite (yaaaassssss)... just in time for bikini season! 
Check out this handy six-step guide covering the basics of dry brushing and great post-scrub down tips. Go on, get your scrub (and glow) on: 
1. The Brush: The first rule is to splurge on a proper brush. We're not saying to spend a fortune, but be on the lookout for a good quality brush made with vegetable-derived bristles. Using a synthetic brush won't work-- it's like brushing away toxins with toxins. One like this or this would be perfect!
2. Brush Toward Your Heart: The direction in which you brush is key to properly ridding your body of toxins. Always brush toward the heart, making long circular sweeps, avoiding back and forth motions. Start at your ankles and move up the body brushing counterclockwise. Never scrub so hard that your skin gets raw or irritated. This is supposed to feel good!
3. Midsection BrushingThis is where it can get tricky! Once you get to your midsection, you’ll draw from your back toward the belly then rub clockwise on the belly. You’ll then move over to your arms, which you should lift above your head and rub downward toward your heart. Start at the back of the hand and go to the armpit.
4. Nourish Your Skin: To reap all the benefits we recommend dry brushing 2-3 times a week. Mornings, before showering is the most beneficial time as it opens your pores and allows a thorough washing. For the most effective detoxifying experience, rid your shower of any harsh chemical-filled products. We're huge fans of Beautycounter's Everyday Body Wash
5. Clean Your Brush: Lastly, keep unwanted bacteria at bay by cleaning your brush after every use. We recommend letting your brush soak in an all-natural water, vinegar, and baking soda solution for a few minutes and then letting it air dry. 
6. Drink Up: Take your detox a step further with a glass of filtered, room-temp water mixed with lemon and cayenne pepper to jump-start your digestive system. Even if you happen to reach for a midday pastry, at least you'll have started the day off on the right foot. 

We are going to give it a try, and we will report back with the results, so stay tuned! 
If you want to see more, here is a great video! 
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  1. Love this post, just started dry brushing!

  2. Love this post, just started dry brushing!

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  4. Thanks! this step by step benefited me :)

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