Small Space Solutions: How to Create a Chic Dining Area

Bigger doesn't always necessarily mean better. 
If you, like us, live in a big (read: cramped) city like New York, Chicago or San Francisco you, more than anyone, know how challenging it can be to make your teeny tiny dining space work. Don't we all wish we had a sprawling dining room to host lively dinner parties in? #KeepDreaming 
However, bite-sized dining spaces can be just as eye-catching, comfortable and stylish as their larger counterparts. Fashioning a small dining space simply requires a little (okay, a lot) of patience, a touch of creativity, and a willingness to think outside of the box. After scouring the web and picking the brains of our design-savvy friends, we've rounded 5 must-know tips for transforming an itty-bitty space into an envy-inducing dining spot. 
Tip #1: Use multi-purpose furniture. 
Save major space by sticking with furniture that has multiple uses, especially when it comes to storage. Instead of opting for that glass table, choose a table with hidden drawers where you can hide napkins or placemats when you aren't entertaining.
Tip #2: Choose the right seating. 
If you're really tight on space stay away from bulky, overstuffed dining chairs and opt for sleeker varieties instead. Folding chairs sound like a dorm room nightmares, but these stunning ones will no doubt change your mind. Have a counter top or tall table? Try reclaimed old-school stools

Tip #3: Play with your lighting. 
Lighting can make ALL the difference when it comes to appearances. Typically, using light colors creates an optical illusion that makes a room feel bigger and brighter. Natural lighting also works wonders in creating an openness. Spot lighting and torchiere lighting is also great for bouncing light off the ceiling to create the similar effect.  A few lights we love for small dining spaces here, here, and here
Tip #4: Clear the clutter. 
Nothing crowds a small apartment like bulky and unnecessary furniture. Less is more, so start with the necessities and as you adjust to your tiny space, start to introduce possible additions. Also, keep shelves clear of clutter (stick spices, canisters and unused appliances in cabinets) and use chic decorative elements to add personality instead. If you have to leave canisters out, choose simple clean ones like these (love!). 
Tip #5: Experiment with shelving. 
Short on cabinet space? Use shelves to store some of your prettiest glassware, fancy spices, recipe books and anything else you want in a reachable space. 

Have a mini kitchen and have a small space solution? Do tell! 


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