Summer To-Do List

Hibernation is finally over! Or at least lets hope - you never know with this crazy Midwest weather! I put together a list of things I want to do/accomplish this summer! I'll have a new babe on my hands but I'm hoping we can get out of the apartment as much as possible or I will go stir-crazy!! Kyle's sister has the summer off and will be helping us as much as she can, so we're hoping we can sneak away for a couple date nights! There's so many things I still haven't tried/seen in the city and want to knock a couple things off my bucket list. 

1. Go to a movie in the park. This will be my fourth summer in Chicago and I still haven't seen a movie in the park! 

2. Host a bbq on our rooftop. We have a huge space and a giant grill that needs to be put to use

3. Get back into a workout routine. This could be tough with a newborn on my hands but I am beyond ready to take on the challenge. 

4. Find artwork for the apartment. We have so much wall space and still haven't come close to filling it!

5. Check out the new Riverwalk. I've seen some pictures online and it looks gorgeouuss!

6. Master the perfect batch of sangria. Dying to try this recipe!

7. Make friends with someone with a boat ;) 

8. Have a picnic in the park. Something easy for Kyle and I to do with the new babe!

9. Hit up all the patios in West Loop. We just moved to the neighborhood and there are so many amazing restaurants with patios. Whether we can sneak away for a glass of wine or enjoy a full meal, this is on mine and Kyle's bucket list. I can't wait to try Kaiser Tiger - their patio is huge!

10. Find other momma's to hang out with! I don't know any other mom's (I'm the first of my friends to have a baby!) in the city and would love to join a mom's play-date group. If anyone knows of any groups like this, send them my way!

P.S // So many new items are being price matched at Nordstrom! All these Ray-Bans are 25% off - time to stock up!! These fringe sandals have also been under our radar for quite some time now...


  1. I checked out the new riverwalk during my lunch break today. It's really nice, the benches are comfy, and it's actually clean (at least between State and Dearborn, anyway). What I love is that you're right on the water and there's no fence or barricade between the walk and the river. Although, in the words of Cher Horowitz, that seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    1. It looks so nice in pictures, can't wait to check it out! xx

  2. When you go to a movie in the park, bring lots of bug spray! This would also be a good outing to bring the new baby but you'll want to make sure you have a net cover for the stroller to keep him bug bite free. I love movies in the park in Chicago! Personally I think the ones along the lakefront are the best.

  3. Hi Meggan! I moved to Chicago from Orange County, CA when I was 8 months pregnant and didn't know any mothers in my area. I joined a moms group through meet up and met some great moms! There is one in almost every neighborhood. I joined one specifically for Lincoln Square. I hope you enjoy your summer with a new babe!

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