Coffee Talk

Happpyyyyy Friday! Welcome to our first edition of #coffeetalk! We've rounded up this week's questions for you below, hope you enjoy! Please let us know what questions you have for next week in the comments (or you can always shoot us an email -! 

1. What cameras do you each use? How do you edit your photos for the blog & instagram?
Brooke: I use a Canon7D with a 50mm lens. 
Meggan: Canon 6D with a 50 mm lens.
*We will be sharing a post all about our photo process soon (what filters we use, etc)

2. Diet/fitness tips? 
We shared a "day in the life" of our diet recently, you can see that post here. As a recap, we try to eat healthy 80% of the time, and allow ourselves to splurge 20% of the time (wine, macarons, donuts, candy, get the idea!). We are pretty bad about working out...we have the best intentions, but get off track easily. We've both committed to doing the 12-week BBG by Kayla Itsines together, and we will definitely be sharing our journey with you guys if you're interested (let us know!). If you don't know who Kayla is or what BBG is, look her up on instagram! 

3. What hair products do you both use?
Brooke: I use Moroccanoil, this sea spray, this hair dryer, this round brush, and this curling wand. I love this texturizing spray + for hairspray I loooove Kenra, but currently use good ol' Tresemme
Meggan: I use this conditioner (leave in for 5 minutes) and it's seriously amazing. Makes my hair super soft and strong, I can't shower without it. And shampoos I switch off with Biolage and Fekkai. Also use this styling lotion, Moroccanoil and I use the same hairspray as Brooke. I've been playing around with dry shampoos but right now I'm currently using Dove which I like - it smells great!
*We are currently working on hair tutorials (top knot & how we curl our hair) for a separate post! 

4. How do you "do it all" schedule-wise?
Spoiler alert: we definitely can't do it all, and our instagram is simply a "highlight reel" of our lives - we have our good days and our bad days, just like everyone. We are currently working on a post about how we go about scheduling our days, so stay tuned for that one! 

5. What pieces do you think are necessary to build a timeless wardrobe?
We love this "5 Piece French Wardrobe" checklist as a very basic guide for building a classic wardrobe. It's very simple, but there are SO many different combos you can create from these pieces. You can always remove things that may not be exactly your style and add in a different basic (we would probably swap out the silk blouse and black suit coat for a little edgier items). 
These are a few of our favorites from this checklist:

Please let us know your thoughts...want to know more? Leave your questions for next week below! 


  1. Love love love the #coffeetalk. Can't wait to see the top knot hair tutorial!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  2. You will LOVE BBG - I saw results as fast as two weeks. Just be prepared to be super sore the first week - it's a killer in a good way. Can't wait for your scheduling post!

  3. What kind of skincare do y'all use?

  4. Oh I'm excited to see how you guys transform on BBG. I have been watching her on instagram for some time and the results are amazing!

  5. Loved this post ladies! I am looking forward to reading about your filters (your pictures are always so flawless!) and about your day to day schedules. Having a newborn and getting on a schedule seems impossible right now (oh and I totally am feeling married to my pump since I'm exclusively pumping!) It would be awesome if you guys share how you fit feedings in to your schedule too with your cuties!


  6. Definitely looking forward to following the BBG journey. I've been wanting to try

  7. Can't believe I missed this, great post! Can't wait for more of these posts in the future :)