Fall Wants

Fall Wants
sweater | poncho | bag
boots | bucket bag | lipstick | skirt
hat | jacket

Fall is in full swing over here which means I'm feeling more pressure to shop (ha, any excuse right!?) for the season. I'm a coat hoarder (recently got this and lovveee it!) but I'm still on the hunt for a trench. I love how chic and simple this one is, thinking it's a must have! This season is all about the bold lip so I want to step outside my comfort zone (nude lip all day) and go red! Mac has some great colors but I want to hear what you all love!



  1. Do both of you have this coat or just Brooke? What are both your thoughts on how it fits? Love it!

    1. We both do! Brooke has a small but said she definitely could of done an XS so I got it in XS!

  2. I love every single one of your fall-wants! Definitely have to buy a bucket bag for this season...
    xx Carina the golden avenue

  3. I love the style you both have! It's so approachable. Especially that poncho sweater, my fav

    x Tali


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