Any tips on packing for travel?
Meggan: Pack things that are easy to mix and match. A pair of skinny jeans, booties, white button down, a couple sweaters, tennis shoes (especially if you're doing a lot of walking!)
Brooke: I agree with Meggan - packing solid pieces that can easily be worn multiple times, multiple ways is the best thing you can do! I also plan one outfit (and one outfit only) per day of travel, and one extra dressier outfit - just in case. 

What are your favorite baby essentials:
Meggan: These velcro swaddle blankets saved us during bedtime and always helped calm Camden down when he had meltdowns - I wish I could still use them but he's rolling over now! Aden + Anais blankets are super soft,
Brooke: A swing is probably my number one baby essential! That, and a good sound machine are my top two (sort of) unexpected items that are essential for us. 

How old are you both?
Meggan: 26
Brooke: 27

What are your everyday makeup routines?
Meggan: My everyday makeup is really simple - primer, foundation, concealer, bronzerblush (favorites are Lovejoy, Orgasm, and Angelika) mascara. It takes no longer then 5 minutes!
Brooke: For everyday, I use primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush (breath of plum or gingerly), and fill in my brows. I don't wear mascara every day. 

Who are some of your favorite bloggers to follow?
There are so many we love, but the blogs we check daily are Cupcakes & Cashmere, Thrifts and Threads, Becki Owens, Amber Interiors, Lunchpails & LipstickLife With Me, The Honeybee, Sincerely Jules, Late Afternoon BlogGal Meets Glam, and Typical Domestic Babe (although she's taking currently some time with her precious babe). Some of our favorite food & fitness bloggers/Instagrammers are Skinny Taste, Fitgirlxtina, and goodhealthygoodvibes.

Boots worth the Splurge

sweater | jeans | jacket (similar) | sunglasses | boots | bag

I bought these boots last winter when I was pregnant (a little present to my preggo self) and seriously lived in them. Everyone always asks me if they are worth the splurge - YES!! The suede is buttery soft and the heel is comfortable to wear all day - unlike a couple other pairs of boots I've owned. They also make your legs look super thin which is a major plus in my book ;) I wish I could own them in every color! I am definitely conscious about where I wear them...no bars (not that I ever go out anymore, ha!) or tailgates obviously, I want to keep them in perfect condition! I know you've seen this sweater on repeat on SL. Brooke and I both have it and love it! It also comes in a long sleeve version if you want something a little warmer!

Sizing Reference:
sweater - xs (sized down)
boots - went half size down
jeans - tts


Avery 6 + 7 Month Update

We recently received this DockATot and looooove it - it is comfortable for Avery, and keeps her in one place as much as possible (before she starts crawling). She loves to lounge in this during the day and play with her toys. 

I can't believe Avery is almost 8 months old, it's seriously crazy! I know every mom always says this, but it's true...time needs to SLOW DOWN! Avery is still such a chill baby - she is content in her stroller all day while we are out and about, and rarely cries. She won't sleep in public (ha!), just like Sophia - I swear we could be out all day and she will not fall asleep in her stroller, but once we get in the car she's out. 

Height/Weight: Last time we were at the doctor, Avery was still in the 25% for weight, and 75% for height, but I don't know exactly where she's at now. We are heading to the doctor soon, so I'll update this! 

Sleep: Avery is sleeping through the night 100% (except the occasional fuss in the middle of the night), and it's glorious! She started sleeping all night at around 5-6 months, and it's the best thing that's ever happened. I was putting her to bed pretty late (around 10:30), because I was afraid if I didn't, she'd be waking up at 2 or 3am. I finally decided to push up her bedtime to 7-7:30, and ever since I did that, she's slept through the night. I highly recommend pushing up bedtime if you're finding yourself waking up your baby for a "final night feeding," it's sooo much better (at least in our case!). I lay her in her crib for naps & bedtime, and she falls asleep on her own (I started this "sleep training" method around 4-5 months), which is great. 

Eating: We started solids at 6 months - it was really difficult for her in the beginning. She didn't like any of the food or cereal I made her, but after a few days of working with her, she warmed up to it, and now meal time is her favorite! She throws her arms up and down when it's time to eat and starts grunting haha! ;) She's also much more interested in the food that I'm eating now when I'm around her. 

Clothing: Avery is wearing mostly 6-12 months, but some things are still a little too big for her. She's still in size 2 Pampers for diapers. 

- Avery has started rocking back & forth on all fours, she's getting ready to crawl 
- In the meantime, she's army crawling everywhere - she won't be in one place for long. 
- I purchased a jumpy seat, and she thinks it's just okay...I can leave her in there for about 15 minutes before she starts fussing . 
- Still no teeth! I thought for sure she would have at least one or two teeth by now, but nothing yet!
- We started solids at 6 months - she was not having it in the beginning, but she finally got the hang of it and loves her meals now! 
- She's definitely got a case of "stranger danger" and cries whenever someone she doesn't know says hi to her, haha! It makes me feel bad, and also a little embarrassed at the same time ;) 
- She's becoming attached to me, and wants to be held more than she used to...which I don't remember with Sophia at this age, but I'll take it...the time goes so quickly, I'm soaking up the snuggles while I can! 

Cargo Comeback

 sweater (sold out, similar) | pants c/o | bag | sunglasses | nails | pumps

A quick hello from NYC! These cargo pants are my new favorites. They look chic with a pair of pumps or you can dress them casual with some converse. My pumps are so comfortable (and that's coming from someone who never wears heels anymore!) and are a great staple. I need them in every color, seriously. I'm off to meet Brooke to do some shopping - love being in the city with her!


In The Stars

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend - we went to a Halloween Party and hung out as a family most of the weekend. We are getting ready to renovate our kitchen and bathrooms (I'm super excited but dreading it at the same time), so we spent a lot of time with contractors and looking at cabinet, counter, and appliance options. I love a good renovation, and I'll be so excited to say goodbye to our 90s kitchen, but I can't even imagine living in a construction zone without a kitchen for up to TWO MONTHS - is that normal?! I felt like I couldn't believe the timeline. Any tips? Here's what I wore to the Halloween party yesterday, have a good day babes! xx


1. I saw on Snapchat that you both use Shiseido eye cream, do you like it? Do you think it helps with dark circles or just moisturizing/wrinkle repair?
Brooke: I've only been using this eye cream for a week, and so far I really like it, but would need a bit more time to give a full review. I'm not sure if it works for dark circles, BUT I just purchased this color correcting serum for mine, and I really like it so far. It's not an eye cream that helps to improve dark circles, but a product that helps to color correct.
Meggan: I've been using it for almost a year now and really like it! It's an amazing moisturizer and it diminishes fine lines but doesn't help with dark circles. I will say my eyes do look brighter from using it though. This is the anti-dark circle product. I'm still looking for a eye product that does it all - wrinkles, moisturize, and dark circles. If anyone knows something that works, please let us know!

2. I need a good fuzzy robe for winter, and saw a cute one you posted on Snapchat - where is that from?
We both have Barefoot Dreams robes, and saying we're obsessed is an understatement. They are seriously the softest, most comfortable robes ever created - they also make loungewear and blankets and we're lusting after this one! They are a little bit pricier than other robes, but we promise they are worth the $$$! Put it on your Christmas list ;). 

3. How many kids do you each want? 
Brooke: I think 3. I definitely don't feel like I'm "done" with two, and would love to have another one...at least! ;)
Meggan: I want 3 and Kyle wants 4...so we will see! If we have another colicky baby we may be stopping there!

4. How do you girls keep your makeup organized?
Brooke: I use this GLAMbox to keep all of my makeup organized, but before I got it, my makeup was such a mess thrown in a makeup bag...it makes my life so much easier! They sell many different sizes - the one I have is pretty big and takes up a lot of counter space, so I'd recommend a smaller one if you don't have tons of makeup or don't have a lot of space.
Meggan: Unfortunately, mine is a huge mess. I have limited drawer and countertop space so my stuff is everywhere. #smallapartmentliving Lots of good ideas here!

5. Any tips for packing a hospital bag?
Pack it a few weeks before your due date so you aren't scrambling around when the time comes...it's the last thing you will want to think about! For yourself pack: socks, toiletries, comfortable going home outfit, nightgown, nursing bra, makeup, phone charger, camera. Also bring something that will help you relax...music, pillow/blanket, lavender oil, etc. For the baby pack: hat, onsies, swaddle blanket, carseat - they don't need much and the hospital provides a lot of essentials! Also don't forget your ID, insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need.

Keep sending your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com OR comment below! We love doing this series with you guys! xx

Hint of Emerald

sweater | hat c/o | jacket c/o | bag | jeans | pumps 

Since I've been back from San Diego it's been all about layers. I recently picked up this sweater at F21 and it's already a staple. Can't beat a $28 sweater...might have to buy it in burgundy too! I got this jacket last year from Lookbook Store and it really is one of the best jackets I've owned. The detailing is cool (love the quilted shoulders) and it's 100% sheepskin. If  you don't own a lack of color hat you need one in your life. The whole collection is #onpoint. They're also sold on Revolve (free shipping!) and PacSun. Okay, I'm off to Starbucks (how shocking) to get my fix! I posted this on Snapchat but, we stopped swaddling Camden two nights ago which means we've been getting extra wakeup calls. I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his crib the first night because I was so sick of getting in and out of bed! I can feel the bags under my eyes ;)


sizing reference:
sweater - small
jeans - 25 true to size
jacket - small
fedora - 58 cm (medium)
pumps - true to size

Favorite Beauty Products on Sale

bronzer | recovery cream | face lotion | eye cream | eyebrow pencil
lip gloss | eye brightener | perfume | lip balm | contour kit

One thing I check daily are the items Nordstrom price matches (I love a good sale!) and right now SO many of our favorite makeup and skincare products are 10% off or more! Whenever the products I use are on sale, I stock up to save money in the long run. I've been using the eye cream, face lotion and recovery cream forever and LOVE all 3! Not sure when the price matching ends so if you want something I would buy it asap!

P.S - I know it's hard to believe but the holiday's are right around the corner and these would be great stocking stuffers ;)


Our Favorite Nude Lipsticks

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is, "What color is that lipstick?!" and it's almost always a nude color (our favorite). SO, we've rounded up our favorite nude lipsticks for you guys - enjoy! If you have any favorites that we need to try, PLEASE leave a comment letting us know the color...you can never have too many nudes, right? 
 This is definitely one of my all-time favorites...Naked Dolly with Subculture liner. 
 This is also one of my all-time favorites...so creamy and smooth: Cruising.
Honey Love & Boldly Bare
 Amaretto Swirl (super creamy + moisturizing) / Spiced Rose / Creme Cup 

Did we miss any 'must haves?' Please let us know! xx