Favorite Beauty Products on Sale

bronzer | recovery cream | face lotion | eye cream | eyebrow pencil
lip gloss | eye brightener | perfume | lip balm | contour kit

One thing I check daily are the items Nordstrom price matches (I love a good sale!) and right now SO many of our favorite makeup and skincare products are 10% off or more! Whenever the products I use are on sale, I stock up to save money in the long run. I've been using the eye cream, face lotion and recovery cream forever and LOVE all 3! Not sure when the price matching ends so if you want something I would buy it asap!

P.S - I know it's hard to believe but the holiday's are right around the corner and these would be great stocking stuffers ;)



  1. What are the colors of the gloss and lipstick you just posted on snapchat?! xx

    1. I have this (http://bit.ly/1KEI8TD) in nectar, bare baby, and and pink pop - love all three ;) And the lipstick is this (http://bit.ly/1Xm6jKW) in red armour! xx


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