Must Have Aviators

sunglasses | sweater (only $38!) | scarf | jeans | boots

Every time I walk into Nordstrom I get sucked into the sunglass section. They have a huge selection and of brands (my store even carries Celine - yaaasss!) and styles. I'm sure you can tell, but aviators are my favorite and go-to style. I have way too many pairs but that's okay because they all get worn. I fell in love with these Valentino's the second I put them on. They are SO light, it feels like you aren't even wearing sunglasses. I put these Ray-Bans (they are similar to the Valentino's) on my Christmas wish list - I'm loving the bold browline. I know a lot of people like to try on sunglasses before buying, but Nordstrom has free shipping + returns which makes it super easy! Below are a few more aviators I've been eyeing. No pun intended ;)

Huge thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! 


  1. Super chic! And I can't believe I'm saying this, but super jealous of your snow! :) Have a lovely week!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  2. So cute! Obsessed with the sunnies and your always perfect bun! Just saw your snap and loved your tan polish color, what color is it? xx

  3. Hello, beautiful post. Do you mind telling me your height? I just received this jacket in the small and medium from lookbook store today and both seemed very snug and very short in the arms. I am 5'8'' 135lbs, I just wanna make sure I'm ordering right for the next try, thanks so much!