1. My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and we need help finding a bedspread that isn't too masculine or too feminine. Where did you ladies find your bedspreads?
Brooke: We went through the exact same thing! We've had a few different duvet/quilt combos since we've been married, but we currently have this duvet from West Elm (they have a lot of great options!). I found a few more choices that are great for couples here, here, and here.
Meggan: We have this duvet in white...I think it's a little girly (oops!) but we have a masculine print above the bed (check snapchat to see!) so it balances it out, right?!

2. Meggan, where is your dark gray beanie from?
It's from Forever21 but I don't see it anymore - everything online goes so fast! This one is pretty similar and I also LOVE this!

3. Where are the tie-dye working leggings from you posted on Snapchat? Where do you ladies shop for workout clothes?
Meggan: They are by PRISMSPORT but it looks like they are sold out. They have so many unique and fun patterns - I love these snakeskin leggings and this marble pair! I wear a lot of Nike, the dri-FIT long sleeves are my favorite. I've never tried on Lululemon (I know, crazy right?) but I'm pretty sure Santa left some under the tree ;) I also like to browse Carbon38 for workout clothes...so much cute stuff, it's easy to get lost on it for hours!
Brooke: I love Zella workout pants, and I usually wear these simple tank tops from Target. I also have this pair of Lululemon pants that I really like, but they are so $$$, I can't bring myself to buy another pair...especially when I love Zella & they are half the price (however, they are probably my favorite if I had to choose!). 

4. Did you girls go to college? If so, where?
Brooke: I went to 3 different universities, and still managed to graduate in 4 years...miraculously ;). My freshman & half of sophomore year I went to Arizona State, then I transferred to Iowa for ONE semester lol, and finished at DePaul University in Chicago. I was missing the midwest when I transferred to Iowa, but wasn't happy there and missed living in a city, so DePaul was perfect - I loved going to school and graduating from there!
Meggan: I went to the University of Iowa! Can't wait for the Rose Bowl on New Years...is anyone going?!

5. Can you share a roundup of all of the recipes you share on Snapchat? Everything looks SO good! 
We were actually talking about this yesterday, and we're planning to add a "Tasty Tuesday" series to our blog if you guys are into it! Please, please let us know what you think! Would you like to see a recipe on the blog every week, or is that boring?! HELP! 

6. What could I wear to a holiday work party? 
We've rounded up some great options for a work party...nothing too over-the-top is key! You don't want to be "that one girl who wore......."


  1. Love the idea of tasty Tuesday's or having recipes on here every now and then!

  2. Yes to Tasty Tuesday!!! Quick, easy and healthy please. Crockpot/slow cooker meals are my go to now a days. I love skinny taste which I found through you guys-thank you for that. :)

    1. Yes - quick, easy, and healthy are what we strive for so that's perfect! xx Thanks love

  3. I love the idea of a Tasty Tuesday but maybe like every other week and not every week! I don't want less of your fashion content ;) But at the same time your food always looks so good and healthy!


  4. IOWA! I like the idea of tasty Tuesday, but definitely think maybe every other week!

  5. Yes it would be so awesome if you guys added recipes from Snapchat on your blog!! I'm always too slow to screenshot them!


  6. Yes to tasty Tuesday! I always forget to go back and screenshot or write them down!

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