Cozy Neutrals

Are you guys sick of these boots (free 2-day shipping!) yet? lol...we seriously wear them all the time. Probably time to get something else on rotation ;), but they look good with almost everything and they're comfortable, so we are wearing them as often as we can before the snow comes! I love the fringe on this sweater - I have so many H&M sweaters in my cart right now, and they're offering free shipping today with code: 3277 (order by Dec. 21 in order to get it delivered by Christmas Eve). I've been hit hard with a sore throat & cough, so I'm trying to recover before our guests get into town on Friday! I feel like I have so much to do and definitely no time to be sick - uhg! Hope you are all having a great week! xx



  1. I love that sweater, I have the one with fringe on the bottom from H&M, and now I might need this one too! Thank you for mixing affordable pieces in your wardrobe ladies! xo


  2. Adorable, love the beanie and sweater!


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