Friday Finds

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Happy Friday! I have a busy weekend ahead! Kyle and I are going to Book of Mormon tonight, hair appointment (chop chop!), baby shopping and a birthday party - that's a lot of this momma! Shopbop has been getting in lots and lots of cute spring gear in, my shopping cart grows by the day. If I only had the funds ;) There's actually a lot of affordable pieces...this dress is only $87 - a staple for spring and summer events. It would look adorable with these (or these!) sandals. I also came across this amazing sequin dress. Not sure where I would wear it but I need it in my life! xx


Wardrobe Planning: Buy Now, Wear Later

One thing I love to do at the end of the fall/winter season is stock up on staple pieces for the following year. I'll be the first to admit, I want to buy everything resort right now, but purchasing key sale pieces for next fall/winter is a great way to save money! The trick is to buy these pieces, and store them deep in your closet so you aren't tempted to wear them (pull them out next fall, and you have a brand new pair of boots for a LOT less than your friend just paid). Here are the items I recommend buying now, and wearing later.

- b o o t s - 

- l e a t h e r    j a c k e t - 

- c l a s s i c   p u m p s - 

- l e a t h e r    l e g g i n g s -

- c l a s s i c   c o a t - 

- c o z y   k n i t s - 

Baby Room Design

I've mentioned a few times now but I am in major nesting mode - all I want to do is organize, clean and decorate. We don't move in to our new apartment until May 1st so there's not much I can do besides shop for the babe! I put together a look for the room, I kept it pretty neutral so we won't have to buy new furniture for future kiddos. I plan on adding colors with wall art and bookshelf decor. I am addicted to Lulu & Georgia - so many cute home accessories! I linked some of my favorites below!
Lulu & Georgia Favorites

Downtown Blush

coat c/o | bag | denim c/o A Pea in the Pod (non-maternity version here) | sweater (on sale 50% off!) | tank | beanie | sunnies | booties 

Are you guys getting tired of my beanies yet? Truthfully, I am. But when it's been as cold as it has been, I have to wear a hat when we are walking around the city! We keep saying this but...hurry up spring (or at least any temperature above freezing). I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, and feel like this is really the "point of no return." I'm not feeling as great as I was (hello hip + back pain), I'm always trying to catch my breath, and to be totally honest... I feel like a whale - especially when trying to get out of bed, go up the stairs, or walk around the city on ice ;). I know things could be much worse, but this is just the way I'm currently feeling. I can't wait to get back into normal clothes, get some exercise, and start feeling back to myself. Hopefully I'm not the only one who feels this way towards the end of pregnancy!  
As you know, I've been living in this blush coat - I love the texture, and the color is even better in person. I waited so long to purchase this Proenza bag, and now I wish I would have pulled the trigger a long time ago - it's pretty much my go-to bag because the size is perfect and it's hands free, which is always necessary with a toddler in tow. I'm currently obsessed with this one for spring, and this is a great budget-friendly option (also love this color for spring). Hope you ladies are having a great week! xx 

Weekend + Yummy Power Smoothie

Happy Monday! I will definitely be treating myself to some Starbucks this AM. I stayed up late watching the Oscars with some friends but I was up all night with horrible back pain. I finally fell asleep sitting up...the perks of pregnancy ;) I can't complain too much though, besides the constant back pain I have been feeling great and the little guy feels like a ninja in there. Kyle and I love feeling him move around. Other then the Oscar party my weekend was pretty low key. Stopped at Nordstrom to buy myself a birthday present (oops!) and went to a bunch of home stores!
We move into our new apartment at the end of April so I've been on the hunt for furniture. I ordered this headboard from West Elm in stone. I got it on sale + 20% + free shipping! Can't beat that right? You can get free shipping today by using code LUCKYDAY - take advantage! I'm in major planning mode right now. Hoping to get a lot of baby furniture ordered this week. My mom offered to buy our crib (so sweet of her) so now we really have to narrow it down. Pottery Barn has so many cute ones - loving the Kendall and Harper. We were thinking about doing a grey one at first but now we're leaning toward white...a grey one could be more versatile for our future kiddos.
 Nail color is OPI don't bossa nova me around. Everyone always asks about these jeans. They are from Forever21 last year and are no longer available but I found some similar here and here.
23 week bump! Brooke and I both live in this top from Lululemon. Seriously so comfortable, pregnant or not ;)
Restocked my Mama Bee Belly Butter...LOVE this stuff! Praying it keeps those stretch marks away. So far so good!
Stopped at the puppy store...bad idea. I wanted to bring this guy home so bad! Guess we should get the baby thing down...then maybe a pup :)
I've been on a smoothie kick. I always eyeball the measurements but these are what I usually use!
-mixed berries
-greek yogurt
-1 tablespoon unsweetened soy protein powder
-water (or almond milk)

Spring Bags: Save, Invest, Splurge

Spring is coming (hopefully sooner than later), and that means it's time for a new bag...we'll use any excuse! Bags are definitely one of the items we splurge on, but that doesn't mean you can't find a great bag for (a lot) less. We've rounded up our favorite spring bags for a gal on any budget! Two of our "save" bags are even under $50 (this one and this one)! Skip a few Starbucks dates, and you've got enough to scoop up a great bag for spring.

save: one | two | three
invest: one | two | three
splurge: one | two | three

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Warm Weather Wishlist

It's the coldest day of the year in Chicago (in the negatives all day, woo!!) and I'm supposed to be on a flight to Cabo with Kyle and his family right now. I had to cancel my ticket due to work...major sadness over here. Instead of packing an actual suitcase, I packed a virtual one to show you ladies what I would be wearing during my vacay!

My Maternity Photos

A peek into my maternity photos snapped earlier in the week (37 weeks) - can't believe I'm officially "full term." So excited for the weeks ahead!

Hope you are having a great week! xx 

Caught in the Snow

jacket | booties | jeanssunglasses | bag | lipstick | lipliner

I've been having some serious luck in the jacket department at Forever21 lately. I bought the one pictured last week and I have this and this in my shopping cart - I am loving the high slits! They are lightweight and will be perfect for spring/summer. However I'm constantly hot (one of the perks of pregnancy, ha!) so the jacket is perfect for quick errand runs. My booties are by Topshop but they look designer! I want to invest in the Chloe Suzanna booties but I'm afraid the Chicago winters wouldn't treat them so nice, sigh. Maybe once I move to warmer weather! xx