Tips For Traveling With An Infant

Both of us have done quite a bit of traveling with our babies, and we get a lot of questions about what to pack, what is the best age to travel, and more! While some trips may be perfect, others may be a nightmare (we've experienced both), so overall you never really know how it's going to go...but you just have to prepare as well as you can, and don't stress out if things don't go exactly as expected. We've put together a list of "to-do's" when traveling with an infant. If there's anything we forgot, we'll be sure to update the list! xx 

1. Pack extras: Pack a change of clothes in your carry on (for baby AND you). As you know, accidents happen and it's definitely better to be over-prepared. We always pack these white onesies (they're cheap and they don't take up a lot of room), and an extra shirt for ourselves in our carry on. Obviously if it's winter, you'll need to plan accordingly, but for summer months, onesies should be the only change of clothes you'd need on board for baby. Infants don't really need entertainment on flights (that's more for 6 months +), but they do need extra blankets, diapers, bottles, wipes, pacifiers (if you use one) and burp cloths. We also bring bags to throw any dirty clothes/diapers in (dog-walking bags or grocery bags work well).
2. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! Traveling with small infants can be a little scary (for health reasons), but we've never had any issues - knock on wood! Be sure to pack an abundance of hand sanitizer to use throughout the flight as well as sanitizing wipes to wipe down any and everything you will be touching during the flight (seats, seat belts, tray tables, reading light/air, arm rests, window area, etc).
3. Feed during takeoff & landing: Hopefully your infant will sleep through the flight (all 3 of ours have slept for the majority of all flights as infants), but if their ears are hurting, it's important to get them to suck - on a bottle, pacifier, breast (if you are nursing), etc. We make sure our babes are either eating, or sucking on a pacifier during takeoff and landing, since that's when the pressure changes the most.
4. Bring your stroller or wear your baby - whichever you prefer. We always travel with our strollers since we will most-likely need them on the trip, but if you won't need one, wearing your baby is a great option (but more tiring). Strollers are also a great way to keep lurking (admiring) strangers away - just cover your baby with a breathable blanket, or canopy if your stroller has one. You are allowed to check your stroller at the gate for free just before boarding, so it's nice to be able to push your baby through the airport and wait with the stroller (it can also store lighter bags/diaper bag in the basket while you are getting to your gate).
5. Protect your baby gear: If you bring your stroller or car seat, bring a protective cover if you have one (for obvious reasons). We have car seat covers that protect the car seat when they load it under the plane (definitely recommend this).
6. Seat Situation: Your infant does NOT need his/her own seat on the plane unless it's an absolute must for you (or a reallllllly long flight). In our opinion, it's just a waste of money. In Brooke's experience, traveling with an infant under 6 months is the easiest time. This is a good time to pull out the carrier, so you are hands-free once you sit down on the plane. The Ergo or Solly are both great to travel with and also come in handy on the trip. If your baby is 6 months or older, you may consider purchasing a seat depending on the length of the flight and the temperament of your baby - you know best.

A couple other important tips:
- Bring birth certificate in case (or passport if traveling out of US)
- Be sure to notify the airline you will be traveling with a lap infant if you are not purchasing a seat for your baby. The infant must be on your ticket - most times you have to call to add your infant to the ticket.
-Bring your breast pump as a carry on in case your luggage gets lost. I (Meggan) exclusively pump so this is a must! If you have to pump on the plane make sure to wear a lose tank for easy access. I use this hooter hider and sit by a window for extra privacy!
1. Notify your hotel you will be traveling with an infant to ensure they have a crib/pack n' play for you to use on your stay (not all hotels provide cribs) if you are not able to pack one yourself.
2. Bring enough diapers/wipes for the entire trip if you aren't sure about purchasing them where you'll be traveling.
3. Pack dish soap (they sell travel-sized) and a bottle brush to wash bottles on your trip if necessary.
4. Download a 'white noise' app on your phone - this will help your babe stay asleep and drown out any noise that he/she may not be used to.
5. Sunscreen - there are a lot of guidelines when it comes to infants and sunscreens, but we've used organic on our infants and all has been fine! Do your research, and decide what works best for you.
6. Bring a First Aid Kit or assemble one yourself for any unexpected accidents.

Any questions we missed? Be sure to ask and we'll do our best to help you out! Happy weekend babes! xx 

Most Wanted Sandals: All Under $100

Morning! I'm cozied up on the couch with the baby catching up on emails and all that fun stuff. We spent the last few days on a mini vacay at grandma and grandpa's (who were missing so much already!) so now it's back to reality! I've honestly been in tennis shoes most of the summer - it's the comfiest option for running around with a baby - but I want to add a couple pairs of sandals to my collection before summer is over! 

Summer Nights At The Beach

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to the beach after Sophia had been begging us all day to go to the ocean (ever since our Miami trip, she is obsessed with the beach and ocean). The beaches in New York are crazy busy when the weather is nice, so we decided to wait until early evening when a lot of people pack up and head home which was the best idea we've had in a long time ;). We had such a great night - Sophia loved playing in the water, we got to watch the sun set, and it was nice to get out of our normal nightly routine. I'm usually the one snapping pics of Chad with the girls, so I love having these photos! Hope you're having a great week! xx 
cover up (ON SALE! wearing a small), also love this one | hat | necklace (more affordable version here) | céline sunglasses (similar under $50 here

Camden's Newborn Photos

I'm a little late on posting Camden's newborn pictures but better late than never, right?! My friends gifted me this photo session which I'm so thankful for because the pictures turned out amazing - seriously one of the sweetest gifts ever! Sarah (Feather Print Photography) came over and snapped these precious pictures - I highly recommend her. She was so good with the baby and was soooo patient while repositioning him and waiting for him to calm down after he had a minor melt down :) I really can't believe these were taken 5 weeks ago, it's crazy how much they change and grow.
I love the shots of his little toes and fingers...I wish they could stay that small forever. I'm planning on doing a post with our favorite baby products and a little update on how mommy-hood is going! xx

Self Improvement: 5 Things I Need To Work On

Let's get real...there are a lot of things I need to do better, and as a big believer in self-improvement, I'm going to share 5 of them with you today. It's easy to make excuses as to why "things are the way they are," but it's better to make an effort to change them than to let them get stale and become a negative part of your life. I'm always reading that you are much more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, so here we gooooo! 

1. Cleaning + Laundry
OKAY, people. I hope I'm not the only one with this on my list. This is definitely my number one because it's what I struggle with the most on a daily basis. I always think I have more time in the day than I do (aka I put off cleaning/laundry until the last minute), and somehow I can't seem to keep up with everything. Having two kids in the house definitely doesn't help...when I'm cleaning, I feel like my 2-year-old is following me around just making a mess right behind me ;)...can anyone relate? This video is my life. My hubs and I don't have many disagreements, but this is one thing I can say drives him cray-zay (however, he is not exactly a huge help cleaning up after himself LOL)! Now, there is a difference between "dirty" and "messy." I'm definitely NOT dirty - I never leave dirty dishes in the sink/on the counter, always have clean towels, and never leave food (or anything that you would consider dirty) out. My problems consist more of letting the laundry basket overflow, leaving clothes on the floor from the night before, and letting my clutter take over (mail, magazines, baby items, etc). Also, my closet is a disaster. Every day, I DO make my bed, and have everything neat & tidy by the time my husband gets home from work...but it's a struggle, and I could definitely do better than I do (aka the 30-minute tornado clean up). I'm SO envious of neat and tidy people! I recently saw this list from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and number 8 is genius - this is definitely my #1 goal at the moment! 

2. Unplug
I'm so guilty of being addicted to technology. Especially as a blogger, there are so many different social outlets to keep up with (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter...) that it's hard to put. the. phone. down. But this is definitely something I want to focus on, especially while my girls are young - I want to spend time doing things I enjoy, and actually enjoy them more rather than feel pressured to "get the perfect shot" to share with everyone. This one will be hard for me, because I love photography, and love to document my daily life, but I'm going to start small, and spend 2 hours a day away from anything tech - no phone, no computer, no TV. This may not sound like much, but I probably don't go more than 45 minutes to an hour without looking at my phone. 

3. Plan More Kid-Friendly Activities
I'm with my girls on a daily basis, but it's easy to fall into a routine that doesn't necessarily challenge them (really, Sophia since Avery is only 4 months), and Sophia doesn't start school until September. I want to be realistic about this, so I'm going to start by planning ONE extra kid-friendly activity per week. We always jam-pack the weekends with activities, but I think it's important to do more during the week as well. There are moms who are always on the go, attending class after class with their kids, but honestly that's just not me, and probably never will be (right now we do one ballet/gymnastics class). But, I can definitely commit to planning one additional activity/outing each week. Any ideas for me?! I'm going to create a bucket list for the rest of summer, and my goal is to check each item off before preschool starts! 

4. Live a Healthy Lifestyle
We have a big health-related post coming up, but this is definitely something I struggle with. I know how to eat clean, I know how to work out, and I enjoy both...sometimes. My problem, like many, is that I fall off the wagon when anything shifts my schedule in the slightest. I'm trying to keep my eating 80% healthy, but weekends are definitely a struggle for me. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app, and it definitely helps, but I really need to  get it together, and make time for health/fitness daily. It's not that hard, it's just about creating a plan. Stay tuned for an update...

5. Rest
My days are typically 6:00am - 10:15pm - Avery eats around 9:30-10pm and is just starting to sleep through the night (sadly, not every night lol), so by the time 10:15 rolls around, I feel like I have some "me" time. I take that time to browse blogs, Instagram, read the news, catch up on DVR'd shows, etc, but I really need to be resting. I wake up every morning feeling "SO TIRED," but it's my own fault. I want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day instead of feeling like I need a gallon of coffee just to get out of my pajamas. I'm going to strive for a nightly routine that goes something like this...put Avery to bed, put pajamas on, wash face + brush teeth, read for 20-30 minutes (reading books should also be on this list!), and go to bed. I think this will help me feel so much better - right now I'm falling asleep between 12:00 - 12:30am with the occasional 3-4am wake-up call from Avery, and that's just not enough sleep. More sleep = happier & healthier!

Anyone with me on any of these?! 

The Chic Trend Every Stylish Girl Is Wearing Right Now

My Nordstrom Sale Picks

I ran to Nordstrom last night to get a gift for someone and obviously had to check out the sale. I didn't have much time to try things on and being 5 weeks postpartum, clothes are still a little snug but a few things caught my eye! Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. has been under construction and everything is crowded together - I personally cannot shop when it's snug so I'm ordering all my favorites online! Plus is there anything better then pouring a glass of wine and doing some late night online shopping?
 Coats, jackets and vests are my favorites to buy next to shoes. This shearling vest is a must-have for fall! Wearing a small.
 Love the collar on this moto jacket! Wearing a small.
 This teddy bear coat is soooo soft and cozy. It's not that bulky and I didn't feel like I was swimming in it like other ones I've tried. Wearing an XS.
Neither of these sunnies are on sale but I'm itching for a new pair! These are both by Celine - the bottom pair are my favs.
Love this hunter green peacoat - casual, classic and it's only $38!

These relaxed AG jeans look super comfortable and I love the wash!

I've had my eye on fringe heels all summer. This pair is killer and marked down to $87 #yesplease

I saw this faux fur vest in store and it's super cute! The fit is boxy which makes it look a little edgier.

If I could, I would wear this striped two piece all day erryday. Soooo cute!

Can't go wrong with buying a basic blouse (especially when it's $28). I'm snagging this in ivory and olive!

Love, love, love this hobo bag. It goes back up to $1000 after the sale!

This poncho screams fall and is officially on my need list. Cashmere and heather grey, my favorite combo!

WHYYYY does this coat have to be so expensive?! I need to find a look-a-like asap! 

Definitely stocking up on these basics: side slit tee, long sleeve crewneck, stripe tee.

These Dolce Vita booties come in three colors (black, taupe, charcoal) and are on sale for $85. Definitely a staple!

Prices go up August 3rd, don't miss out!