1. How do you ladies apply your foundation?
We both use this beauty blender - a lot of people don't realize that you have to get it wet (run water over it and squeeze continually until it's completely saturated - it should double in size), and wring it out once in a clean towel. It should be very damp when you apply your foundation - that will give you the most flawless coverage. We've also seen some of our favorite youtuber's using this brush and really want to give it a try! 

2. What are some of your favorite pairs of distressed denim jeans that don't break the bank?
Meggan: I have this pair of BlankNYC denim and love them! They're under $100 and the quality and fit are great. I want to order a few more pairs from them - I love this pair and this pair.
Brooke: I've purchased both expensive & inexpensive distressed denim, and my favorite pair is from One Teaspoon. They aren't cheap, but they aren't outrageously expensive either, and I've had mine for a few years, so I think they're worth the price. 

3. Where do you shop for the majority of your summer clothes? And what are good splurges for summer?
Brooke: I love Revolve & Shopbop for summer clothes - they always have the best pieces, but I also head to H&M, Zara & Forever 21 for trendier pieces that I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on. I think good splurges for summer are: denim cutoffs (obsessed with these) - if you buy a nice pair, they will last you a few summers, a great pair of wedges (we both snagged this pair for summer), and a jacket that can go with any outfit.
Meggan: I love Revolve for summer clothes! They have the best selection of rompers which I pretty much live in during the summer (love this one and this!). I splurge on summer basics that I can wore over and over again - shoes, maxi dresses, midi dresses, rompers and shorts. I also head to Forever21 (they have the best coverups - want this!) and H&M for trendy pieces.

4. I'm looking for a taupe handbag, nothing too trendy or expensive...any suggestions? 
We've rounded up a few options for you: kind of obsessed with this one, this one looks much more expensive than it is, and while this bag is more of a camel color, it's such a classic and only $60!

5. I'm looking for some dresses that have easy access for nursing/pumping, but can't find any that are fashion-forward, please help! 
A wrap dress is a great way to go - easy access & always flattering, it doesn't get much easier than a strapless dress, and a halter is another great option.

6. I recently got engaged and am considering a destination wedding (possibly Cabo). Meggan, do you have any tips on destination weddings? What are your plans for the big day?
I honestly haven't done anything for it yet because we aren't getting married until June of 2017 - so I have awhile! I did hire a wedding planner (Amy Abbott Weddings) and went down to look at venues! You definitely don't have to go down to look at venues. My wedding planner said she works exclusively with people via phone and email all the time.

7. How can I style lace-up sandals in the summer (other than with jeans)? 
Lace-up sandals look great with high-low dresses (obsessed with this one), rompers, and cutoff jeans & an oversized tee for a more casual look! 

8. What size did you guys order in your TRIANGL bikinis? 
We both ordered a small top & small bottom.

9. I moved to California from Chicago about a year ago, and am struggling to build my wardrobe. I either dress way too warm, or I'm cold because I didn't layer properly. Any tips on starting with basics and building a wardrobe appropriate for SoCal?
Brooke: I was right there with you when I lived in California - I moved there from Chicago and didn't want to get rid of my winter wardrobe, but quickly realized I didn't have the right pieces for a California "winter." I think some great pieces to have for layering are tanks, henleys, a good chambray shirt (just got this one and love it), cardigans, a denim jacketa leather jacket, and some lightweight scarves. Those pieces should give you a pretty good base, along with some of your cooler weather coats on the (very few) days it gets cold enough!

10. Brooke, where is the rug in your foyer from? Where are your favorite places to go for home inspo & what stores do you go to for home decor?
The rug is a recent purchase from @kayakilims on Instagram - view her website here, she has the best vintage rugs! I look to my favorite designers (Amber Lewis, Becki Owens & Nicole Davis are my top 3) for home inspo as well as blogs like My Domain. My favorite places to shop for home decor are West Elm, Restoration Hardware, CB2, Jayson Home, and One Kings Lane.

11. Can you ladies please post some outfits that are geared towards girl's night out, date night, and looks that can go from work (not formal) to happy hour? 
Sure! We will certainly keep these ideas in mind for upcoming outfit or style posts, thanks for the suggestion!

*As always, please leave your questions for next week's #coffeetalk post in the comments below OR email us! Have a great weekend babes! xx 


  1. Thanks for the great style tips for California weather! :)

  2. Brooke, a few months ago you posted (I think on Instagram) about going to precision brows. I've heard of her and live fairly close so I've been thinking about having it done. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you are still happy with it.

    Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for the beauty blender recommendation! Brooke you did a snap a little while ago about those annoying baby hairs that stick up. I'm assuming you got them after your last baby. I just had a baby three months ago and I have little hairs all over but especially around my hairline. Any tips for taming them?

  4. I love these posts - Thank you all so much for always having the best suggestions! A question I have for next week - I have been splurging on some great suede boots, booties, flats, etc., and was wondering if you all "spray your suede?" If so, what products do you find that work best and is there a certain technique you use so that they don't get spotty?

  5. I love the coffee talk posts and learning more about your babes and home lives!

    What do your husband/fiances do for a living?

  6. I'm getting married this year and also have a few girlfriends that will be tying the knot. Do you have suggestions for what to wear as a guest to a bachelorette party, and also what to wear when you're the bachelorette? I'd love to see your suggestions!

  7. Love your posts!!!! Question for next week. I have an upcoming trip and am thinking about doing a binkini wax - yay or nay?

  8. Thank you for your coffee talks !! They are great. I really enjoy reading them!! A question to you both as mom's. What do you feed your babies with? What follow up formulas brands did you use after you finished breastfeeding ? Are you cooking for your babies? What are your favourite recepies for introducing solids? Would be great if you could share as you are both such healthy and beautiful mums would be great ti know your tips! Thanks

    1. Awwww thank you Elena!! We will definitely add those questions for next week ;) xoxo

  9. Thanks for the taupe handbag recs! Really love the Vince one :)
    I have a fitness question. What type of exercises do you ladies like to do to tone your upper back?

    1. We will answer this on Monday! We are doing a fitness post ;) xoxo

  10. Can you share some ideas of how you style your sneakers (when not at the gym)? I love the idea of the liquid leggings...or even just regular leggings, but am stumped for how to pull the look together on top. Thanks!

  11. I'm in need of some new neutral summer sandals in white and/or beige to wear with summer sundresses. Do you girls have any suggestions?

  12. Meggan where are your bar stools from?
    Also, I am in need of some casual/comfortable maternity dresses for my upcoming trip to CA/summer..help!

  13. Meggan- where is the LOVE necklace from that you always wear?

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