My HIIT Routine + Clean Recipe Ideas

Hi guys! I'm so excited to finally share my fitness routine with you! I have a lot to share so I decided to do a mini series over the next month or so. Each post I'll share my routines (arms, legs, abs, etc) and a few healthy (and easy!) meals I like to make.
I've been working hard to get back in shape the last month and a half and let me tell's not as easy as it used to be! I miss the college days when I could work out for a week and be ripped, ha! I really fell off the bandwagon the last couple years. It started with a new job which required long hours, then Kyle and I started dating which meant lots of eating out and boozy dates. Then I was pregnant (definitely wasn't going to start then), and all the sudden it was the holiday's and we all know how that goes. Working out wasn't on my priority list so like all the other NYE resolutioner's (is that a word?), I decided January 1st I was going to change!
Sports bra and leggings are by Prismsport - love their gear!

I've had a few of you ask if I started working out right after I had Camden. The answer is no (I was way too tired to even think about it!). I signed up for the gym when Camden was 4 months old (that's when I felt comfortable bringing him to the daycare) but I wasn't doing hard workouts. I would power walk on the treadmill and if I was feeling real crazy, I'd do the stair master. Now when I go to the gym I make it count. 

HIIT Routine (35 minutes):
I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) 3-4 times a week before I do weights. When I first started doing, I wasn't running at this speed - definitely start at a comfortable pace and work your way up. I like doing 45 second-1 minute intervals, but you can do longer or shorter if you want! 
Clean + Easy recipes:
I've always been a pretty healthy eater but have definitely stepped it up a notch. I don't follow a specific diet or cut out any foods (that would be setting myself up for failure!). I eat protein and plant based meals and try to go low carb.
Ground turkey (I add red pepper flakes and a little garlic salt) on a bed of spinach with homemade pico, steamed broccoli and whole grain rice/quinoa mix. This is super clean and easy to make! I usually throw some avocado in too!
 Roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos. These are! Recipe here.
Baked chicken with sautéed onions/peppers + salsa verde + avocado (duh). Sometimes I mix this with lettuce to make fajita salad!

Favorite Workout Gear:

Let me know if you guys have any questions! Next post I plan on doing my arm and ab routine. xx


  1. you look awesome girl! I've just started working out again last month, so I'm definitely saving your routine to try too! Have you tried Fabletics for outfits? So far, super cute stuff the last two months. Getting new workout gear keeps me motivated haha ;) keep up the amazing work mama!!! xx

  2. You look great girl! So excited for this series! I need to step up my game and always love others input!

  3. Yay, excited for your workout and recipe updates. I love watching your snaps of the food that you're cooking. I've tried a few recipes like the ramen stir fry - DELISH!

    BTW, for coffee talk can you share tips for getting ready for NYFW. :)

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  4. hi! you look amazing. i'm so excited for this new series. although i am pretty good about making it to gym, i feel like i'm a rut with my routine. i usually end up running intervals for 20 minutes (similar to your routine) and then doing a few ab exercises. i am trying to get more into lifting for toning (without adding bulk) - i am looking forward to your workouts! would also love some insight on how you schedule your workouts - such as certain body parts per day, and whether you stick to the same schedule per week!


  5. Gosh you look amazing! Definitely so motivating. Also, all of those meals look freakin' delish!

  6. You guys are naturally thin. These post are a joke.

  7. You look great! That meal looks delicious. I love all the fitness inspo as well!

  8. Love it all and especially the workout gear. I'm in a lulu rut right now!

  9. You look great! I love these posts because I am always looking for healthy/clean meal ideas. I feel like I get caught in a rut sometimes and end up buying the same things over and over at the grocery store.

  10. You look incredible, I can't believe you've had a baby in that super smooth torso! I have no excuses now, haha :)

    Becky | accoohtrements life, travel & design blog

  11. I started training just one week ago so thank you for great tips and inspiration that i can do it too.
    And that meals look delicious!!

  12. Are you using a treadmill at the gym, or at home? I am looking for a home treadmill, and would love a recommendation!

    1. This is Brooke - I know Meggan uses a treadmill at the gym, but I wanted to reply because we have a treadmill at home and when I was trying to find one, I felt so overwhelmed. We ended up getting a Precor Treadmill from a pre-owned store. They are the ones you would find at a high-end gym (that's where most of them come from - expensive clubs have to have new equipment every few years, so they sell it to these types of places), but cost around $10K new. I was realllly against the idea of getting one that was used, because I was nervous it would break, but finally said okay. I can't remember what we paid, but it was comp to purchasing a new treadmill of a (much) lower quality. We've had it for over a year, and it is amazing, I'm so happy we went that route. It was like brand new (they replace the tread and the screen so it looks new when it arrives). Just had to chime in, it's definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking for a treadmill! xx

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