In My Home: Styled Shelves

As I mentioned in my fireplace before & after post, we added built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace, and I finally have them styled. I don't feel like they're completely done, or exactly how I want, but wanted to share what they look like right now with you!
 I love these marble bookends, wood shapes, and hourglass together - I've always wanted an hourglass and love the navy sand in this one. 
I've been wanting these stools since they first came out, and finally pulled the trigger during a recent sale. This stool is a great budget-friendly option as well, the look is almost identical! 



  1. Your shelves look fabulous!! I love the different bookends that you used and those stools are everything!! xoxo

  2. looks amazing! we are having built-ins added as I type in our home office. Can't wait to style them!

  3. Love built ins! You have great stuff but you might just have too much! Less is more of a statement in my book.

  4. Wow, I love this home decor vibe. The rock/stone book ends are my favorite part of the ensemble. Glad you got those stools on sale. Those look like they will last a long time.


  5. Tom Ford book is in my cart. Love this all!!
    Becky xx


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