I lost my Super flattop sunnies a couple weeks ago (still SO mad about it, ugh!) and decided to upgrade to these Celines. I've been obsessed with Brooke's forever and now I won't have to lust after hers anymore ;) This jacket (wearing size XS) doubles as a dress and it's super chic. You will see me wearing it a lot!
jacket | tee | bag | sunglasses | jeans | bracelet c/o | necklace c/o 

I pretty much wore this outfit right out of the store. Went in with my workout clothes, came out with this! Sorry for the messy fitting room pic ;). This jacket can double as a dress which I love.
jacket (wearing size 4) | jeans (true to size & slimming!) | tank | booties 

I love this bomber because it's a little different then the other ones I have been seeing. It's a dark olive green and perforated - perfect mix of edgy and cool! 
jacket (wearing US 4) | tee | jeans | nail polish

I purchased this jacket last year, and wear it all the time! It's definitely worth the $$ - I bought about 4 less inexpensive versions trying to find one I like, but I should have just purchased this one first (buy once, cry once!). I found this tee for $10, and it's great! These leggings are hands-down the best faux leather leggings ever and ALL SIZES WERE JUST RESTOCKED! Finally! Do yourself a favor and buy them before they sell out (they are always sold out!). 
jacket (wearing XS) | tee (only $10! wearing a M) | leggings (all sizes just restocked! wearing XS) | sneakers  


  1. Love the bomber jacket!

  2. Love the sunglasses! Great choice!

    Paula- www.livingpaula.com

  3. I need those leather leggings, they are always sold out when I look for them! Going to buy NOW, thank you!

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  5. How do the leggings fit/what size did you get? The only size available is a medium and am wondering if I can get away with it (was hoping to get the small). Is it like their shapewear, fitting smaller so it sucks everything in?