Cold Weather Favorites

Happy Halloween! I'm going to need about a zillion cups of coffee to get through the day. I was in my friends wedding this weekend and I am still hurting today. Luckily my mom is here to help with Camden. He had so much fun spending the weekend with her and was hardly excited to see me when I got home yesterday, HA! Such a stinker ;) She leaves tonight but we are going to do a little shopping and bring Cam trick-or-treating in Lincoln Park! Speaking of guys may remmeber from a couple weeks ago when I was snapping from the new Nordstrom Last Chance store in Lombard. The grand opening was October 20th but I got to go a few days early to check it out and let me tell you, it did not dissapoint! I couldn't believe the items they had for such LOW prices. 
My two favorites finds were this infinity scarf (it was seriously $5) and these Hunter boots. I couldn't believe all the Hunter's - they had so many colors and in all sizes. I had a hard time picking but decided to go with classic black (shocker!). I also got a few sweaters, a Patagonia zip-up (only $22!), shoes for Camden, and some baby gifts for my friend. Camden was starting to get antsy in the stroller so I had to cut my shopping time short but I could of browsed for hours. I saw Burberry scarves, Valentino shoes, North Face jackets, Phillip Lim handbags and so much more!

Use this store locater to find the closest Nordstrom Last Chance closest to you! If you girls live in Chicago - the Lombard location only took 20ish minutes to get to. Happy shopping ;)

More cold weather necessities...

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Weekend Deals

Our favorite OTK boots (in gray) just went 30% off - true to size. 

This off the shoulder, bell sleeve bodysuit is so good and on sale until tonight!

Obsessed with these Nikes! The color is sooo good!

Just added this tee in all 3 colors to my cart - it's 68% off!

How cute is this Free People sweater? Love the fringe and the two colors it comes in. Currently 25% off!

These jeans just went on sale for under $50 & have great reviews! 

This bomber is so cute and currently 50% off! 

Buy one get one 50% off all sweaters

Love this sweater (in gray an black), this one, and this one

We loooove PTR products, and this set is suuuch a great deal for $44!

Such a cute cold shoulder top. Under $100!



How is it already Friday again and already almost November?! The weeks are flyyyying by! We thought we would do a quick recap of what #coffeetalk Friday is for all of our new readers. Each week, we answer questions from you (our readers)! You can either email us with a question you want answered for next week (be sure to put #coffeetalk in the subject b/c that's how we find the questions in our sea of emails), or leave your question for next week in the comments on THIS POST below. We try to answer every question each week! xx

1. How do you guys store your sweaters for fall/winter? Folded or on hangers?
Meggan: I do both. I fold the thick ones (so they don't lose their shape) and hang thin ones. I'm probably late to the party but I just switched to huggable hangers and they are life changing! No more clothes all over the closet floor!
Brooke: I hang mine - if I try to keep anything folded, it just turns into a hot mess! I feel like I can see everything better when it's hanging. I use these hangers (gentle on your clothes and they don't slip off)!

2. Brooke, where did you get married in California? I just got engaged and LOVE your wedding photos - the venue looks gorgeous!
We got married at a private estate - Maison de Oliviers. I'm not sure if people actually live there or they just rent it out as a wedding venue, but I loved it! There were no other brides running into me on the same day (until we got back to the hotel that night lol), the ceremony and reception were on the same grounds so it was easy for guests, and it was really private. If you're looking to get married in Southern California, I would highly recommend it!

3. What are your favorite nude lipsticks?
Brooke: I think nudes are different for everyone - Meggan's faves look SO good on her, but make me look like a this (lol!), because my lips don't have much pigment. I need more brown or pink undertones to get a nude look. My favorites from NARS are "cruising" and "rosecliff" (just bought this one last week and I'm obsessed), from  MAC - "faux" and "creme cup", and drugstore faves are Rimmel #14, and Milani matte naked - both of these are SO good and worth trying!
Meggan: My go-to's are both by Mac - "pure zen" and "myth" and I am dying at Brooke's comment because I have looked like that a work Christmas party. I don't know why I felt the need to apply lipstick every 10 minutes (probably too much champagne) but I finally looked in a mirror and about dropped to the floor. I looked exactly like that picture!! People we're probably like OMG! 

4. I'm getting married in Mexico next year and need some staples for the trip. Swimwear, swimwraps, dress, and a hat!
This one piece swimsuit is pretty and love this bikini. If you want a basic white suit (every destination bride needs one!) this one is perfect. I ordered this coverup for my wedding and also really like this one. We both have this Janessa Leone hat and love it. It's a bit of a splurge but it's worth it!

5. Meggan, my daughter (4) and I are going to Chicago in November for a little mother/daughter time. Can you recommend some fun places to take her and good places to eat with her? She has already requested the American Girl store but any recommendations would be appreciated!
The Shedd Aquarium is fun, Millennium Park to see The Bean (and there's an ice skating rink), the Skydeck in the Willis Tower and there's a Children's Museum at Navy Pier. Definitely take her to get some deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati's is my favorite), Grand Luxe Cafe, and The Original Pancake House are all good spots for kids!

6. Will both go over what you typically eat in a day? You guys did it one time and I loved it!
So glad you like that post since we don't typically do them! We will do another one soon - stay tuned,  you can see the one from August here!

7. Can you share how you started your blog, day-to-day blogging schedule, and any tips you have on starting your own blog?
We both had our own blogs (separately) before deciding to join forces and start Somewhere, Lately. Our day-to-day schedule is different every day, but we spend our days writing blog posts, editing photos, answering emails, reviewing contracts, and occasionally attending events or in-person meetings (these are a bit more difficult b/c we're both full-time moms as well). Tips we have when starting your own blog are: hire a designer for your website, be authentic (don't try to be anyone other than yourself!), and post consistently with good, clear imagery!

8. I am an event coordinator with a big wedding on NYE - I'm a doer and not a glam event coordinator so I'm very active. I need a dress that is fun, professional, and functional (pockets?). Any ideas?
This dress (love the cap sleeve) is pretty and has pockets! These two don't have pockets but love the color and embellishments on this one and this one is stunning (might order it for myself)!

9. I am going on a beach vacation to Aruba in November for Thanksgiving. I would like to get a few new dresses/outfits but having a hard time finding "summery" things now that we are into the fall. Do you have any suggestions?
Revolve has a lot of summer pieces - some are new season and a lot are on sale! Love this smocked dressthis top (would be cute for dinner), this shirt dress, and this one too. ASOS has a vacation section too...a lot of cute dresses, swimwear, sandals, and coverups.

10. What are your thoughts on the Apple watch? Trying to debate if I would use it much!
Meggan: I want one but I feel the same as you. I think it would be SO convenient and better then having to pull your phone out all the time!
Brooke: I think they are awesome, but know I probably wouldn't use it often? And I feel like they will keep coming out with newer versions which is frustrating when you spend a lot, then feel like you have to keep upgrading lol.

11. I have a friends outdoor wedding in Colorado in January and she is not having the traditional bridesmaids but would love for her friends/family to wear dresses in similar colors for photographs. I would love any suggestions for dresses in gold, silver, or seafoam!
We like this one in gold, this dress with a faux fur coat, this dress, and this one (with a faux fur coat).

12. Suggestions for a cute winter coat? Maybe a down or puffer?
These two (here and here) are super cute, look warm, and under $200! If you want to splurge we both love our Canada Goose jackets...they keep you SO warm.

13. I would love your guys ideas for outfits to pack that are super versatile. I'm leaving for my honeymoon road trip up the PCH so I would like to be comfy for riding in the car/exploring but still cute :) weather will be 60ish!
A few things we would pack are this tunic (can be worn two ways and looks cozy), this sweater dress (can be worn in the car or throw some booties/heels on for dinner), this moto jacket (can be worn with sweats - see our looks here and here), and this top (classic and versatile). For shoes we would do a pair of booties and definitely a cute pair of sneakers.

14. I'm looking for a classic black trench coat. I already have a few from Michael Kors (love that style) but I don't want all of my coats to be the same.
This one is so cute, love this one (it's a duster), and this one is great too!

15. What kind of bra do you wear with a cami (lace, etc.) I feel like cups fall down or don't hold me up enough, strapless bras make me flat or also slide down, and every other bra with straps looks silly because the cami straps are so thin.
We either use these petals (one time use) or these silicon cups. Also if you're in the market for a strapless bra, this one is SO good. It doesn't fall down and it's actually comfortable.

16. Brooke - What are a few pieces from your registry that you actually use? Meggan - What did you register for and what are you most excited to get? On top of all of this - where did you guys register?
Brooke: I think nice pots & pans are a great thing to register (especially if you love to cook) because it's great to have a really nice set, but not necessarily something you want to buy yourself. I have this set and I love it so much and use it every day. Other items I use all the time are my disheswine glasses, and my silverware. Beyond that, there's nothing I feel I use daily. I registered at Bloomingdales, Crate & Barrel, and a local home store in Iowa. The items I would suggest registering for are big ticket items you don't want to purchase yourself, and leave the little things (vases, decorative objects) off the list - you can always get those later. Of course if there's something fun you really want, put it on your registry!
Meggan: I registered at Crate & Barrel and Macy's but haven't finished them yet. My sister-in-law just got married so she helped me register for things because I was too overwhelmed to do it on my own, lol. So far I did dishes, silverware (silver and gold), glasses, serving plates and bowls, coffee maker, kitchenaid mixer, and a lot of odds and ends like measuring cups (copper ones obviously!), cake plate, salsa bowls, etc. They have so many cool marble and copper items, I went a little crazy with them. Everyone needs a marble cake serving plate right?! And at Macy's I'm planning on registering for our linens, pots and pans and china.

17. I have been wanting to get into layering more. I.e. Vests and Cardigans, but always end up looking frumpy. Any outfit suggestions that look more put together and stylish? 
We think the key is don't go too oversized when it comes to layering. We love this vest for an athleisure look - wear a tighter shirt or jacket under to avoid looking frumpy. Also loving this vest for a dressier look. This cardigan is so cute and would look great with a tee or tank under, and we also love this one and this one.

18. I'm looking for a classic bomber jacket (not shiny, and not puffy), any suggestions?
This one is great - thin, not too shiny and comes in 3 colors, we looooove the embellishments on this one (not as classic but so good we had to add it!), and this one is another great option! 
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New In Our Closets

We haven't done a closet roundup in a while, so wanted to share some new pieces we've added for fall and winter! 

Love the color of this sweater! I got a small and it is slightly oversized but not too oversized ;)
I needed a new pair of coated denim and this pair from DL1961 is so great, I love! I went down one size and they fit perfectly. I paired them with this chambray shirt. Use code DLOCT16 for 30% off! 
Obsessed with the color & details of these booties
Obsessed with Lucy Paris maxi dress - the front is even better!
This is the softest sweater I own, hands down! I'm wearing it today, and it's soooo comfortable and not itchy at all. I'm so sad b/c I can't find it online, but it's from Lucy Paris
The sneaker obsession is real, and this embroidered pair was definitely a splurge but I love them and have been wearing them all the time. 
I wish you could feel how soft this button down is through the screen! I have this one too and the quality is amazing.
This off the shoulder sweater is so cute & budget friendly (under $30)! 
I posted these booties on the blog yesterday but wanted to share again because I love them so much.
I wore this cold shoulder sweater (from Bailey 44 - thank you!) for a date night recently - it's perfect for a night out because it's a little dressier. 
If you are looking for a pair of moto jeans these are perfecttttt! They are super soft and I love the zipper detail. Also, DL1961 is having a 30% off sale so don't miss out! Use code DLOCT16
Another black lace cami...this one is my favorite, it's from CamiNYC. They're having a sale today so be sure to check it out! This sweater is a budget-friendly find from Lulu*s. It's currently sold out, but you can add your email to get notified once it's back in stock. 
All about cozy cardigans lately. This one is currently on sale!
We're velvet obsessed, and I couldn't resist these burgundy booties! amazing is this pair in blush?! GAH!

Day at The Bean

We are soaking up our last weeks in Chicago and have a bucket list things we want to do (it's mostly places we need to eat lol!) before we leave. I'm getting so sad that our days are winding down here. There's so many things I will miss about here - the people, the parks, the food, the culture...pretty much everything but winter ;) Yesterday, we bundled up and brought Camden to The Bean since he's never been. He was amazed and probably a little confused lol but he seemed to enjoy it. He loved running under it and looking up at his reflection. It's the little things!
I've been on the hunt for a collarless coat and was so happy when I found this one from Banana Republic. It's great for fall and transitioning into winter. It's not too thick so you can wear chunky knits under and not feel like a stuffed sausage ;) I went down a size (xs) and it fits perfectly. It also comes in green which is gorgeous!
I am obsessed with these booties! They passed the comfort test (walked around the entire park with no problem) and are soo cute! I might ask for them in nutmeg or olive for Christmas...orrrr maybe just buy them now because I don't know if I can wait ;)
That face - he looks like a man on a mission! It's so hard to get clear pictures of him now - all he wants to do is go go go!
Kyle is 6'5" and pretty slender so it can be hard to find jackets and tops that are long enough or aren't boxy. We go through a lot of returns when we shop for him so we were super stoked when everything we ordered from BR fit!
On me: coat (on sale!) | sweater | jeans | bag | sunglasses | booties
On him: coat | sweater | pants | sneakers

Before we leave we are planning on going to the top of the Sears Tower (Kyle has never been!), a cooking class at the chopping block, getting a drink where we had our first date, and bringing Camden to the LP zoo one last time. And of course going on a food tour of all our favorite restaurants. Anything else you think we should hit up?
More favorites from Banana Republic...
In collaboration with Banana Republic

Our Skincare Routines

We've had a lot of requests for an updated skin care routine, and we promised it on #coffeetalk a few weeks ago, so here it is! We are obsessed with skincare and always trying new products, so our routine is ever-changing...but here's what our routines currently look like!

Meggan's Night Routine:
Step 1: I remove my makeup with this Clinique cleansing balm. It literally melts your makeup off, I can't live without it. I also just got this one by IT Cosmetics and can't wait to try - it has pretty amazing reviews!
Step 2: I use this cleanser to wash my face. I've been using this for quite some time now and love it. It doesn't dry out my skin and makes it feel smoother and brighter.
Step 3: I've always had large pore on my nose but have never took action on minimizing them until I came across this treatment. Put a tiny bit on a cotton pad and cleanse in circles all over your face. I've been using it for a couple months now and I can definitely tell a difference.
Step 4: I switch between these two serums: Korres 'Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Serum' (wow that's a mouthful!) and Tula's 'Illuminating Serum'. I didn't start using a serum (say serum again) until last year and had no idea how much I was missing out on! It helps even your skin tone, diminishes fine lines + dark spots, and works against aging. The Korres is pricey but a little goes a long way!
Step 4: I'm always on a mission to find the best eye cream - I've tried SO many. I've been using this one for quite some time and really like it. But also have this one and this one in my medicine cabinet that I use from time to time. I'm kind of a hoarder when it comes to skin products!
Step 5: Okay, so I got this overnight cream during fashion week and have been obsessed since. It feels like my skin is drinking water (if that makes sense? lol) and makes it sooooo hydrated. This is definitely a can't live without product. You can get 25% off with code SLNIGHT25! The code is valid until 10/31 - don't miss out ;)

Meggan's Morning Routine:
All I do in the morning is wash my face, use the pore minimizer, and hydrate with either this cream from Tula or this one by Perricone MD.

Brooke's Night Routine:
Step 1: Remove makeup using Simple remover wipes. I love these wipes, they are cheap and great for sensitive skin!

Step 2: If you struggle with hormonal acne, this face wash is your new best friend! I discovered it recently and I swear it works miracles (along with the pads in step 3)! Since this is drying, I only use it at night. I use my Clarisonic a few times/week (2-3), at night with this face wash.
Step 3: Every other night (to avoid drying out my skin), I use these anti-acne pads (I also have used and love these). After the acne pads, I use a serum (I use a serum every night) - I love this one, this one, and this one together with this micro roller (collagen boosting!).
Step 4: Hydrate! My skin has been so dry this week out of nowhere (probably with the dropping temps), but I tried this overnight treatment last night for the first time, and I woke up with hydrated skin this morning. I was seriously shocked at how well it worked...shocked! I also love this moisturizer (helps reduce redness) and this one - I alternate between these two normally, but think I'll be sticking with the overnight treatment during fall & winter. It's pricey, but it's a big jar & most importantly it works! I use this eye cream & this or this for my lips (obsessed with both, but can't live without the Rosebud)!

Brooke's Morning Routine:
My morning routine is much simpler than my nighttime routine. I wash my face using this cleanser or this one (we keep this in the shower), and moisturize using this moisturizer from SkinCeuticals (one of our favorite skincare lines), or the Tula Day & Night Cream.
Our favorite masks:
This is one of the best masks for hormonal acne.
This is so great for dry or irritated skin.
This one and this one are great for clarifying and exfoliating skin.

Our favorite eye patches:
This one is hydrating and energizing.
This one is the best for getting rid of tired eyes!
This one is great for firming and smoothing.