Getting Back to a Healthy Lifestyle (Our Plan)

If we're being honest, we have sucked at eating healthy and getting to the gym consistently the past couple of months. ;) It's always hard staying on track around the holidays, especially when you throw a move (Meggan) and home renovations (Brooke) in the mix. We were texting last night, and decided we want to get a head start with getting back on track before the new year starts! Here's our plan...
1. Set short term goals - hit the gym three times a week & try new workouts. WRITE DOWN GOALS! When you write down your goals, you're more likely to achieve them. 
2. Try new recipes from our Skinnytaste cookbook. This cookbook makes eating healthy fun - the recipes are far from bland + boring "clean eating." 
3. Motivate each other! It's so much easier to get back on track when you have someone holding you accountable! Grab a friend (even if they're long-distance like us), and make a plan together! You could do the same workouts, share goals, and text throughout the day to help keep each other motivated. 
4. Manage stress! Stress can greatly hinder healthy living, and both of us are guilty of eating SO poorly when we're stressed (red wine, chocolate, and fried foods!). Both of us get overwhelmed easily and struggle with anxiety which can cause more health issues, so we're finding ways to manage - exercise alone really helps us, but we're also going to add yoga & meditation to our routine. Any other tips for us here? 
5. Stock up on healthy food & throw away the junk! It's no secret we love junk food, but we've found when we don't buy it, we don't eat it, and the cravings are eventually gone (for the most part). We're going to focus on stocking our fridge and pantries with healthy snacks and get rid of the processed junk & candy. 

New gear from JackRabbit definitely helps get in workout mode! Activewear is another thing we are slightly obsessed with buying and the most worn in our closets ;)
I am obsessed with the Nike Thea sneaks. I already have them in grey but couldn't resist the black and white!
I love buying jackets/capes that I can wear from the gym to running errands, and when I spotted this Nike zip up, it went straight to my cart. I ordered a small, but think the XS would be fine as well. I also love it in black! 
These pants are my go-to whether I'm going to the gym or running errands ;). They are so comfortable and TTS - wearing an XS. 
I have these Air Max sneakers are in a few colors, but this black pair is my favorite - I looove the patent details! I order a 1/2 size  down in Air Max and the fit is perfect. 

More favorites from JackRabbit...

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  1. Love these tips. Having someone to motivate you is SO important! You girls got this!

  2. Ugh, I'm in the same boat! Y'all both look amazing!!

  3. Having an accountability partner is so important! I wish you both luck on your goals!

    Greta |

  4. These tips are great! I definitely need to put these tips to good use!


  5. Such great tips! I need to back into my groove. It's been about 4 months!!! Yikes! You both look fab! Loving your workout gear.

  6. I'm in the same boat!! So curious—how do you make it to the gym 3 x week with kids? Do you get a babysitter every time? I'm finding it nearly impossible to ever squeeze a workout in with a little one

  7. Girl, what are you talking about!! You don't ned to get back in shape! You already are!

    Jenna from

  8. Essential Oils for stress!!! I've had a rollercoaster of a year emotionally, and they've helped me out immensely!

    1. Which ones are your favorites? I have lavender oil but interested in more!

  9. You girls are killing the athleisure look! I've actually been getting to the gym this week and it always feels so good, but we'll see how long that lasts :)

    Clothes & Quotes

  10. Love these looks ladies! I just signed up with Equinox so now I'm going to force myself to get into a healthy routine!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  11. love your workout looks!! and great tips for getting back on track after an indulgent holiday

    xo Emily

  12. SAME! I've been on the struggle bus! Great tips!



  13. I recently started doing warrior sculpt at my yoga studio. Its a great workout!!! It's a great compliment to yoga. It also has plyometrics and weight training involved. Be prepared to sweat if you try it.

  14. Loved that Nike zip up cape so much, I found a really similar (if not the exact same one) at kohl's online for $55! Can't wait to get it in the mail.

  15. So good to read that I am not the only one wo goes cray cray! Haha Lucky you guys have a girlfriend you can count on... To help you get on track! Thanks for the great read xxx

  16. I REALLY need to get into the swing of eating healthy/working out again once I move to NY. I'm hoping a happier and more structured lifestyle will help me! Love this!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  17. Great list!! It's always better to record your goals!

  18. Hey! I'd love to know where you got that black parka! It's so cute and exactly what I'm looking for.

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