Our Favorite Gifts To Give (HER)

We're both going to be have crazy busy schedules this holiday season and are really trying to get our shopping done before all of the craziness begins! We love putting together cute gift baskets for the ladies in our lives - our mamas, girlfriends, and grandmas! We rounded up some of our favorite beauty products from QVC (they carry so many of our favorite brands - Laura Geller, philosophy, Bobbi Brown, Givenchy, First Aid Beauty, TULA, and so many more which we just discovered recently!), and put together a few gift baskets to share with you today! We've been getting a lot of questions about little gifts (for teachers, sister-in-laws, etc) and this type of a gift basket would be our suggestion! It's super cute, not over-the-top, and pretty budget friendly! 
We're obsessed with philosophy products & their seasonal bubble bath/shower gels are such a fun gift! All of the scents smell so good, but our favorite is probably christmas cookie ;). 
The packaging is so pretty (something we always look for when putting together gift baskets)! 
If you haven't tried one of these JULEP charcoal sponges, you need to - we're hooked! We use it to exfoliate before we apply our self tanner. 
Both of us are so in love with this faux fur throw by Dennis Basso - it's so soft, and such a fun gift - we loooove his throws (this one is so cute also) and they have the best reviews! Wrap it with a pretty ribbon & you're all set, OR pop a bubble bath under the ribbon for a little something extra. 
 I snagged one for myself as well & draped it at the foot of my bed ;). 
 First Aid Beauty has some of the best "repair cream" out there! Our hands get so dry during the winter (it doesn't help that we're major germaphobes and always washing our hands!), but we keep this cream by the sink & on our nightstands - we like to apply heavily before bed to let it really work its magic overnight (when we won't be washing our hands lol).

...and here are a few more beauty faves that would be great in a gift basket (click on the item to shop)!

In collaboration with QVC


  1. That blanket is to die for!!! It's going on my list for sure!

  2. So many new things to try! I've never used the charcoal sponge from JULEP but I'm so intrigued.

    xo, Mae | maeamor.com

  3. Great pics! I love the First Aid repair cream.... and that throw! :)

  4. Would it be a crime to gift all of the Philosophy items to myself?? Haha--love it all!

  5. So many goodies I want to both try myself and gift! Great post!!

  6. I love Philosophy! Its always a great gift option!
    - Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

  7. These all sound so great! Would love any of these as a gift.


  8. That blanket looks so, so cozy, I love it! Fantastic picks!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise


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