Weekend Deals

My pullover sweater is on sale for $25...I want it in all three colors!

Up to 80% off at H&M. Loving this wool coat and this hooded sweater (looks so cozy!). 

West Elm is having a big sale for the new year + free shipping! I might finally order some new bedding

These crop flared jeans are 60% off! Soooo cute!

Theres a ton of spring/summer items on sale at Revolve. Perfect for if you have any upcoming vacations. This maxi is so cute and so is this romper.

Our favorite moto jacket is on sale for $59. We both went down a size to xs.

This parka looks so warm and cozy! Currently 50% off.

Anthropologie is having a winter tag sale (clothes and home!). I'm eyeing this cardigan, this marble shelf, and these nesting tables.

Need this Nike crewneck in my life!

This classic mock neck sweater just got priced down to $24! So cute!

So many of our favorite sweaters we have from Express are on sale, including this striped one and this cable knit.



1. I'm trying to find really awesome indoor plants (big one for the family room corner and a hanging one) real or fake and would love your suggestions!
Brooke: I have a fiddle leaf fig and I love it! Mine is real, but they have some good fake ones (which would be so much easier) here and here! I don't have suggestions for a hanging plant, sorry!
Meggan: Okay so I just got two new plants that I love and I can't figure out what they're called for the life of me - I've been googling all morning :( One of them is similar to a snake plant but a little bigger and more succulent-like (if that makes any sense). I asked the lady at the nursery to give me easy ones to take care of since I have a black thumb lol. Anyway, I posted pictures of them on our insta story and once I figure out the names I will report back! I also really want a fiddle leaf fig for our bedroom.

2. How are you girls spending New Years?
Meggan: My sister-in-law had her baby girl two weeks early so we are celebrating in our pj's at her house! I'm more of a couch, comfies, and wine girl on NYE ;)
Brooke: I'm in Arizona, and we're planning to head to dinner for NYE, but probably won't be getting too crazy...I have a hair appointment the next morning, and a hair appt + a hangover = disaster ;). 

3. I'm in the process of starting my own blog and wondering what hosting site you use? And what are the pros/cons? I've been looking at Bluehost.
We use Blogger but are planning to switch to Wordpress. Blogger has been great for us, but wordpress has more flexibility/customization. We don't know anything about Bluehost, sorry! We would recommend Blogger for starting out because it's very user-friendly and simple to navigate. We've only had a few technical glitches over the past 3 years.

4. I have naturally pale lips and have been looking for a lip product that's easy and quick to apply and brings out my natural color. And if it has some staying power throughout the day, even better. Any recommendations?
Brooke: I have naturally pale lips as well, and I love this from Mac (I use shade My Flip Side). It's easy to put on, gives instant color, but it's natural looking and not like a lipstick (no mirror necessary).
Meggan: Have you tried this Burt's Bees lip shine? It's so hydrating, not sticky, and brings out natural color. And it smells good!

5. What is your favorite Christmas gift you received this year if you don't mind me asking :)
Meggan: I can't decide between the Roomba vacuum or this super chunky blanket! I looooove both!
Brooke: I'm obsessed with that blanket, and getting one STAT! My favorite gifts were these sunglasses and new perfume

6. Will you ladies do a post on how you edit your photos? Love the filters you use. I know bloggers are sometimes protective of the way they edit, but would love a tutorial if you are open to sharing!
Sure! We can do a post on how we edit our photos, stay tuned!

7. I'm heading to Costa Rica for a wedding in January and am looking for some fun ideas for cover ups/beach accessories. I've got my outfit for the wedding covered but any other outfit inspo you might have would be so appreciated!
So fun, I've been to Cosa Rica and it's really pretty!  A few coverups I'm loving are this pom pom caftan (SO cute!), this wrap, and this crochet dress. We both have this hat and we are seriously obsessed. It's definitely a splurge for a hat but we both agree it's worth it! This panama hat is classic and cute too! If you need a beach bag, this one is perfect.

8.  You helped me with outfit advice at seven months pregnant for our family Christmas photos, this time I need advice on what to wear during the baby's newborn photo session. I don't shrink back down as quickly as I'd like so I'm thinking flowy and light! The photos will be taken in our home in January. Thanks!
Since you're doing them in your home, you could wear some pretty pajamas (for a bed shot) like this pair, or a longer sweater like this one (love that the shoulders would show), and we're also loving this top which would look pretty as well (and camouflage the post baby bump)! We always felt best when we had spanx (that cover the stomach) on after having our babes - seriously boosts confidence when you're not feeling 100%, especially for a photoshoot!

9. Meggan - where is your new living room rug from? Loving all the sneak peaks on insta and snap!
Thank you - it's starting to all come together! This is the rug and I got size 9x12. My house is starting to turn into a West Elm catalogue...it's my addiction ;)

10. I'm going to a masquerade themed party for NYE, and I found the perfect mask! I've always wanted to go to one after the episode of Gossip Girl way back when :) I don't know what dress to wear that won't take attention away from the mask, but still be fancy and cute on it's own to wear again later! I think it'll be more of a cocktail dress party, not a full-on gown. I'd love your help since I'm on dress hunt this week.
OMGGG YESSS how good was that episode? Makes me want to binge watch on Netflix lol! This dress is fun, would look cute with a mask + you can definitely wear it again. Another options is this one (so gorgeous), this one, or this (obsessed!). Have fun!

Please send your questions for next week (first #coffeetalk of 2017, woo!) to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or you can leave them below. Have a great weekend! XO

After Christmas Sales (what we have & what we're buying)

This jacket (wearing XS) is on sale for under $60, we both have it and love it! 
My puffy coat is over $100 off now, such a great deal! I wear this coat pretty much every single day - so comfortable and lightweight (wearing XS)! 
Our favorite OTK boots are currently 50% off! 
My rugby sweater is on sale now for under $30! 
My coat (wearing small) is such a steal and goes with everything (comes in 4 colors)! 
This sweater is in my cart (wearing small), love both colors!
These booties are 30% off putting them just under $100. They come in so many cute colors!
Both of us have this hoodie - it's sooo soft and we wear it all the time! 
My satin blouse is now 50% off, and also comes in navy (wearing a size 4). 
My black OTK boots are on sale under $200 - they are so comfortable and true to size! 
I've been living in these pajamas (on sale now!) and slippers (seriously so comfortable) since I got them for Christmas.

And now a few things that are in our carts...
zip cardigan | scarf | ear crawlers | boots (love the grey) | sweater
booties | wrap top | hydrating kit

cold shoulder sweater | bar necklace | sweatshirt | workout leggings | striped top
scarf | velvet bomber | sunnies | Bobbi Brown set | booties | necklace | dress

Outdoor Voices

We're sad the holidays are over (who's with us?), but one thing we are excited about is a clean slate in the new year! It's always refreshing to feel like you can "restart" anything you want once January rolls around. You guys might have seen on snapchat that we're planning to dive into the new year and get a jump start on our health/fitness for 2017 with a major diet overhaul (more on that in the new year).
One thing that is so important for us is staying active in our everyday lives (especially on those days where we don't have time to get to the gym). Lately, we haven't been the best with getting our workouts in, but we've both been spending more time outdoors with our families - going for walks and taking our kids to the park. 
It's good to spend quality time (off the phone/sofa) with family, and getting outdoors is seriously refreshing - you're working out without even realizing it. There are honestly so many benefits of squeezing in even a 10-minute walk each day - it reduces stress, improves heart health, burns calories, and eases anxiety/depression. 
Both of us spend most of our days (if we're being honest) in sports wear - we need to be comfortable while chasing our kids around all day, but we still want to look put together. We both picked out some new pieces from Outdoor Voices and are obsessed with their simple (and really well made) gear! These leggings (wearing a small) are so flattering & comfortable and I love the design on the leg. I have this pair (in the gray combo) in my cart, ahhh they are so good! This tank (wearing a small) is a staple piece (just ordered it in the black and white also) that I have been wearing non-stop. It's perfect for the gym, running errands, and even with jeans and a cardigan - I loove it! I picked out a few things for my hubs for Christmas - he loves this hoodie and these joggers (I love these too!). 
leggings (wearing size small) | tank (wearing size small) | cardigan (wearing xs)
We have been going on so many walks to explore our new neighborhood in Dallas. I love that we don't have to get bundled up and can still wear light layers. I'm pretty obsessed with the two-tone grey on these leggings (seriously my favorite color). My closet is full of basic leggings (plain grey, black, etc.) so I was excited to see something a little different! I have the same pair Brooke is wearing in my cart (great minds!) and I'm also eyeing this long sleeve. I need want some new gear to get me motivated to get back in the gym!
 top (wearing size small) | leggings (wearing size xs) | sneakers
Kyle is just like me and lovesss his comfy pants (well, who doesn't?). I couldn't resist getting him this grey pair to match me and Cam ;) They are perfect for walks, hikes, running errands, or just lounging around the house. I'm thinking about getting them in charcoal because he loves them so much!
What are you planning to focus on in the new year? Have you made any resolutions? We'd love to hear! xx

A few more pieces we're crushing on from Outdoor Voices...

In collaboration with Outdoor Voices

NYE Casual Glam

Sharing another NYE outfit idea today - this one is a little casual and a little glam, my favorite kind of outfit! I love this sequin skirt (wearing xs) paired with this band tee (wearing small, I've been wearing this tee nonstop lately). I threw this moto jacket (wearing xs) on top and black strappy sandals for an easy, casual look that's dressy enough for any new year's party. 
I love the gold hardware on this bag with the sequins on the skirt. 

NYE Outfit Roundup

I'm so sad Christmas is over and can't believe it's almost 2017. The years are really starting to fly by, I wish time would slow down! Today I wanted to do a quick post on New Year dresses that have been catching my eye (all linked below) and share this one I've put on insta a couple times! I love the cut outs, scoop neck, and bell sleeves on this dress - it's a perfect LBD.
dress | choker | clutch | heels



Have a great day...I'm off to Shake Shack....January 2nd is going to be a rude awakening for me ;) Anyone else? Lol


1. Would you recommend Snapchat or Insta stories for a new blogger trying to grow her blog and Instagram following?
For a new blogger, probably instagram stories because it's easy for followers to see & know who's story they are watching. Since snapchat is a separate app, it's sometimes harder to know who is who/what blogger is snapping if that makes sense! Good luck babe!

2. I would love your help on finding long, navy blue, bridesmaid dresses!
We loooove this one, so pretty! A couple other options that are super cute here and here (under $100)!

3. Meggan - what shoes were you wearing in a snapchat this past week with the long black cardigan? They were black and looked like slip on sneakers?
They are by Kenneth Cole and they no longer make them (I got them for Christmas a couple years ago) but I found a couple similar pairs here and here.

4. I've been looking for great leggings and/or comfy pants for casual days that aren't necessarily for working out. Any favorites?
Meggan: I basically live in this pair from Target - I am obsessed!
Brooke: These are pretty much the only leggings I wear (non-workout) and I love them. I need a new pair actually because I've worn these so much!

5. I need some NYE outfit inspo please! 
This skirt would be so fun - pair it with a band tee or a bodysuit & OTK boots! We're obsessed with this jacket, and it could easily be worn again after NYE. And a slip dress (love this one!) with a moto jacket is always a winning combo and so flattering! Tons of great inspo here!

6. I have a work trip to NYC coming up & am looking for some outfit ideas - want to stick to a neutral palette, and I'm thinking dressy joggers or tailored pants that would work well with a lot of different pieces (+ able to be tucked in). Any suggestions? 
I have these pants in black and looove them (and they come in 13 colors!) - currently on sale and run TTS! We are also loving these joggers (on sale now!) - so fun and easy to dress up or down + great reviews! This metallic pair is also super fun (not sure if you could wear these at work or not, but great for dinners out in the city!). Have so much fun! 
7. Do you ladies take any vitamins? Or supplements for hair? If so, which ones? 
Brooke: No, I'm so bad! I know I need to be taking vitamins but I currently don't. I would love suggestions on which ones are best to take! 
Meggan: I take these gummies for hair growth and notice a difference. I took them for 2 months and stopped for a little but just got another bottle!
8. I need help finding a rehearsal dinner dress for my SIL's Omaha wedding in January (going to be freeeeeezing)! 
Buurrrr! We found a couple long sleeve options that we think are fab. Love this one (those sleeves OMG!), this one and this one.

9. Any suggestions for basic, white sneakers (preferably more on the affordable side!)? 
Our favorite white sneakers under $100: these (order 1/2 size down), these, these, and these! All so great! 

10. You two have been talking about Christmas party outfits. I have a work Christmas party nearing, it will be casual. What would you put together that's fun and appropriate?
You could do this classic jumpsuit with jacket and statement necklace (this is pretty). This dress is gorgeous and you could do a pop of color with your shoes. One more option is this skirt with a blouse - such a stunner and perfect holiday color!

11. Meggan - I love your wood table that I've been seeing in some snaps! Where is it from?
It's this one from West Elm. I love it! I did a bench on one side and still in search of chairs for the other.

12. I need some NYE outfit inspiration. Not too glam, but still something different for a fun night with my friends in the city!
This blazer is so chic and would look so cute pair with a fun skirt or pants. Also love this jumpsuit (pair with some statement earrings like these), this two-piece set (top + skirt), or this OMG bodysuit

13. Looking for a new Christmas tree and yours are beautiful. Where are they from?
Meggan: Mine is the green one and it's real :)
Brooke: I found my flocked one at Sears!
Thanks for another great #coffeetalk! Please leave your questions for next week below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. XO
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