Gift Guide: For Parents & In-Laws

Parents (and in-laws) can be so difficult to shop for, because it's hard to know what they will like/want/need. We've rounded up some of our favorite gifts to give the parents - most of them are items we've given our own parents (and they loved)! 
1. Pretty cutting boards are a great addition to any home/kitchen. We love this natural wood set & the holder they come with is a bonus! 
2. Throws make a great gift, especially for parents & in-laws! We love this pom throw - so cute to curl up with! 
3. Robes are one of our go-to gifts for our parents! Everyone loves a cozy robe (especially in the winter), this one for him, and this one for her
4. I bought my dad this vintage style popcorn maker (on sale today!) last Christmas and he looooves it for movie nights! It's so much fun (the grandkids love it too). 
5. These pretty shadowboxes are a great gift - she could store her jewelry in it, or it would be beautiful on a shelf displaying family keepsakes as well! 
6. We installed SONOS throughout our house and it was one of the best decisions ever! It's so nice to have music playing, and this speaker is easy to move from room to room - such a great gift!
7. Everyone wants to get fit in the new year, and gifting a fitbit is a great idea for anyone in your life who wants to keep track of their activity. I gave this to my mom and she's obsessed with tracking her steps! 
8. I just bought these canisters for my kitchen (you may have seen them on snapchat), and I love them. They would be a great gift for any home!
9. UGG slippers are another go-to for us. Ev-er-y-one loves these slippers! We love this leather pair for him & the gray pair is the comfiest they make for her! 
10. If your parents or in-laws love wine, a pretty carafe or marble wine cooler are great gifts! We both use our carafes all the time. 
11. This cookbook is SO good (just bought it), and makes such a fun gift - it has so many fun recipes for entertaining. 

Another gift idea we love for parents (or anyone, actually!) is a framed photo. I just gave my parents this photo (using this frame). When they were here for Thanksgiving we visited the 9/11 Memorial & I snuck this photo of them, and had it blown up. It was delivered to them yesterday and it looks SO good! They were so happy with it - thoughtful gifts are the best. The quality of the frame is amazing (and they put the cutest paper on the back) & provide hanging hardware. I'm obsessed with Framebridge (because all you have to do is upload your photo and choose which frame you want!) and planning to send a few more out to family for the holidays.


  1. Hi Brooke,

    I love the framed photo idea! I was thinking of doing the same for my family. Do you get your photos printed from a special place?

    1. I get my photos framed from Framebridge (linked to it above the photo) because the quality is SO great, and it's a professional framing job for much less! Highly recommend! xx

  2. That framed photo idea is perfect! Love all your picks. I would def buy those for my in laws!

  3. that is such a great captured moment. love it.

  4. Love this! In-laws are the hardest!!! Slippers are always a safe bet though!



  5. The framed photo is such a great idea! I love the cutting boards too. Great roundup!

    xo Lacey

  6. oh these are such fab gift ideas! love the shadow boxes!

  7. I love this roundup! That pom pom blanket is so cute and I've been wanting those brass jewelry boxes forever! Also love the Framebridge idea.

    Michele |

  8. So many great gift ideas! I love the cozy blanket and the marble wine cooler!

    xo Brie

  9. Ah, parents & in-laws can be so hard to buy for! This roundup is great, and that Sonos speaker would make a great gift!


  10. This is such a great idea for a gift guide! I would imagine that in-laws are super tough to buy for! I love that marble wine cooler!


  11. Parents/In-Laws love love love pictures!! I'll be giving our wedding photos as gifts this year. And my mom would love to have a pair of UGG slippers as well as an UGG robe. That robe is the BOMB!! (not sure if people still say that, lol!)

  12. I love all these ideas. I know our parents can be the hardest to shop for when they have everything!