Seattle Recap

I've been meaning to get this post up for awhile now! Kyle and I took a trip to Seattle a month ago (can't believe it's been that long!) for our first solo trip together EVER!! Isn't that crazy?! We've been a lot of places, just not alone...guess that's what happens when you get pregnant only a few months after dating, HA! I actually grew up in Seattle (Issaquah) and Kyle had never been so it was on our bucket list to visit. We lucked out and had the most amazing weather - it only rained once the entire trip! I'm actually horrible about taking pictures (weird since I'm a blogger right?) so I don't have too many to share but I do have a ton of recommendations! I'm not going to lie, we pretty much just ate and drank the entire time and missed a lot of attractions lol! 
 We stayed at the Palladian Hotel right downtown. It's the cutest hotel ever and walking distance to pretty much everything! They made us feel right at home the second we checked in. The hotel decor is so fun...kind of moody/hipster-ish. There are celebrity portraits all over the lobby and on the throw pillows in the room. Our shower was huge and had a clawfoot tub in it! Every day they have a free happy hour and serve local wine and whiskey. Perfect way to you buzz on before dinner ;)
We walked to Pike Place Market right after we checked in to grab some lunch and explore. It was exactly how I remembered it...the smells, the people, the fish, the flowers. It really hasn't changed much! We stopped at Matt's in the Market for lunch which is nestled in the heart of Pike Place. The food was SO good and we had a table overlooking the famous Public Market sign. This is kind of a long story but I want to share with you guys!
When we moved to Seattle I met my best friend, Christie. She lived across the street from me and we quickly became inseparable, as did our families. We did everything together - boating trips, countless sleepovers and built the greatest, most amazing tree fort in the woods behind her house. Her family moved to California after a couple years but we were reunited when we all moved to Minneapolis together - yay! Fast forward a couple years and Christie was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) which is cancer in your blood and bones. While she was in the hospital she did a therapy to help cope with chemo. She had to go to her "happy place" which was Pike Place Market - specifically where they famously throw the fish. Her story got published in Newsweek Magazine (you can read it here if you want) and a couple of the "fish throwers" from the Market heard about it and wanted to do something special for her. They surprised her on her 13th birthday in the hospital and brought her happy place to her! So amazing right?
Sadly, she lost her battle and passed away when I was a freshman. I have a glass bottle sitting on my nightstand that Christie and I filled with sand/shells from a weekend in the Puget Sound together. I love looking at it and being reminded of her and Seattle! Okay so I was going somewhere with this of the fish throwers who went to visit Christie (his name is Dan) now owns Matt's in the Market which is why we went there! He's kept in touch with her family and her mom was the one who suggested we go there. I even got to meet him which was pretty special and definitely a teary moment for me! Anyway, I'm sorry for the sap story. I had so many memories of her while were there and had to share. But you should definitely go to his restaurant! The food and vibe is great...I'm still dreaming about my fish sammy!
I wore this look for drinks and dinner one night! After dinner we tried to go to a
Rachel's Ginger Beer mules were so yummy!
We spent one day exploring Bainbridge Island - you can read about it here.
We obviously had to be the ultimate tourists and go to the Space Needle! 
Where to eat:
-Umi Sake House
-Staple & Fancy
-Pike Place Chowder
-Blueacre Seafood
-The Walrus and the Carpenter
-Portage Bay Cafe

Where to drink:
-Rachel's Ginger Beer
-The Nest at Thompson Hotel
-Cantina de San Patricio (great margs)
-Bathtub Gin & Co.
-Kells Irish Pub (such a dive bar but had a great live band
and the best people watching)

What to do:
-Bainbridge Island
-Space Needle
-Chihuly Glass Museum
-Shop at Nordstrom (duh)
-Gum Wall
-Pike Place Market
-Check out Ballard
We were both so impressed with Seattle and can't wait to go back! xx


  1. looks like a great trip!! I was in seattle recently and really loved it too. Your outfits are all on point!

  2. What a fun trip! I've never been to Seattle, but it's definitely on my travel bucket list now! That hotel bathroom is goals, btw. Loved your red sweaterdress! Glad you guys had fun. xo

  3. Oh my, this post is so wonderful and informative! I've always wanted to go to Seattle! Also - your travel style is #goals. xo

  4. I went there one time...for 24 hours. LOL need to go back and explore!

    xx Leah /

  5. I love it! I want to go visit Seattle so bad!

    Greta |

  6. That plan picture you took is awesome! My husband's grandparents just moved to Seattle a couple months ago and I can't wait to make a trip out there.

    Amanda ||

  7. Oh Meggan, I'm in tears reading your post about Seattle and your memories of Christie. You two were the best of friends. Thank you for remembering her. XO, Karla

  8. This looks like an amazing trip! I've wanted to visit there!

  9. Seems like such a fun place to visit! Love looking through your pictures and reading your recommendations. Glad you two got away together! xoxo

  10. Seattle is definitely on my must visit list! Being from the south I would love to be in a northern city like that during this time of year!

    How 2 Wear It []

  11. Totally need to visit Seattle!

    xo, L
    @livingincolorblog on IG

  12. LOVE this post! Seattle is one of my favorite places of all time. The food and drinks look so good and now I'm sitting here starving ;) I've been so behind on reading your guys blog but you look amazing in that little red sweater dress. XO


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