1. What's your foundation routine? IE: favorite primer, foundation, setting powder.
Brooke: I start with this day & night cream or this collagen cream, then use my favorite Hourglass primer, this color corrector under my eyes (I don't use this every day, but if I do this is the first thing I apply), this Hourglass foundation or this Armani one - love both, then I conceal with this Nars concealer, and finally set with this setting powder which is my all-time favorite.
Meggan: I just ran out of this Mac primer and decided to try the Hourglass primer Brooke uses (love it so far!). I wasn't unhappy with the Mac one, I just wanted to see if there was something better I was missing out on! Then I apply same color corrector (I copy Brooke's makeup choices a lot lollll) to hide dark circles. Next I apply this luminous silk foundation (in 5.25) with a beautyblender or this brush. Next I use this concealer (the tube lasts FOREVER!) and then this loose setting powder! If you need a good setting spray, this one is a winner!

2. Brooke - I think I caught a glimpse of your West Elm sectional and loved it!!! Is it the navy velvet?
Yes it's their performance velvet in the color "shadow" which is a dark gray (they also have a ink/navy color!) - so happy we went with this fabric! You probably saw the nice drawing in PEN on insta stories last week (it came out with dishsoap and warm water - so awesome!), and my girls are constantly getting food all over it since it's in our TV room. It's super easy to clean, love it!

3. I'm in the market for a new laptop (not ruling out an iPad pro). What do you ladies have and do you like them?
Brooke: I have a MacBook air and love it, except I should have purchased one with more storage - I'm constantly having to delete things or transfer them to my external hard drive. My husband has an iPad pro and uses it every day, but I'm not sure it would replace a computer for me personally.
Meggan: I have a MacBook Pro and like it but agree with Brooke I wish I got more storage!

4. I'm looking for a cute jumpsuit for fall - any suggestions?
Some cute casual ones we're loving are here (in my cart!), herehereherehere, and here. If you want something a little fancier for nights out we love this one and this one!

5. What are three words you would use to describe yourselves and what is one fact about you that people would be surprised to know?
Meggan: I'm HORRIBLE at answering questions like these! I would get major anxiety at the beginning of the school year when we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves with a fun fact or play 2 truths and a lie lol. So I asked my dad how he would describe me in three words and he said laid back, caring, and goofy (I agree with his answer). And one fact people might be surprised to know about me is that I was a vegetarian for almost six years!
Brooke: Omg me too lol! I used to get so anxious about that - especially in college. Three words I would use to describe myself are: driven, kind, and reserved/shy (until you get to know me). Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer (state champ! lol), but I had to quit when I ruptured my eardrum - I've had multiple ear surgeries and I swear ear problems are the most painful thing ever!

6. I'm going to Hawaii (Maui and Waikiki) for my honeymoon in September and would love some inspo from you ladies! Looking for date night dresses and cute coverups to wear to the pool/beach.
I wore this dress one night on my honeymoon and got so many compliments (it's on major sale!!), love this one, and this maxi is SO pretty (kinda want it but don't have anywhere to wear it lol). This dress could double as a coverup or be worn to lunch/dinner. A few other coverups are here, here (comes in a few amazing color combos) and here. And this sarong is a must for Hawaii!

7. Meggan - I'm planning a destination wedding for next spring and wondering what kind (if any) of activities you planned for your guests? I'm not sure if I want to plan or let our guests do their own thing! 
Ahh congrats! We didn't plan too many activities for the same reason - I wanted my guests to have relaxing week and to do whatever they wanted! We set up golf for the guys on Wednesday and the girls did a boat cruise at the same time. We also did a welcome party in my parents suite for everyone with drinks and apps one night. And I had a bridal luncheon with my bridesmaids and family members which Kyle's aunts hosted. Besides that, we were all pretty much in the pool the entire time which was so much fun.

8. I'm looking to buy new black or blue jeans for fall/winter. Which brands do you swear by with a budget of $200 max?
Meggan: I kind of a jean hoarder and have too many pairs but I will say that my most worn pair is from Abercrombie! They're no longer online but this pair and this pair are similar - so comfy and inexpensive! A couple brands I love are AG, Joe's (just got this pair, the hem is so cute!), and Levi's (this pair and this pair).
Brooke: I need new jeans for fall as well, I love a lot of different brands - DL1961, Abercrombie, Hudson, Levi's, 7FAM, Paige, Madewell, and am really impressed with PacSun denim recently. Some pairs I'm loving - herehere, and here.

9. Do you actually "make a living" from blogging and provide for your families? Or do you do it just for fun? Do you find it to be easy or stressful? I've heard all sides from different bloggers, so curious to hear your thoughts!
Yes, we make a living from blogging. As you said, you've heard all sides from different bloggers - blogging can be anything from a hobby to a full-blown corporation (many bloggers have multiple employees). It's not a super stressful job (obviously), but that doesn't mean we are never stressed out about it - because we do get stressed. There's a lot that goes into blogging that nobody sees just by visiting a blog - we have meetings, calls, contracts, deadlines, negotiations, legal stuff, etc. that is all a part of blogging when it becomes your job. It's not just taking  a photo and posting it (it was when blogging was just our hobby, though - it's very different). There's no PTO, really no "time off," you're often criticized for putting yourself out there, and it's a constant struggle with how much to open up. But, we're happy to have created our dream jobs for ourselves and constantly blown away by the support, emails, comments, and DMs from you guys - THANK YOU!

10. My friends 22 birthday is next week and I was wondering if you have any cute, original gift ideas on a budget? 
Brooke: I love getting candles, lipstick or lipgloss, or fun/inexpensive jewelry. Not sure if these are super original, but I love receiving them as gifts because they're not something I buy myself regularly, but love to have. Some ideas from these categories - herehere, and here!
Meggan: I gift I recently got and love is a succulent planted in the coolest glass bowl - I think of the person every time I see it! And I love checking Anthro's gift category, there's always so many cute items you wouldn't think of buying for yourself (which are always the best gifts to get).

11. I'm looking for recommendations for a baby monitor...my husband and I are moving into a smaller house so our little one won't be too far away but still want something so we can keep an eye on her.
Meggan: I originally had this monitor and it broke within like two months (ugh) and then got this one which has worked well for us. My friend has the Nest camera and loves it - she can talk to her baby (and cat LOL) while she's at work through the app.
Brooke: I've had four video monitors and they've all broken - it's so annoying! I ended up just getting this monitor. I can't really recommend any video monitors since I wouldn't suggest buying any of the ones I purchased. Sorry! If anyone has video monitor suggestions, please let me know b/c I do want to get another one (that hopefully wont' break lol) for when we transition Avery to a big girl bed. I might have to get the Nest one Meggan's friend has!

12. I'm going on a bachelorette cruise to the Bahamas the first weekend of November and thought I'd see if y'all know of any good end of summer deals going on. Not sure what to wear as I've never been on a cruise or to the Bahamas before, but it looks like it's still pretty warm there in early November so I'm hoping I can grab some sale pieces that are cute but won't break the bank!
So many end of summer sales are starting! Revolve's August sale just started a few things that would be cute for a bachelorette cruise is this dress, this top (adorable), this mini dress, and this romper. PacSun has a lot of summer pieces (and suits!) on sale right now too - love this bikini, this one piece, and these gladiator sandals.

13. Do you have any recommendations for kimonos that could work for summer and transition into fall?
Loving this onethis one, and this one! All super easy to transition to fall (especially love the first and third!).

14. Was hoping to get your advice on wallet on chain options. I love the Gucci Dionysus WOC, but it's a hefty investment at $1200. Is there anything less than $1000 or $500 that you'd recommend? I love the idea of having all my essentials - phone, keys, cash, cards, etc in one small place that I can throw on while hanging with the kids or when I'm traveling!
Ugh the Gucci one is so good! We're loving this one from Marc Jacobs, this one, and this one! All under $1000 and really pretty.

15. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in September and we need to wear black silk dresses. HELP!
Some black slip dresses we're loving: herehere, and here!

16. I'm doing a family photo shoot over labor day for my baby girl's 6 month pictures and looking for some outfit ideas and/or style inspiration for our family of 3. What do you guys think!?
We like white, blush, and blue for colors - easy, effortless, and just make sure it's not too matchy-matchy. We always love photos that look more casual than staged. For you - this top with jeans, or this dress, for your baby - this bubble romper or this dress, and for him  - this shirt (love the slim fit) with jeans.

17. I have an upcoming trip to the south of France w/my husband, and I would love to hear suggestions on some fun, playful European inspired outfits. I'd love dress suggestion under $150. 
So exciting! That's on our bucket list for sure - the pictures look SO beautiful! A few things we would pack are this dress, this set (top + skirt), this hat, these sandals, this top, this bucket bag, and this romper. Also loving this dressthis onethis one, and this one. Have fun!

18. My husband and I purchased a condo downtown Madison, WI. We're basically selling/getting rid of everything in our current home and starting over. I would be forever grateful for your help decorating our new space! It's a small condo with beautiful lake views. 
We would start with neutral basics - you can always change out accessories and decor to change the vibe, but it's great to stick with neutral big-ticket (furniture) items. We're loving this sectional (also comes in a sofa version if the sectional is too big), this coffee table (round tables are great for small spaces), these nesting tables (used as a side table), this dining table with these chairs, these counter stools and this rug to finish off the space. Congrats! xx

19. Any ideas on a dress for a "formal" wedding in September?! Love the midi look but haven't found any I feel like would be appropriate.
This one is SO gorg, love the lace sleeves on this dress, and this one is pretty/classic too. If you want something fun/a little different go for this one!

20. My boyfriend and I are moving in together in October. It is his house but he wants me to pick out furniture and help decorate. I don't want to do it all and have him feel like it's not his house, but also don't want it to look like his bachelor pad apartment he has now. Any advice on how to reach a happy medium? Or any must have buy for kitchen and bathroom? (those are the two areas I'm obsessing over lol)
Sticking with neutral pieces will ensure it's not too feminine or too bachelor pad-esque. For the kitchen we love these canistersthis cutting/cheese board and this runner, and for the bathroom we love this shower curtainthese containers, and this rug.

21. I'm going to Vegas in October with my fiancé and his parents, they are going for a work conference and I'm meeting them for the weekend. Do you have any outfit suggestions? I want to look cute and fun (Vegas style!) but don't want to be over the top considering we will be hanging with his parents.
Obsessed with this jumpsuit in navy - it's sexy but not too sexy! This open back bodysuit would be cute with a pair of high waisted jeans, love this dress, and this romper (this one is amazing too but pricey).

22. I have a wedding in Denver at a place called Spruce Mountain Ranch. What would you recommend wearing? Also, there is a party the night before that's more casual - any recommendations for that?
That venue looks GORGEOUS! We would wear any of these three dresses: here, here, or here. For the night before you could do this set (top + skirt), this jumpsuit, or this off-the-shoulder dress.

23. I know you have posted numerous times about over the knee boots...but I was wondering if you had any favs that have a flat to little heel?
Meggan: I have this pair and this pair (both cute and comfy). If you want to splurge, I have this SW pair in black and I'm obsessssed. Definitely worth the splurge to me because I wear them so often.
Brooke: I have and love this pair in black (super affordable dupe for the SW pair!), and am also loving this pair, and this pair!

24. I was hoping you would give me a couple of outfit suggestions for a bourbon tasting party that will be outdoors at the end of this month!
Sounds fun! This top tucked into a denim skirt or shorts (these are the best!) with booties would be cute! Love this top with distressed jeans, this romper, or this dress with booties or sneakers!

Thanks for another fun week of #coffeetalk! Please leave your questions for next week below or email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xo

Thoughts On Having Another Baby

I'm switching it up a little today and talking about something that's been weighing on my mind lately...babies! Now that we're married and Camden is getting older, people keep asking when we're going to start trying for another baby. I originally thought I wanted to try right away but now my feelings have changed. To be honest, I'm scared. I love our life the way it is right now and how "easy" it is as a family of three. Cam was colicky for almost a year (YES A YEAR!) and it really tested me (and he still tests me of course!). I learned that I'm not as patient as I thought I was and I get stressed VERY easily. I was never diagnosed with PPD but I'm 90% sure I had it. 
I can't really explain it but I was really angry when Cam was a newborn. Angry that my baby cried all day, angry that I had to pump every 3 hours, angry that I was sleep deprived, angry my freedom was gone, angry I couldn't make last minute plans with my friends anymore, and angry that Kyle went to work and had a "break". I would text him horrible things like he's so lucky he gets to leave all day and wasn't "stuck" at home with a crying baby. It was almost like I resented him - something I'm definitely not proud of. 
When I think about having another baby, all those feelings come back and it makes me scared and sad. I know it's unlikely to have two colicky babies but I just don't know if I'm ready for the chaos yet. Life feels normal again - we can have stress free outings (for the most part lol), vacations are easy, and Camden is FUN. I seriously love this age and just want to soak it all up. It makes me sad to think about not giving my full attention to Camden. And how will I love another baby as much as I love him? How will I have time or energy or two? Are these feelings normal?! Someone please tell me I'm not crazy...
I guess I don't know when I want to start trying again (maybe next spring/summer?) and hate that I have to put a time stamp on it. I just don't think I'm mentally prepared yet. And who knows - maybe I never will be and just have to fight through it? If Kyle had his way, we would probably start trying now! He wants 5 kids, but that's not happening lol ;)
 top (similar) | shorts (go down 1 size) | belt | sneakers | bag | sunglasses

Anyway, thank you for listening to me ramble. It's a topic that's been on my mind lately and I've been feeling the pressure. I would love to hear if any of you have similar stories!


Ready For Fall

Not going to lie, I'm ready for fall and everything that comes with it. Fall in New York is seriously amazing - if you've never been, I would say come in late September or October - best time of year! We had a couple (like two lol) cooler days recently and it was glorious! 
We're in California right now and it's crazy being back - my husband comes a lot, but I haven't been since we moved to NYC 4 years ago. I'm excited to meet up with some old friends and visit our favorite restaurants & check out some new places as well! Any suggestions for me (we're in Newport Beach)? 
Chestnut suede is always on my list for fall - I love this color and it goes with almost everything. I just got these boots and love the height (they're not quite OTK) - they run a little small, so I would order up 1/2 size if you want to wear socks with them. I scored this bag at the outlet last year - probably my favorite outlet find ever! This one is a similar shape and color. 
I got these jeans last year and they're still one of my favorite pairs. They are super slimming and comfortable - they do run a little big, I order 1 size down. 
boots (order 1/2 size up if you want to wear a sock) | necklace | earrings | jeans | sweater (similar here) | gucci bag (similar here

Blue Jean Baby

I've been adding so many jeans with raw hem to my wardrobe lately (I've even cut a pair or two on my own!). I got this pair last year and they are still one of my favorites - business in the front, party in the back! I linked a few more I'm loving below.
I always forget about this pretty little clutch! It's so fun and perfect for spicing up an outfit.
This LNA top is perfect for transitioning to fall. I like that it's versatile and can be worn for date night or thrown on with a hat and sneakers (like I did here). LNA makes the cutest (and softest) basics with a twist. How cute is this choker tee and this hoodie?
I know I need to do a top knot tutorial but all I do is: pull my hair into a pony tail, wrap it like a donut, and put a hair tie around it. I have extremely thick and texturized hair so it's definitely a lot easier to-do. I've never tried doing it in someone with fine hair!

Have a great day!

Raw hem favorites (at every price point)...

Women Do It Better

Happy Monday loves! You might have seen these tees on our insta stories over the weekend...we both rocked them more than once. We all know that women do it better, and these tees are a fun way to remind the men lol ;). 
Whenever I hear the words "mom jeans" I automatically think of the SNL skit making fun of the trend. I personally love that they made a comeback and love wearing them! They're super comfy and flattering (especially with a pair of heels). I went down a size in this pair and so happy I did. The waist runs a little large but the leg feels more tapered. I'm 5'4" and they hit right at the ankle (always a win for short girls!). PacSun has a lot of cute pairs right now - I'm obsessed with this black pair and this pair with the raw hem.
I thought these retro aviators really tied in with the mom jeans ;) Looks like they just sold out but this pair and this pair are similar!
tee (wearing size small) | jeans (went down a size) | sunglasses 
I just added Meggan's mom jeans to my cart - so cute! This black pair is perfect - high waisted, raw hem, lightly distressed & comfy. I wore them yesterday with this tee - love it ;). I had a lot of questions about it on insta stories, I ordered a small (could have done a medium), and it's currently BOGO at PacSun - buy one get one 50%, and it's only $24! 
I wasn't sure about this hat when I ordered it, but I love it! It's fun and different than any of my other hats. Newsboy & fiddler hats are a big fall trend, and now I'm on board. 
I told you my denim jacket obsession is real - this one is a perfect staple piece for your closet and under $100. I'm wearing a small. 
shirt (wearing size small) | jeans (true to size) | hat | jacket 

A few more pieces we're loving...

In collaboration with PacSun

Weekend Deals

My go-to striped tee is under $25 and also on BOGO right now!

So many cute things being price matched at Nordstrom: this Nike top, these skinny jeans, these blue heels, and this crossbody bag.

Obsessed with this thermal pullover sweater - just added to my cart!

In love with this sexy sweater - SO obsessed and 50% off!

Just added this athletic hoodie to my cart - these are my fave hoodies for the gym/errands hands dowwnnnn. I've had mine for 5 years and still love it (it's hard to see the detail online, but the design is so cute and flattering)! I wear a size 4, on sale for under $100!

These heel slides are SO cute and would be easy to take into fall, loving both colors!

Ummmm velvet leggings?! Yes please!

This sweater is so cute - planning to wear it over Labor Day Weekend!

This dress is amazing and on sale for $117 (down from $475!) - only a few sizes left!

I've heard amazing things about Beyond Yoga and since these leggings are on sale I'm going to try them.

In love with the color & the back of this sweater - so perfect!

These jeans are the perfect boyfriends and currently $100 off!

These boots are on sale for TWENTY DOLLARS! Hurry before they're gone! And these OTK's are under $100 but look like Stuart Weitzman.

Still in love with this rainbow sleeve sweater (see it in this post) - only $60!

The band tee obsession continues - love this one and this one.



1. I was wondering what you use for your skincare routine? I purchased the Tula toner you talked about a few weeks ago and think I will buy it again. I'm also a big fan of the Mario Badescu rose water spray but definitely feel like I'm lacking in other areas. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Since we get a lot of skincare products mailed to us, we're always trying new things which is great because we can try it all and recommend our favorites to you guys! Here's what our current skincare routines look like...
Brooke: I feel like I'm currently using so many different products! I'm not sure if that's bad or not, but there are so many things I love. Morning routine: Cleanse with Tula cleanser, use this antioxidant treatment, this eye cream, and either Tula day & night cream or Elemis collagen cream. Nighttime routine: I use this oil or this cleansing balm (love both, oil is my absolute favorite) to remove my makeup, cleanse with Tula & my Clarisonic, same antioxidant treatment & eye cream from my morning routine, then oil - I rotate between this one, this one, and this one. I let that sink in, and finish with this cream (or sometimes I skip this step). I just received the new Kifer collection from Tula and can't wait to try it!
Meggan: Same as Brooke, I'm trying so many new products right now but here is my current routine/favorites. Morning: cleanse with this Tula cleanser or this Elemis one, I just ran out of this eye serum (my favorite - I love the applicator) and going to try this eye cream, use this antioxidant treatment, and then this face cream. Oh and I always put this hand cream on that has SPF. Nighttime: use a cleansing balm to take off my makeup (check question 12 for my three favs), cleanse, this H.A serum, then oil - I rotate between this one & this one, then right before bed I put on this overnight cream. I just finished a tube of this sheer renewal cream and loved it!

2. You touched upon a question last week about all the chemicals found in every product we use. Is there anything (e.g. body products, makeup, household cleaners, etc) you have swapped out that are more natural and also that you like? Truth be told, it's a bit overwhelming to think about but it's also scarier when you think about what the chemicals are doing to our bodies. I've stopped burning candles in my home for fear of the candle emitting harmful chemicals in the air. Also, have either of you tried or gone the essential oils route?
Meggan: It's definitely overwhelming and I don't think it's possible to completely rid yourself from chemicals but here are a few brand/products I like. I use Mrs. Meyers hand soaps, laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies, SheaMoisture body wash, Alba Botanica sunscreen (use this on Cam too), J.R Watkins air freshener, Tom's deodorant (but want to find a diff one), Boll & Branch bedding, and I want to start using the dryer balls that Brooke has but need to get through my giant Costco pack of dryer sheets first. I think it's important to not be wasteful when switching products!
Brooke: Agreed - there's no possible way to live with zero chemicals, but some things I've found that I really like are: this greenshield organic cleaner & this one from Honest, Seventh Gen laundry detergent, and these dryer balls (instead of dryer sheets) with essential oil dropped onto them -makes laundry smell amazing! I love burning candles & can't really imagine living without them lol, but I really want to start using a diffuser & one of our readers suggested Saje products - they have an amazing store in Soho I need to check out. 

3. Struggling with closet organization - especially tops! I have a big closet but just can't seem to find a system that works. How do you organize your tops? By style (tank, tee, etc...), or by color? Would love to know what works for you both!
Meggan: I organize my tops by color and style. So I start with my cami's, then I have my tanks and muscle tanks, then tees, then long sleeves, etc. I do the same for dresses - tank dresses, dresses with sleeves, long sleeve, etc. I have them all color coded within the group too. It makes it sooo much easier finding things!
Brooke: Uhg - my closet needs help! Last summer when I was visiting my family, I came home and my husband had our entire closet perfectly organized (he's the best lol), but of course it slowly became completely unorganized again! It was organized by item (tees, long sleeves, sweaters, dresses, etc) and then by color - it was so great. I'm in the process of doing my office and going to be putting the IKEA Pax system in there for my closet - so excited!  I'll definitely share a post on it once it's done if you guys want to see. I'm hoping Meggan will fly here and help me get it organized lol! 

4. I have a wedding LDW at a country club and I'm looking for a fun but versatile dress to wear. Any recommendations?
Some fun dresses we're loving - here, here (on sale for $31!), here, and here.

5. What coffee makers do you use at home? I'm all about Starbucks and coffee shop lattes but am totally in the market for a new coffee maker! Would love any recommendations you have :)
Brooke: I have this Keurig and this Nespresso (on sale, comes with the frother!). I use both - sometimes I really want Dunkin Donuts coffee (Keurig), and sometimes I want a latte (Nespresso), and like to have the option of both.
Meggan: I have this Keurig for my coffee (I just drink it black) and this espresso machine to make lattes. I love both machines and would recommend them if you need something for basic coffee/lattes. And I really want a frother like Brooke has!

6. Awhile back you mentioned using VSCO to edit your instagram pictures. I'm wondering what you use for editing your pictures on your computer? Hoping to find a free option if you know of any websites!
We actually use VSCO to edit all of our photos (we don't edit on the computer) and use the program that came with our computers (Preview) to resize the photos. Sorry we can't be of more help!

7. I was wondering if you could suggest some leather pants under $150? I kind of want them to have pockets and be more like pants than leggings but having no luck finding any!
This pair looks great, we're obsessed with these - so cool, and these are another great option - we love the knee detail!

8. I was wondering if you guys had any websites that sold cute single stud earrings, earrings for cartilage piercings?
We are both OBSESSED with Smith + Mara! Also, my husband gave me a pair of earrings from EF - you can also mix and match - love all of their earrings as well, more here! Etsy has a big selection of single studs - love all these options and these simple bars are cute.

9. I'm looking for a black denim skirt for fall tailgating. Any suggestions?
This one is super cute, love this one (this distress is perfect), and this lace-up one is fun!

10. What are your favorite mascaras and do you have any tips to keep it from running under your eyes?
Meggan: I rotate between a few: Dior blackout, IT Cosmetics superhero, and this Maybelline great lash mascara (classic and have used it since high school!). You could try using a primer to prevent it from running under your eyes. I have this one and like it and this one has good reviews too!
Brooke: This one from stila has given me the best results of any mascara ever, it's so good - mega lashes without being clumpy! And my favorite drugstore is this one from L'Oreal. Yes! I have the best tip to keep it from running - before you do your mascara, take a damp beauty blender (or any sponge), dip it in loose powder, and press the loose powder under your eyes (aka bake your under eye). You want an excess amount of powder under your eyes. Then apply your mascara and wait about 15 minutes, finally brush away the excess powder with a fluffy brush after the mascara has completely dried (it must be dry or this won't work). Voila! No mascara running down your face throughout the day.

11. My question is where to go for my bachelorette party! I originally wanted to go to an island (DR, Punta Cana, etc.) for my bachelorette party. Most of the girls think all inclusive is the way to go but now my MOH is telling me she may not afford to go. Where I understand every girl I invite will be able to go, I obviously really want my MOH to come. There is at least one other girl who I think will also say she may not be able to afford it. Now I'm a bit discouraged and would love some suggestions on locations!
Is there anywhere close to your city you could go? The flights are probably what would hold people back because that would be the most expensive part, so maybe there's an awesome place you could rent on Airbnb or VBRO? Another idea would be a road trip somewhere since it would be cheaper! It's hard to say without knowing where you live (b/c that would greatly affect the cost)! If you really want a destination bachelorette, try finding some flight deals (here are some under $200 and here) to keep cost down, and definitely an all-inclusive resort!

12. Favorite makeup removers? Struggling to find one that doesn't make my eyes red and puffy the next day!
Meggan: I use a cleansing balm to take off my makeup (Elemis, CliniqueColleen Rothschild are my favorites) and then use a cotton ball with lotion to take off the remaining mascara.
Brooke: I linked my two favorites in question 1! They are both amazing and work like a charm!

13. Brooke - can you please share details of your Goyard tote? What size/model is it? Where did you purchase? Are you happy with it? Thanks! 
I have the Artois MM tote which is the larger of the two. Unfortunately it's not available to be purchased online (but they may sell it over the phone if you call the store) - I bought mine at the Goyard on 63rd St, but they also have a boutique inside Barney's. I chose this one over the St Louis tote because the corners are reinforced, the price includes monogram (monogram on the other bags is extra $), and it has a zipper. I use it every day & I love it. It's my perfect 'mom bag' because it holds so much. I also love this one from Barrington - it's a great alternative to the Goyard!

14. Can we get a home tour soon?! I know they're so hard because it never feels like your home is "done," but I love the peaks we get every now and then!! Maybe even just linking some of the favorite pieces from your home!
That's exactly what is holding us back from doing home posts, none of our rooms feel complete yet! You can see Brooke's kitchen here, her powder room here, and our bedrooms here. But here are a few of our most asked about home pieces...
Meggan: My dining room table, living room rug, the wallpaper in Cam's room, coffee table + accent table, this wall art, these light fixtures, and this sofa. My West Elm addiction is very obvious ;)
Brooke: Most of my furniture is RH lol Meggan and I are always joking about it - her house is a West Elm showroom and mine is a RH showroom. I think it's important to figure out the style of your house and what works with the architecture. There are so many things I looooove from West Elm & CB2, but after much trial and error (and way too many returns lol), I've learned what works best in my house. You can definitely mix and match pieces, but one room shouldn't be traditional and the next mid-century modern (if that makes sense). My favorite pieces are these counter stools, this sofa, and this sectional (which actually did work out from West Elm - so comfy!). I can't wait to do my office - I have this chair (Meggan has it too) and it's kind of amazing. I love this dresser I have in Avery's room, and my favorite thing about my kitchen is our pendants.

15. What YSL card holders do each of you have? Do you like them and is it worth the $$$?
Meggan: Kyle gave me this one as a birthday present a couple years back in it's still in excellent shape. It's timeless, can fit a lot of cards, (2 per slot), and good quality - I think it's worth the splurge!
Brooke: My parents gave me this one for my birthday a few years ago I love it - I don't even use my regular wallet anymore. It's big enough to hold my cards & cash.

16. Currently shopping for my honeymoon and want some cute rompers and two piece sets for daytime and dinner, but don't want to spend a fortune. I've looked at Shein but get overwhelmed by their selection! Any cute reasonably priced ones you've come across?
This romper is cute, this one is perfect for a casual day, love this one (could be worn day or night), and this long sleeve one perf for nighttime. Some set options are here, here, and here. Hope you have a great honeymoon!

17. Do you have recommendations for a cute floor length mirror for a bedroom?
We both have this one from IKEA and love it! A couple other cute options are this wood ladder one,  this brass one, this simple wood one, and this gray herringbone one.

18. How do you both stay organized? Is it hard getting your husbands to stay tidy/organized? I'm moving in with my boyfriend soon and while he's not a slob, I'm definitely a lot tidier than him. I want our place to stay organized but I don't want to be a nag all the time either. Any thoughts lol!?
Meggan: Lucky for me, Kyle is pretty tidy! I remember always being shocked at how clean/organized his apartment was for a guy when we first started dating (and I was like yessss!). But I think it's important to have a talk before moving in so you don't build up any resentment from picking up after him.  Just tell him you would appreciate it if you did x,y, and z or maybe you could split chores if that would work best for you two. Kyle knows I'm really tidy (like annoying tidy) so he's good about pulling his weight and I don't have to mention it to him THAT often. But if I feel like I'm doing more I just tell him in a nice way I need some help!
Brooke: Same - my hubs is actually better at organizing than I am. It's so nice because he gets up on Saturday and helps me deep clean our whole house. This is our Saturday morning routine - that way our house never gets super dirty or messy. We try to do it every Saturday, because as much as it sucks in the beginning, it's the best feeling when we're done and with two of us it only takes about an hour. However, he does have a habit of leaving his clothes all over the floor during the week ;) lol so I'm usually picking up after him every day. Here are a few things that have helped us: put a hamper in your bathroom - that way dirty clothes go directly in there. Divide the "chores" - he takes out the garbage, I unload the dishwasher, etc (this will also help you avoid unnecessary arguments). If you both hate a certain chore, switch off each week. I think you'll definitely want to talk about it before moving in together so it doesn't become something that bothers you. Just talk to him and make sure he's okay with splitting up tasks and willing to help you keep your place organized and clean.

19. What destinations are on your must visit list that you haven't already been to?
Meggan: Ugh so many! The Amalfi Coast, Greece, Paris, Australia, New Zealand (my dad used to live there so I'm trying to encourage a family vacay ;), Thailand, Bora Bora, London, Spain, Dubai, and Fiji to name a few. And for the states - I've also never been to Hawaii and really want to visit Charleston (it looks so cute!).
Brooke: Soooo many - I really want to do a Eurotrip next year! Amalfi, Positano, Tuscany, Saint-Tropez, Santorini, Bora Bora, Phuket, Spain and Australia. In the US I want to visit Big Sur & Monterey, Watercolor/Rosemary Beach FL, Charleston, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.

20. Totally random help needed! Looking for some fun yet chic magnets for my fridge. I can't seem to find something that does the job but is still cute and not cheesy (and also not a chip clip!).
These Kate Spade ones are super cute, these wood coffee ones are great, and love these marble ones. This DIY idea is amazing too - I want to make them!

21. I'm looking to add just one graphic band tee to my wardrobe. Any suggestions?
We both have one too many band tees in our closet! Here are a few of our favorites: one, two (see it on here), three, four, five.

22. I have a black tie wedding in the Hamptons over Labor Day weekend and need HELP! I can't seem to find any dresses I like. Ideally, something black!
For black tie events, we love RTR because it just makes sense! We're loving this dressthis one (amazing neckline), this one (very Hamptons looking), this one - stunning, and this one - a little sexy but still very pretty! Have so much fun!

23. I'm looking for a chic and versatile stroller for $500 and under. Ideally newborn and up. Any suggestions?
A few strollers we wouldn't mind pushing around are here, here, and here. All super chic/cute and have good reviews! We both have Nuna strollers and couldn't be happier with the quality!

24. My eyelashes have been vanishing lately (so frustrating). I know you both use Neulash. Do you recommend it? I'm hesitant putting something so close to my eyes (the horror stories - change in eye color, puffy eyes, etc.). It's also quite pricey. Is it worth the money?
We have both seem amazing results from it and neither of us have had eye issues. Meggan tried the Rodan & Fields lash boost and that irritated her eyes but no problems with Neulash! It is pricey but the tube lasts about 4-5 months.

25. Do you have any recommendations for a cheaper/similar version of the statement double G Gucci belt? I love the look but would never spend that much on a belt.
Found some amazing dupes - here, here (looks so much like the new Gucci belt!), here, here, here, and here.

26. I'm pregnant with my first and I'm starting to find my clothing is becoming a little more snug as my belly gets bigger! I was hoping to not have to buy a bunch of maternity clothes and instead invest in larger sweaters/tops to get me through the fall and winter. Did either of you have any favorite clothing items when you were pregnant? Or any suggestions on oversized tops that could fit a growing bump?
Check question 14 from this post! We definitely recommend buying oversized items (that's what we did) - loving this top, this tee, this sweater, and a flannel you can layer over tees and tighter dresses like this one.

27. You guys always have the best colors on your nails! Brooke, I got the CND polish in romantique after you posted about it on insta stories and I love it! Do you both have any other favorite colors you can share?
Brooke: Romantique & Funny Bunny are my favorites for light/white. I also like Winter GlowLet's be Friends and Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.
Meggan: I pretty much only wear neutral colors - Funny Bunny, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, Pale To The Chief, Alpine Snow, Cream Puff, and Cityscape.

Have a great weekend babes! Please leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. xx