Closet Favorites from 2016 & Resolutions

Happy New Year lovahs! Can't believe it's 2017, Meggan and I feel like we were just setting our 2016 goals and resolutions, and here we are at January again...crayzayyy! Today I'm sharing my 'closet favorites' from 2016...some saves and some splurges. Also sharing a few of my resolutions at the bottom of this post. Hope you all had an amazing holiday! xx 
I loved these velvet booties the minute I spotted them & they're currently on sale for under $70! They run TTS. 
 This belt was on my wishlist for so long & I finally snagged it in my size. I wear it all the time. 
 Finally bought a pair of these Hunters & not sure why I waited so long. A lot of people say to size down, but I ended up with my regular size! 
 Gucci Dionysus bag - I love this bag, it's probably my favorite of all time. It's easy to carry, it wears well, and I love the clasp. 
 These OTK boots are such a great price & look just like the Stuart Weitzman pair! I ordered a 1/2 size down. 
 This sweater dress and these sneakers both made the list - a save & a splurge. 
 The perfect puffy coat - warm, lightweight & on sale now! I'm wearing an XS. 
 This sweater is one of my favorites ever - so comfortable, and under $30 now! 
This leather jacket is one of my favorites of 2016, but sold out now. This jacket (below) is another favorite we both have and love - just restocked in all sizes and on sale! 
This scarf is so cozy and the perfect size! 
Still love this dress - the color & comfort are the best!

...and now for some resolutions. You can read mine from last year here. Honestly, I pretty much bombed all of them except #4 lol. Here's to following through in 2017! ;) 
1. Get organized - this will probably be on my list forever. Instead of just "get organized," my goal is to clean out 1 room/month. That gives me a lot of time to break up the organizing, and by the end of the year (I hope!) my house will be organized! 
2. Read more - I love to read, but I struggle with making time for it. My plan is to head to bed 30 minutes early 2 days/week to read. That's definitely do-able for me! This is the first book I'll be reading. I would love suggestions for book #2! 
3. Travel more! It can be a challenge to travel with kids, but we are planning to travel more in 2017. We have a few vacations planned that I'm really excited about! 
4. Stay consistent with health - I'm one of those people who will eat SO well and workout five days/week for a few months, then fall off for the next 6 months. Anyone else? My goal for 2017 is to live consistently - I don't have to workout 5 days/week and deprive myself of burgers and fries, but I want to be healthy more often than not. I love the way I feel when I workout (mentally & physically), so I'm not going to let myself fall into "10 reasons why I can't get to the gym today..." excuses. We're starting the year with Whole30 (I'm starting tomorrow), so hopefully that's a good way to kick it off! 
5. Drink more water. This goes with #4, but I need to be so much better about drinking water. Having a great water bottle seriously helps me - I love this one


  1. All your outfit favorites are gorgeous! I totally agree with you on drinking more water! I set a huge list for myself last year too and didn't complete any of them (oops!) 2017 will be the year!


  2. staying consistent with health is my biggest downfall. 2017 is my year to change that!! Thank you for sharing all your goals. XO

  3. How can you always look so fabulous!!! Seriously impressed with your style.

  4. great post!! wow your looks are beautiful. I love January mostly for the recaps of all the bloggers favorite outfits over the years.
    Lindsay | sell eat love

  5. Obsessed with those velvet boots!

  6. Beautiful looks! That Gucci belt is on my wish list too, might have to just pull the trigger! xo

  7. Let us know how the book is:)

  8. Love all of these favorites, need to snag a few things for myself! One of my goals this year is to read more too - it's just so hard for me to put my phone down and disconnect (which is terrible!).

    Pink Champagne Problems

    1. Thank you! I agree - so hard to put the phone down but I'm going to work on that! xx

  9. Those velvet booties are hands down my favorite! So cute!!!

  10. So many great looks I literally cannot choose a favorite!

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  11. I had to have those velvet booties when I first saw them too! I got the pink blush but I love yours! I also have that ripped sweater dress, so it's safe to say I think you have great taste! :) haha. happy new year! xoxo Stefanie /

  12. Those velvet boots are everything! Everyone seems to have snagged that belt!

    Amanda ||

  13. All of these picks are so cute, no wonder they're favorites! Cheers to 2017!


  14. Loving all of those pieces...That Gucci bag is next on my list! I have a lot of similar goals this year! Let's do this 2017!!
    Styled Adventures


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