The Coziest Sweater

We are halfway through the week, wooo! A few of my friends arrive tomorrow and I can hardly contain my excitement!! My bestie is bringing her two month old who I haven't even met yet (we moved 2 weeks before she was born) and I can't wait to get my hands on her. I got all of Camden's baby stuff out for her (boppy pillow, swing, play mat) and it made me a little teary-eyed. He is getting so big :( I'm curious to see how he will do with another baby in his territory.
This sweater is sooo so soft! I have a few tops from Bailey 44 and love them - the quality is great and I always get compliments when wearing. 
Brooke and I wear these jeans alllll the time - definitely one of our most worn items! Shopbop has a few sizes left but I will keep my eye out to see if they get restocked anywhere.

Grammy just got here to help me hang Camden's wallpaper! I'm the least crafty person so she will be carrying us on this project ;) I'm so anxious to get his room done - I've gone through three different rugs and still haven't found one I love. By the time I'm done with it he will probably be ready for a big boy room, ha! I'll post some pictures on snap once the wallpaper is up.


  1. These are my favorite jeans and I LOVE that sweater!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. So fun, enjoy your weekend with your friends! And I love, love, love this sweater! So cute

    Lee Anne

  3. I saw this sweater on your Insta and loved it right away! Is the sweater rolling up a lot when you move? I always find it a bit difficult to find a cute off the shoulder sweater that stays in place just how I want it to.

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


    1. it actually stays down pretty well and I can move my arms around easily!

  4. I am seriously obsessed with y'alls blogs, Instagram(Stories) and Snaps!!! But, I have searched high and low...are y'all best friends from childhood or college or just business partners? I am so intrigued with how amazing y'all web and flow together in every.single.aspect!

  5. Seriously, just too cute! Love this off the shoulder sweater, so stunning to dress up or down. Black is my all time fave...fabulous style! Obsessed!

  6. Love this outfit -- especially those Sunnies!

  7. This sweater is so adorable! It looks so cozy and I love the charcoal gray color!

  8. Great outfit. You look amazing. Love your sweater and bag.

    Rita |

  9. I love this soooo chic look!! That sweater looks unbelievably comfortable and I am DYING over those jeans!!! Have a GREAT weekend with the bestie!!


  10. this are my favorite jeans and they never have my size.... insert crying face!