Weekend Deals

Sneaker espadrilles are my new favorite comfort shoe. This Marc Fisher pair are BEYOND comfy and I have been wearing them nonstop since I bought last week. The white with metallic stars are pretty cute too! This pair (we posted on Insta stories) is so cute as well! 

Here are the sunnies I posted to insta stories yesterday - they are so good and under $100! I got the black.

How fun is this BB Dakota romper? Perfect for a hot summer day!

I saw these sandals in store yesterday and thought they were designer (but they're under $100!) - come in 4 colors! 

This dress is perfect for daytime - wear it with sneakers or sandals for a fun, casual look (would look so cute with the sneaker espadrilles!).

I just got this cute passport case from Barrington Gifts for my wedding and honeymoon. You can customize however you like and it's under $50 (had to get my new initials obvi!). We also have this bag and love it - perfect for traveling! 

Obsessed with these ripped jeans (esp the hem). Only $59!

New Levi's! Just ordered these because they're only $88 and look like the perfect summer jean! 

I just picked up this top yesterday and was so shocked when I saw it was under $100. I thought for sure it was going to be over $300! I got an XS, but thinking I'll exchange it for the small so the arms fit like they do on the model.

This dress & our favorite sweatshirt were just re-stocked in all sizes! Get them before they're gone again - so cute!

This hat was just released in the brown color & I'm obsessed - only $44!

This off the shoulder top is perfection - obsessed with the dusty rose color!

Good vibes only. Spray this body & hair elixir to bring in the positive vibes - spritz away the haters ;).



1. Meggan - how are you liking Orange Theory? There's one by my house and I'm thinking about starting!
I love it! I've been going twice a week and already see results (I feel leaner and stronger). I especially like it because it makes you push yourself and workout muscles you wouldn't usually. I don't know about you buttttt sometimes when I go to the gym I lollygag and tend to do the same workouts over and over. With Orange Theory it's never the same which makes it more enjoyable and efficient. I signed up for a monthly membership but you can try a couple classes before you make that commitment! I think you get your first one free and single classes are $16 (I could be wrong on that). If you buy a membership the classes are about $12 each. I say definitely give it a try!

2. I'm looking for some cute graphic tees appropriate for a "50s something". Can you give me some ideas on where to look?
Some great graphic tees for any age here, here, and here!

3. Brooke - where is your wood holder from next to your fireplace? Is it still available? 
It's this one from C&B - looks like it's still available! I also have the matching fireplace tool set - love both!  

4. I'm going wine tasting in Napa next month and wanted some cute day dress ideas!
This stripped shirt dress is super cute (paired with this hat would look adorbs), love this off the shoulder dress (especially with sneakers!), this maxi is pretty, and so is this golden mini.

5. Meggan - please share all the advice/tips you got about the night sweats. I am so glad I'm not alone and was so happy you shared that!!
OMGGG I got SO many messages after posting those (TMI) snaps! I couldn't believe how many other girls have the night sweats. Mine have been so bad the last 4-5 months and I can't take it anymore! Every inch of my body sweats and I have to change my clothes in the middle of the night - sometimes two times! TMI again lol ;) The worst part is waking up with wet curly hair! Anyway, my doctor said it might be a thyroid issue so I got some blood work done to test that. I'm convinced it's hormonal though because it get's worse during my period. Okay so here goes the huge list...
- A TON of girls mentioned their mattress pad caused theirs (easy fix phew!). They trap a lot of heat and you can get a mattress topper (Amazon has a huge selection) to help with cooling. I have this one in my cart but wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations!
- Someone said to try this Mother Dirt Probiotic Spray. She said she uses it every morning and before bed and rarely ever sweats anymore!
- One girl said her doctor determined it was her anxiety that was causing hers. She got on a different medication and they went away.
- A girl I know had the night sweats for a year and went to a natural doctor for a second opinion. Her thyroid, testosterone, and progesterone levels were all off. After 3 months of hormonal therapy her sweats went away. Her reg doctor told her that her thyroid was in normal range but the "normal range" is huge and almost everyone under 50 fits in that range.
- A few girls said their medications caused theirs - mainly birth control and antidepressants.
- If diabetes run in your family, that could be the cause.
- Change your sheets to bamboo and use alpaca blankets instead of a comforter
- A lot of girls said they had their hormone levels checked and they were terribly imbalanced. I swear my hormones are wack because everything makes me cry (literally everything). I'm going to get mine checked!
- One girl said Peachskin Sheets are the best for keeping cool and she knows people that swear by them.
- One girl said to take Chaste Tree (herbal hormone balancer). She started taking it after having the night sweats and they stopped happening. Also recommended taking black maca (she puts it in her smoothies) to help with hormones.
SOOO MANY NIGHT SWEATERS! Thyroid and hormonal imbalance seemed to be the #1 answers I got from people. Isn't it nice to know we aren't suffering alone? Let's all go to the doctor and get this figured out lol!

6. Do you ladies have any 'clean eating' dessert ideas? I'm trying to stick to my clean diet, but really missing sweets! 
We love finding great replacements for sweets when we're trying to stick to a clean diet! Just saw this cashew chocolate chip cookie skillet on instagram and it looked SO amazing (def going to try it!). We have both made these cookies before (dangerous, hard not to eat the whole pan lol), and banana nice cream is seriously delicious (shocking)! I used chocolate protein powder and almond butter in mine. Hope that helps!

7. Do you have location recommendations for a couples shower in Chicago (in June or July)?
Hmmm...I had my baby shower at Jane's Restaurant and it was super cute. A couple other places I think would work are Orso's in Old Town (they have a pretty patio), Fulton Market Kitchen, or Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in LP. Oh and Zed451 Rooftop could be a cool spot too!

8. Meggan - where are your lamps from?
My bedroom nightstand lamps are from Target (here) and the lamps in my living room are from West Elm (here) and World Market (here). I am obsesssssed with the one from West Elm but if you want the look for less, this one from Target is similar!

9. I need a new makeup bag (real bad). Which makeup bags do you use? Brooke, I think yours has your initials - where is that from? Love! 
Brooke: Yes, I just got it! It's this one from Barrington and I'm obsessed. I have the black cube print with black leather. I love how it opens up and I'm not digging blindly into the bag like I was with my old one.
Meggan: I honestly have no idea where mine is from! It was a gift I got a few years ago. I just saw some supppper cute ones at Target though. Love this orange one - the poms are great!

10. Any Mother's Day gifts under $100? 
Some things we wouldn't mind getting - this sweatshirt (lol) along with this cute mugthis initial necklacethis portable phone charger (love the eyes!), these planters (obbbsessseeddd!), and these wine glasses!

11. I'm looking into investing in my first designer bag - inspired partially by y'all and partially by Tradsey's mega Louis Vuitton sale going on right now. I'm torn between the LV Speedy 30 (in damier ebene) or the LV Speedy Bandouliere 25 or 30 (in the classic monogram). Do either of you have these or have a preference? I want this bag to last me for years even if I'm buying it a little pre-loved. Would love your insight even if you have another similar bag to throw into the mix :)
Both are great classics, but we'd probably go for the Bandouliere since it has a crossbody strap or it can be carried with the handles! We definitely prefer our crossbody bags these days, so that would be our preference!

12. Wanted to get some recommendations for your favorite non-distressed skinny or straight leg jeans. Thanks!
Meggan: My two favorite pairs of non-distressed denim are this pair by Paige and this pair from Abercrombie!
Brooke: I love this pair from Paige (see them in this post), and these from DL1961 (these run large, order 1 size down...I swear they make you look skinnier!).

13. What are your tips for first time home buyers? We are apartment dwellers and are looking to invest in a home possibly in the next year or so and wanted to know what advice you would give. Maybe a tip you wish you would have known before starting to house hunt.
Brooke: I feel like I have a lot of tips, so sorry this is going to be kind of long (and I'm obviously not an expert, but this is just from my personal experience)! First, take the emotion out of the buying process. It is emotional no doubt, but you don't want to get caught up in everything and end up regretting your decision! Just because you're approved for a loan of X amount doesn't mean that's how much you should spend. You don't want to be spending all of your money on your home/mortgage - try to remember that when you feel like you found your "dream house" but it's at the top of your budget. You still want to be able to travel, have date night, and buy things without the stress of debt! Also, remember the bills that come with a house, you're not only going to be paying for your mortgage. Think about re-sale. You're probably not going to stay in your first home forever, so consider things that most home buyers are looking for (good school district if possible, backyard, and functionality of the home). Finally, don't get caught in a bidding war! This kind of goes along with taking the emotion out. If you end up in a bidding war, you're most likely going to be overpaying for a home - it may not appraise at that amount, and you could end up losing money when you go to sell. We were actually out-bid 3 times, and we lost a house due to a bad inspection before we ended up finding our house! Now, I'm so happy it turned out that way even though I was sad and frustrated in those moments! Being patient will pay off in the long run.
Meggan: Those are all great tips from and to be honest I don't have many because our process/experience was SO fast and easy. We knew we wanted to be in Kyle's parents neighborhood so that narrowed the housing options down. His mom posted on the neighborhood blog to see if anyone was planning on selling that weren't on the market yet. A couple responded that they we're planning on moving soon so we flew to Dallas to look at their house. We ended up loving it and put in an offer the next day. The owners let us come and look at it several times and they answered all our questions so it was pretty easy. This isn't our forever home and I'm sure when we start the house hunt again it won't be easy. This time it all just kind of fell in place!

14. I have a wedding to attend in June in New York City. I don't have anything to wear yet except I know I want to wear my nude/blush Valentino Rockstud heels. Any dress suggestions to match?
With blush rockstuds, we would keep it pretty simple with the dress so your outfit doesn't look "overdone." We love this dressthis onethis one (so pretty in the blush color), this one (uhg, so good!), and this one.

15. Do either of you use self-tanner? If so, what brands do you recommend?
Meggan: No but I need to use the one Brooke has because she always looks so good! I'm ordering it right now lol. I usually just use the Jergens Natural Glow lotion if I want a base tan.
Brooke: Yes! I do not go in the sun (or if I do I always load up on sunscreen), so self-tanner is a must for me! This express tan is my all-time favorite & I've tried a lot of different brands...this one wins hands-down (this one is runner-up)! No streaking, and you only have to leave it on for 3 hours max which is the best part! I use a kabuki brush to apply it on my face (in circular motions), and this mitt to apply to the rest of my body. I also used this instant tan the other weekend when I forgot to do self tanner and wanted a quick tan and was really impressed with it (wearing it in this post)! I also used the mitt to apply this.

16. I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks for my birthday and I'm staying a few blocks away from Michigan Avenue. I love to shop and love some good food/treats. Any recommendations?
Michigan Ave has everything for shopping so you won't have any problem there! My fav stores on it are Nordstrom, Topshop, Aritzia, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Free People, F21, Bloomingdales and you need to stop in the Burberry store. I've never bought anything but the store itself is amazing! You for sure have to pick up some Gerrett Popcorn - the cheese/caramel mix is soooo good/addicting (beware). I honestly didn't go to a lot of restaurants around there but Eataly is a must! Sooo many good treats and food in there...and wine ;) If you want to explore other neighborhoods, check out my recommendations on this #coffeetalk (question 8). Have fun!

17. I know you get these questions a lot, but my brother is getting married this July in Lake Geneva, WI and I would love your suggestions on a dress to wear! preferably not form fitting and I'd like to stay around $100.
Ahhh love Lake Geneva! A few dress options we're loving are here, here (so pretty in blush), here, and here (formal option). All under $100!

18. Can you guys suggest cute heeled slides/mules? I'd love a nude or cognac pair for summer!
This Sam Edelman pair is cute (and the heel isn't too high!), obsessed with this pair, kinda want these (the bow is so fun), and this pair is in my cart!

19. Going to a bachelorette party in Chicago next weekend (May 5th, Fiesta! Ayyy). Where are some fun places for groups at night? Also, weather will be mid 60s to 70 degrees, so beautiful! Any fun outfit ideas?!
Okay honestly I didn't really go out that much my last few years in Chicago because I was pregnant then had a kid lol so I hope these suggestions aren't dumb (Chicago girls please chime in!). So many new places have opened since my "going out days". Since it will be Cino De Mayo you should pop into Big Star for a marg or five (they are sooo good) but get there early because it gets packed. Some fun bars are El Hefe, Bottled Blonde (I've never been but a lot of Chicago girls I know seem to go a lot), Pops for Champagne, Hub51/Sub51, and Fremont (fun for brunch too). If you want to go to clubbing the only ones I really went to are Underground and Paris Club. Oh and you have to go The Hangge-Uppe for after hours. Best dance music ever. As for outfit ideas...obsessed with this dress (scandeloussss), this bodysuit (looks cute with a skirt or high waisted jeans), or this jumpsuit with some cool heels like these or these (is anyone else into the clear heels or just me!?).

Feel free to leave your questions below or you can email us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. xx

FAQ: Sweet Potato, Egg, Avocado Bowl (Whole30 compliant)

 Whenever I make this bowl and snap a pic for Insta Stories, I get tons of requests for the recipe. Now that it's here, we all have a spot to reference and it's easier than trying to explain it over DM lol (ps - I love seeing your pics when you make this!). I discovered this combo when we were doing Whole30 & I've been addicted ever since. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be this bowl. Every. Day. It's Whole30 compliant as is, but you could also add brown rice (I have, it's so good), cauliflower rice, onions, or any other veggies you love. I keep it simple most days with only 3 ingredients - egg, sweet potato, avocado. See the recipe below, enjoy! My dishes are here - another FAQ when I post this ;). 
Avocado Oil
1-2 sweet potatoes, chopped (depending on how much you want) 
1 egg
1/2 avocado
Red pepper flakes 
Garlic Powder
*I don't measure the seasonings, I just load them on (don't be shy with it). Also you can add or take out any seasonings - just include what you like. 

1. Add 1 Tbs avocado oil (or olive oil) to pan on medium heat
2. Add chopped sweet potato & seasonings
3. Mix well (make sure all sweet potato pieces are covered with seasoning)
4. Reduce heat to low and cover for 10 minutes or until sweet potato is soft (checking on sweet potato from time to time, you don't want to burn it!) 
5. Uncover, continue to cook sweet potato so the sides get a little brown/crispy. 
6. In the same pan, add the egg and cook to preference. *For this recipe, the runny yolk is key IMO. I cook mine over easy/medium (I'm no egg expert, so basically I spend this time trying to cook the whites without breaking the yolk). 
7. Once egg is done, combine sweet potato + egg in a bowl and top with avocado and red pepper flakes. 
8. Try not to eat the whole bowl in 37 seconds. 

My Go-To One Teaspoon Jeans

I have a confession to make - I can't stop wearing these One Teaspoon jeans (also posted here and here). I've been neglecting all the other jeans in my closet since I bought these, ha! I love the giant rips and zippered leg opening. They look so cute dressed up with heels but during the day I usually wear them with sneakers and a tee. 
I can't stop buying yellow pieces this spring - I've got these heels, this maxi, and this romper. It's such a pretty color and looks great with a tan! My sandals come in 7 colors (Brooke just got the tan nubuck) and they are under $100.
top | jeans | aviators | sandals | bag | lipstick (pure zen) + gloss

Sorry for the short post but I'm off to Cam's gymboree class. We are running late since we both slept in today! It's seriously his favorite (and my least favorite lol) activity we do. It is great for burning some energy off! He always takes the longest naps on class day so I shouldn't complain ;)


How To Mix High & Low Fashion

Mixing high and low fashion is something I love - I don't spend a lot on clothing pieces, unless it's a staple I know I will wear for years to come. Jackets, coats, and denim (if I can't find them sale) are the pieces I'm willing to splurge on. I aim to keep my tops under $100, dresses under $150, and skirts/shorts under $100 as often as possible. I get tired of clothes quickly - especially trendy pieces, so it pains me to spend $$$ on something and get tired of it after a few wears. I save splurges for accessories - bags, shoes, and sunglasses because these items can elevate any look & you can wear them over and over (unlike most clothes). This jacket was a splurge, but this tank is under $20 (wearing size small), and I love them paired together.
My tips for mixing high & low fashion are:
1. Invest in bags, sunglasses, and shoes - in that order. There are so many great budget-friendly sunglasses & shoes out there right now, so I would start with a bag if you're just looking to get started with mixing high and low pieces. Some of my favorite bags are: this one (50% off, $389), this one ($595), this one ($980), and this one ($995). 
2. Do not invest in trend pieces. For trendy items, I shop Forever21, H&M, Zara, Asos, and Mango. Some of my favorite on-trend pieces under $50: this slip dress ($45) this off the shoulder top ($25), this twist back sweater ($43), and this dress ($50). 
3. Choose simple/plain fabrics. This isn't always the case (floral, for example), but most of the time I try to stick to solids or stripes when looking for inexpensive pieces to add to my closet. It's easier to mix simple pieces into your wardrobe, and you won't get tired of them as quickly (they also look more expensive than a crazy printed fabric). Some examples of great, simple pieces: this tee, this dress ($10 - comes in six colors), and this top (which I also have and love!). 
4. Stay true to your personal style. Don't buy something (a save or a splurge) just because someone tells you it's the best thing ever! Staying true to your style is key to pulling off any look with confidence. 
5. Buy now, wear later. This is theeee best way to save money on splurge items! Shop for amazing coats & boots in early spring (like this coat & these boots!), and designer sandals after summer ends.  Farfetch is one of my favorite sites to find designer deals (you can sometimes find pieces at a discount since items are sourced from boutiques around the world - always 100% authentic). Also, don't be afraid to shop second-hand from Vestiaire Collective, The Real Real, and Fashionphile
jacket (wearing size 0) | tank (wearing small) | jeans | shoes (order up 1 full size) | bag | sunglasses 



My Favorite Summer Maxi Dresses

I'm already on my third cup of coffee this AM...I seriously feel like a zombie from the Reward Style Conference that was here in Dallas all weekend. I was superrrr nervous rolling solo (Brooke wasn't able to make it) and not knowing anyone. I had a vision of everyone being super clicky and catty but I was WAY off. Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I'm happy I pushed myself and went because I learned a lot and met so many amazing women. It was funny meeting bloggers I've followed forever because I already knew so much about them lol! #stalkerstatus But it was definitely fun having your instagram friends turn into real life friends. I shot some of my looks I wore to the conference and will be posting them later this week. I didn't buy anything new (due to heavy procrastination) so had to play around with pieces in my closet. 
But first, I wanted to show you guys this gorg maxi dress I recently got! I'm usually not one to wear a lot of color but this one caught my eye. It's so comfy and an easy dress to throw on for dinner, brunch, shopping, etc. It also comes in a blue/white combo and it's sooo pretty!
I love the high slit! Adds a little drama to the dress ;)
It also comes in a short version with long sleeves - SO cute!
dress (wearing xs) | sandals | sunglasses | bag | lipstick

More maxi dresses I'm loving (all under $150)

Weekend Deals

This top is 40% off today along with so many other great pieces - just added this top & this tee to my cart (love the sleeves!). Use code: GETHAPPY

These distressed denim shorts are so good & only $60. 

I picked up this tank (in stripes) at Target yesterday. Seriously so cute & looks much more expensive than $18! Also love this lace trim cami

In love with this top - love the blue & white stripes! 

These jeans are perfection, under $100, and look like a pair I just saw for over $300! I think we all need! 

I need new workout tops, how amazing is the back of this tee?! Would look so cute with these leggings (love the burgundy)! 

This FP dress just went 40% off - obsessed + perfect for summer! 

We looooove this crossbody for festival season (or just spring in general!), under $70! 

This romper is SO cute - love the black and white! Wear it with sneakers or sandals. 

This white dress is perfect for brunch, pool, or the beach and also comes in a really pretty clay color. 

Super cute wedding-guest dresses under $100 - here, here, here, and here

Sneaker love! Obsessed with these ($85) and these ($80)- both are perfect to throw on with any outfit! 

Just ordered this off the shoulder in black for summer date nights - black always looks so good for a night out! It comes in white as well! 



1. How do you both find time to go to the gym? I have two little ones and can't seem to find time with their schedules (naps, music classes, etc), and needing to get errands done. My youngest is 8 months old and I still have baby weight to lose. Any tips would be much appreciated! 
Brooke: I definitely struggle with this as well, but they key for me is making it a priority & getting it done in the morning if possible. Sophia goes to school every day (1/2 day) and it always works best for me to be dressed and ready to go to the gym right after I drop her off at school (if I come home after dropoff, I know I'm probably not making it to the gym that day). My gym has a daycare, so I drop Avery there while I work out. Here are my tips: find a gym with a daycare or go to the gym before your kids wake up in the morning (if that's an option), or do BBG! I really recommend it for busy moms - the workouts are only 30 minutes, and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment! Just search #bbgvideo on insta and you'll see! The BBG workouts are 3x's a week, and 3 days a week you're supposed to do 35-45 minutes of light cardio - you could go on a walk/jog, or even just take your kids outside and run around! I purchased the eBook and that's what I use. I'm actually going to start BBG again next Monday and I'm excited! Good luck, I think the hardest part is just finding a routine!
Meggan: When I lived in Chicago, I went mid-morning which I wasn't really liking because it took up a big chunk of time before lunch/Cam's nap. Plus Camden hattted going to the daycare. He would cry until I picked him up which made working out miserable. I always shortened them because I knew he was sad. Now I go in AM before Cam and Kyle are up and I love it. I started doing Orange Theory twice a week (the 6:15 class) and go to the gym twice a week (wake up at 6:15). I definitely miss sleeping in but it feels good to get it out of the way. Sometimes I even stop at the grocery store after so I don't have to go during the day and it's feels amazing to get both those checked off my list by 8am!

2. Can you do a roundup of your favorite distressed denim shorts for spring/summer? Preferably a little on the longer side so nothing is hanging out while I run errands with my little one :)
I (Meggan) got these and love them (see them on me here). A few others are these Levi's, this pair by Topshop, and this BlankNYC pair!

3. Not a very fun question (but you've given some great budgeting tips before), but do you ladies save for retirement?
Brooke: Yes. When I was working (before blogging) I maxed out my 401K each year that I could afford to - it may not seem that fun, but you'll thank yourself later - at least I hope so ;). Now that we're self-employed, I opened a SEP IRA account for retirement. I'll be honest, depositing money into that account is kind of painful lol but I know it will be worth it for my future self/family! I would suggest talking to a financial advisor if you have any questions - finances can be intimidating, but so liberating when you're in control (and understand) them!
Meggan: I also have a 401k from my former employers and I'm talking with my financial advisor right now about opening an account (similar to Brooke's).

4. Brooke - based on the past posts I've realized we have very similar tastes in perfumes. I already own pretty much all of the scents you've mentioned. You posted about Tom Ford Santal Blush, which I do love but I feel like its a little strong/overpowering (and expensive, especially if I already feel unsure). Do you feel that way when you wear it or is it just me? I'm loving the sandalwood tones for my next perfume purchase so I was wondering if you knew of any similar that might not be as intense?
I love Santal Blush but your right, it's super expensive for perfume. My husband gave it to me for Christmas, I don't think I would have bought it for myself. However, I do love it and after having it, I can say I would re-purchase it for myself! It is stronger than other fragrances which also means it lasts longer - something about the oil content (I can't remember exactly what it is!) in Tom Ford's perfume is more concentrated which is why it's more expensive. I honestly only use one spray and that's enough for a full day. If you're unsure about it I would go to Nordstrom and ask them to create a sample for you (it's a pretty big sample) so you can try it out to see if you like it or not! I'm not sure of any similar scents off the top of my head, but this one sounds amazing (I love Nest Fragrances as well), and although it's not sandalwood the MK one we posted about a few weeks ago has been my daily go-to recently. Meggan and I are both obsessed with it - but it's definitely not sandalwood, so if that's what you're looking for I would try the Tom Ford sample or the Nest one! Hope that helps!

5. I'm going to a wedding next month, and am looking for a high/low dress. Any favorites? 
We love this one, this one, this one (comes in so many colors), and this one (obsessed)!

6. Heading on family vacation to the beach next month and wondering what sunscreen you like best for your kids?
Meggan: I use Alba Botanica on Cam and love it! He's never been burnt and it's chemical free!
Brooke: I used Supergoop on myself & my girls in Miami (I loved it and it was great for Sophia), but Avery kept having a reaction when it got close to her eyes (I think it was getting in her eyes when she would rub her eyes with her hands), so I'm looking for a different one for her this summer. I'll have to try the one Meggan suggested. 

7. I'm going to Vegas this summer - any suggestions for nights out and days by the pool?
For a night out - this dress (looks just like Alexander Wang but under $100!), this dress, this one, and this one - all super fun! For days by the pool we love this dress, this suit, and this coverup.

8. My husband and I are going to Chicago in May for a long weekend. This will be the first time we are away from our daughter (23 months). I would love any suggestions for restaurants/shopping/things to do. Thank you!
West Loop has so many amazing restaurants and fun spots to get a drink so I would definitely hang out in there one night. A few of my favorites are Girl & The Goat, Bar Sienna, Formentos, Momotaro, Duck Duck Goat, and Parlor. So many new ones have popped up since I moved so I would definitely too. A few other favorite spots are RPM Italian, GT Fish & Oyster, Big Star (the best margs!), and Sunda. You should definitely get a drink at The Signature Room (95th floor at the John Hancock) - it has the most amazing views of the city! Shopping you should hit up Michigan Ave (touristy but something you kind of have to do) or Bucktown has good shopping too! Old Town and Lincoln Park are fun neighborhood to explore too (go to Armitage Street they have so many cute shops and restaurants!). You should see if movies in the park start by the time your there - they are so fun!

9. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in Colorado this July. This is the dress I'm wearing (in coral) and the bride wants us to wear a nude shoe in any style we want. Can you give me some suggestions on flats and heels that would be comfortable and look good?
You could wear something classic like this or this (the block heel would probably be more comfy!) or do something fun like this! For flats we love this pair and this pair - both are so fun and could be worn all the time after the wedding!

10. Any new recipes you've tried lately that are good? I love when you post what you're making on insta!
Meggan: I am obsessed with this spaghetti squash pad thai - I make it at least once a week. This grilled salmon is so good (I added jalapeño to the mango salsa for a little kick) and so are these thai chicken lettuce tacos.
Brooke: I love this clean cashew chicken, and my sweet potato, egg, avocado bowl (you've probably seen it on insta stories lol). I've had so many questions about the recipe so here it is: sauté sweet potato in avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, red chili flakes & anything else you like, add (cooked) brown rice and stir together, once that is done, make room for an egg in the same pan, cook the egg over easy/medium or fried (runny yolk is key), combine everything in a bowl and top with avocado! SO good & healthy. I've had it for lunch every day this week.

11. I have a trip to DC in a couple weeks that will involve LOTS of walking/sightseeing + nights out, so I need versatile outfits that go with comfy shoes and maybe a cute backpack? Any outfit suggestions/bag? I'm not really a sneakers person!
We would probably do comfy dresses (here, here, and here) and bring a denim jacket (love this one) to throw on if it gets chilly. You could do comfy sandals if you're not a sneaker person! For a backpack - I have this one and love it, highly recommend it!

12. I'm a personal attendant in a wedding this June. The bride would like me to wear a dress in any shade of blue or purple (the main wedding color is navy). Any suggestions for a dress under $100?
A few we think would be super cute are: this ruffle onethis lace midi, this off-the-shoulder, another pretty lace option, and this tulle dress (fun and girly!).

13. I'm on the hunt for a new coffee table and would love to know where you both got yours and if you have any others you are loving?
Brooke: Both of mine are from RH - one is super old, I don't think they even make it anymore but it's similar to this, and this is the other one - I love it, but it's impossible to keep clean with little hands! This coffee table is soooo cool, and this one is a super cool budget-friendly option!
Meggan: I put two tables together (see pic here) and they're both from West Elm - shocker, my house could be WE showroom lol. Here is the tall one and this is the short one. A few others I've spotted and loving are thisthis (why so expensive ughhh), and this one (obsessed with mid-century furniture).

14. I just recently got promoted to nurse manager!! I've never had to wear business clothes to work since I've always worked in scrubs. What are some stylish yet hospital appropriate outfits?
Congratulations! We loooove these pants (they come in so many different colors & patterns) - wear them with loafers (we love these and these) for a young + fun look, this blouse is great, this skirt in yellow is so fun for spring/summer, and we would pair it with a long sleeve blouse (like this one - if you look closely you can see it has yellow on the stripes, so fun!).

15. My closet, under the bed bins, and dresser are filled to the max. How do you determine what to purge, what to keep and what to box up for storage?
Meggan: I used to have the hardest time letting go of clothes! I usually end up purging trendy/cheap clothes (Forever21, H&M, etc) that I know I probably won't wear next season or items I haven't worn in over a year.
Brooke: Same, I've gotten better in recent years. I agree with Meggan - the first things I get rid of are the cheap + trendy pieces I know I won't be wearing again. I don't really keep anything for storage (other than bags). I donate most, sell some, and trash things really need to go and aren't in good enough shape to be donated.

16. I have an Alexander McQueen silk scarf (dark camo colored green with black skulls). I've had it forever and NEVER worn it because I just don't know how! Any suggestions?
That color combo sounds amazing! For spring/summer we love this look and this look- casual with a basic top and cute shorts! You could also pair it with a simple maxi like this. Let the scarf do the talking since it's a statement piece!

17. I'm on the lookout for a pair of cute, versatile flats to wear to work (flats b/c I'm super tall - 6'2" and live in NY so comfort is key!). I know there are tons of options, but I wear a size 12-13. Any hot tips on shoes that aren't hideous for a tall girl?
If you want to splurge, these loafers come in a size 12 (love). These are so cute (saw them in store today), and we also love this pair (so many fun color options) & this pair - love the blush!

Leave your questions below or email them to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx

How To Wear Culottes

Culottes are one trend I'm totally on board with - I've always loved them. A lot of people find culottes intimidating and aren't sure how to wear them - styling them correctly is key to pulling off the look! 
1. Find the best fit. First, you want to make sure they fit properly - you don't want them to be too tight (especially if you have hips and a booty like I do). Too tight is just not a good look. If I'm in between sizes, I always go for the larger size. 
2. Keep the top simple. Pair them with a fitted, simple top (tuck it in to accentuate your waist), and if you need a jacket, make it cropped. 
3. Wear heels. If you have super long, thin legs you can get away with wearing flats, but heels are best for most of us. It helps elongate your leg and keeps the look from falling into the frumpy zone. 
4.  Keep your accessories simple. Let the pants stand out and be the "hero" piece of this look. When it comes to culottes, try to adopt a minimalistic style. 
I picked up this pair at Zara before our trip to Miami and wore them to my favorite restaurant - Casa Tua. They're a fun change from a dress and I loved the look. I just added this culotte jumpsuit to my cart - obsessed! A jumpsuit is a great start if you're still unsure about styling the look. Meggan and I both got this two piece set and it's so cute - another great option! 
pants + top both found in store at zara | sunglasses | sandals | bag

My favorite culottes:

SkinMedica Serum Review & Giveaway

Hi guys! We've been getting a lot of skincare questions and blog post requests, so we're going to start sharing more beauty-related posts in 2017! We're always sharing our routines and favorites on instagram stories, but we'll make it a point to share more on the blog as well!
Today, we're talking about the SkinMedica serum we're both currently using - their 2.0 Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum. This is a pigment correcting serum that restores your skin to an even shade and helps improve hyper-pigmentation. Bonus: it also aids in preventing future discoloration! From spending too much time in the sun during our teenage years, to having kids and the hormones that come along with pregnancy, our skin has suffered some discoloration. We both have some sun spots/damage, and we're doing everything in our power to prevent any further harm to our skin as we age.
Since this serum is new in our routines, we were excited that so many of you messaged us and commented on instagram telling us how much you love it as well as other SkinMedica products!
Meggan: My chest is a major problem area for me. The color is uneven and looks blotchy - you can tell I've sunburned it many times over the years (ugh!). I've mentioned this before, but I have been doing IPL treatments on my face and recently had two done on my chest (going back for a third before my wedding). I was happy to hear that this serum helps optimize results of laser treatments, along with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and prescription care products. I called my laser technician before I started using (just to double check it was okay!) and she actually recommended using it. I'm excited to see results and start evening out my complexion - I will keep you guys posted!
Brooke: As I get closer to the big 3-0 (next year!), I've noticed some faint sun spots starting to show up on my lower cheeks/jawline. Admittedly they aren't terrible, but sun spots only get worse over time and that's not something I'm looking forward to, so I am really excited to have added this serum to my morning + night routine (I apply after cleansing in the morning and after my serum at night - always before applying moisturizer). The before & after photos are what really sold me, and I'm always extremely happy with products created by a dermatologist. The clinical results showed that Lytera 2.0 reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and prevents future discoloration, so this is certainly a product I needed to add to my routine. I also suffer from redness, so this moisturizer is next on my list to try! 
Since we're so happy with the product, we've decided to host a giveaway (yaaasss!). We will be gifting one of you a bottle of the 2.0 Lytera Correcting Serum + all you need to do to enter is leave a comment below sharing why you'd like to try the product. XO
In collaboration with SkinMedica