Our Favorite TULA Products + Discount Code

It's no secret we love TULA skincare products! We're always getting questions about our favorite products from the line, so today we're sharing those and we have a discount code for you! We were lucky enough to meet with the TULA team during NYFW, and they were so sweet which made us love the brand even more! There's nothing better than products you love combined with amazing people behind the brand, are we right?! If you know nothing about TULA, here's a little background - it was co-founded by Dr. Raj (gastroenterologist internist with a degree from NYU), Ken Landis (co-founder of Bobbi Brown), and Dan Reich (tech entrepreneur). TULA uses probiotic technology, making it very different from most skincare brands - probiotics are not only great for you internally, but also amazing for your skin! Truthfully we didn't know a lot about the brand before they sent us some products to try last year, but it has quickly become a favorite - we've never actually had this many "empties" from one brand before, so that says a lot! Okay, onto our favorite products...
Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum: This is used errrry morning to wake up my eyes! It has a cooling factor and they seriously look brighter from it. It helps blur fine lines/crows feet, reduces puffiness, and has a botox-like peptide complex that targets wrinkles. Yes please!
Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment - woah, that's a mouthful! But this is definitely one of our favorite skincare products of all time! This is great for dry, sensitive skin - honestly the first time I used it, I woke up & looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, my skin looks so hydrated and fresh!" I use this every single night. 
Purifying Face Cleanser: We both lalalooove this cleanser. I've used others in conjunction with it, but I always come back to this one. The smell is amazing, my skin feels so clean after we use it (especially when used with the Clarisonic), and it's gentle on my sensitive skin. 
Exfoliating Treatment Mask: You've seen us in this mask a time or two on snapchat/instastories lol ;). We use this after cleansing 2-3 times per week, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. 
Hydrating Day & Night Cream: We use this during the day, and have been obsessed since the first time we popped the top! It's so soft, and wears extremely well under makeup. This will definitely be a staple in our 'product drawer' as long as they continue to make it (which we pray is forever lol)!
Volume Defense Serum: This is one of the best anti-aging products! It's lightweight and sinks into your skin. I've tried a couple other serums and my face felt sticky from them! It targets wrinkles, improves skin firmness, and protects your skin from environmental toxins that age your skin. 

We have a special discount for you guys! Use the code SLSPRING20 for 20% off + free shipping for the month of April! Xo


  1. I've been seeing so much about Tula products lately and I'm super intrigued! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Sara

  2. Makes me so sad that Tula products do not work for me!!! I think I might be the only one.

    1. Really? That is seriously sad :( Both of us have super sensitive skin and love the products, so that's surprising! Did you give time for your skin to adjust? Sometimes when switching, you need to stick to something for 1-2 months to really test it. Just a suggestion for future products as well! xx

  3. I love their undereye cream - it's so so good for refreshing you and waking you up!

    Good recap, lovers :)


  4. I seriously need to try this stuff!!!

  5. YESSS i love Tula too! And so does my husband, LOL

  6. I've heard so many amazing things about Tula! I need to check them out!



  7. Great product. As TULA is making it very different from most skincare brands, probiotics are not only great for you internally, but also amazing for your skin. I am surely going to try these.

  8. I've been wanting to get into their products because I've heard so many good things!


  9. I need to try this product! sounds amazing!

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  11. Loved these products. Surely, want to include in my skin care kit. Also, I was wondering that it might have contain some ant-aging creams.

    Melissa@Dermology anti aging treatment serum

  12. Love tula products. Hope to grab deals like these next time.

  13. I love Tula products, dying to try that wrinkle serum!

  14. I loveee Tula!! I use it all the time!

  15. I love Tula products, especially the serum!

  16. Tula products are always on my radar but I've never tried them before!!! I NEED!! Will definitely be using this coupon code ;) Thanks for the great recommendations!