Tips For Staying Inspired As A Blogger

I've been blogging for about four years now and have definitely had my ups and downs with staying inspired. There are weeks the ideas are flowing and other days I ask myself why I even do this (a lot of huffing and puffing at the computer lol). I think we've all been there, no matter what job you have! It can be extremely frustrating so I compiled a list of things that help me when I'm feeling unmotivated.
top | jeans | sandals | bag | lipstick (pure zen) | sunglasses

Ask yourself what you can do better next time. If you aren't happy with the way a post performed, make a list of what you think you can do better for the next post. Once you start writing, the ideas will start coming to you! Ask what went wrong, what did I like, could the photography be better? One small tweak at a time.

Brainstorm with other bloggers (or a friend). Brooke and I are really lucky to have each other. We're always bouncing ideas off each other and help out when either of us are in a rut. If you don't have a blog partner, grab lunch with one of your blogger friends and talk to them about it. Chances are, they've been (or are!) in the same boat as you. Talk about posts that have worked well in the past, posts that didn't do so hot, or any upcoming posts you have in mind. Talking out loud with someone gets the creative juices flowing!

Take a breather. Sometimes you just need a break! Don't look at social media or your computer (easier said then done) and do something you love or just relax. I swear sometimes even just getting a fresh mani/pedi helps you feel recharged!

Find new content to browse. I don't get to read magazines that often but when I do, I always feel so inspired after (I need to read them more). I keep a notepad in my phone with things I see (trends, key words, outfit ideas) so when I'm in a slump I can turn to that. I also find new blogs, books, websites, or stores to look at (a lot of times I look at decor and travel blogs too) there is so much inspiration everywhere! Oh and obviously Pinterest is a huge source for inspo!

Don't compare yourself to others. Every time I do this, I get down on myself and it makes me less motivated/inspired which is no bueno. I've found myself thinking things like "her photography is so much better, her blog posts are more intriguing, that outfit was so much better than mine". When looking at other bloggers try to pull inspiration (but don't copy) instead of playing the comparison game. Nothing kills your buzz more then negativity!

Ask your readers what they want to see. Brooke and I have done this so many times before! Our readers love to help out (thanks guys!) and always provide us with a huge list.

Revamp an old post. I haven't done this yet, but I think it would be fun to recreate an old outfit post and do a comparison. Maybe add a few pics from the old post, let's say circa 2014, and do a side-by-side. It's fun to see how your style has evolved! Sometimes I look at my old posts and think OMG what was a I thinking...just have fun with it ;)


  1. Love this list! I totally agree with all of these, especially just needing a breather sometimes... especially after huge sale seasons like Christmas!

    Also loving the shoes!
    Xo Mindy I

  2. That last tip is so creative! It would be so fun (any maybe funny) to see some of those posts, like what your "uniform" or "go-to" outfit was then vs. now, or an outfit that made you feel 100% then vs what that looks like now. You should totally take your own advice on that one ;)

  3. these are awesome tips! these have been lifesavers for me in the past! your last tip would be so fun to create!


  4. the struggle is so real!! It is hard to constantly be creative, but it is so fulfilling! I love your shoes and top, by the way! So chic!


  5. These tips are great! And your jeans are amazing!

  6. These are great tips! It really can be tough to always stay inspired, but doing these things totally helps.

  7. Great tips! A post I needed to read today! Thank you so much! You look stunning as well! I need that top!

  8. these are some awesome tips! talk about staying inspired - your post definitely inspired me! thank you for sharing!

    stephanie //

  9. These are some great tips! And I am obsessed with this look!

  10. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love this post - totally needed to read this!