1. Who are your favorite bloggers (fashion, home, lifestyle, etc.) to follow?
There's so many we love it's hard to narrow it down to a few buttttt here we go: Fashion Jackson, Emily Luciano, Trader Joes ListCarrie Bradshaw Lied, Alexia Clark, rrayyme,  Living With Landyn, Shut The Kale Up, Natalie, Jenna & Lisa, Walk In WonderlandJustine & Kenley, SaiTwo Peas In A PradaBecki Owens, Chris Loves Julia, and Studio McGee. We're for sure forgetting some, but these are a few new ones to check out if you don't already follow them! 

2. Can you talk about how to land a sponsored post as a new blogger starting out? Looking to connect with some brands, but very hard to get noticed being new. Should we be contacting brands or "wait" for them to contact you?
We blogged for a year and a half before ever working with a brand, so it definitely takes time! Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen right away. That was never our goal when we started our blog, so maybe we didn't put as much pressure/stress on getting sponsored posts. You can definitely reach out to brands (PS - are you guys interested in "blogging tips" blog posts?! Please let us know!), but don't feel bad if it doesn't happen right away. It's important to build your brand & social media following, and the sponsored posts will come! Most importantly, have FUN with it! If you're only in blogging to make money, it's probably not going to feel like much fun. A few more tips for landing a sponsored post - have professional photos, post consistently, show brands WHY they should want to work with you, and always be open to hearing what brands are looking for when it comes to a collab!

3. Brooke - I know you posted about Lululemon leggings last week on insta stories, but which style were they? And how are you liking them?
I have these Align pants and am obsessed! Ahhh they are SO good! So many people recommended them on instagram and now I see why, I never want to take them off! ;) I'm normally a 4 in Lulu and ended up going down to a 2 in this pair & would say it's equivalent to an XS in Nike, Zella, or Athleta.

4. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home. We know it won't be our forever home, but we plan on staying in it for a while. What are something things you love about your home, wouldn't want again, and must have in your next home?
Meggan: I love our open floor plan, hardwood floors, the natural light from all the windows, gated driveway, large yard, and the neighborhood. In my next house I would like vaulted ceilings, a walk-in pantry, farmhouse sink (miss ours so much from Chicago), more storage, and an attached garage!
Brooke: I love our high ceilings, wood beams, open floor plan, and back yard. I would love to have a better basement (ours just feels like a basement, not a nice one you want to hang out/watch movies in), walk-in pantry, and better laundry room - mine is super small with no room to fold anything.

5. I need help finding some accent stools. My house is a mix between RH & West Elm. I need something that would be comfortable enough to sit on for a period of time. Hoping to stay under $500 for two!
Some stools we love under $500 for two - herehere, and here.

6. I'm heading to Napa in September. What are some outfit essentials you would recommend? I'm trying to work toward a capsule wardrobe.
We would pack a denim jacket (love this one or this one), dresses that can be worn from day to night (here, here, here), a classic cardigan, booties (have these in tan & black - they go with everything), a neutral hat, skinny jeans (want!), and basic tees. Have fun!

7. I have my company's annual sales conference mid-July and am looking for some business casual outfit inspiration tat can take me from meetings all day to a social outing in the evening. I would love to find a couple outfits that are conservative, but can also withstand 80+ degrees at night! Any ideas?
LOFT has so many cute business casual pieces and they're having a 50% off sale! For skirts we like this, this, and this. Tops: here, here, and here. This jacket and this dress are SO cute too!

8. I need help finding a cute dress or romper to wear to my Father in Law's 60th birthday. I will be helping out at the party so it can't be anything too crazy!
This floral dress would look cute with a pair of wedges, this jumpsuit is SO cute, love this OTS dress (esp with a belt!), and this maxi is so pretty too!

9. I'm moving out of my parents house into my own place with some college friends! I'm a little overwhelmed with having to decorate my first place for the first time. I was wondering if you guys have any tips? Like where to shop for furniture and decorations and some must haves for a hip apartment!
For your first apartment, we would check out - AllModernWayfair, and Overstock. Some pieces we love - thees chairsthis pillow, and these stools! Urban Outfitters has fun/interesting decorations too - how cool is this mirrorthis floor lamp, and these planters?

10. Loved your post about y'alls master bedrooms! For those of us ballin on a budget, any cheaper alternative white sheets? 
Brooke: Yes, for sure! I also have these sheets and love them! They have so many different designs (all super cute), and they also come in solids if you're looking for just plain white.
Meggan: I hated the sheets I had before I got the Boll & Branch ones but someone mentioned that 100% organic sheets from Target are great!

11. I love the white sneaker trend but have not figured out how to keep them clean (even with wiping them down everyday and can't deny the gray color). Do you have any tips for protecting or cleaning?
Meggan: Mine don't really get that dirty but every once in awhile I wipe mine down with these magic erasers - those things are gold!
Brooke: I don't really mind when they get a little dirty - it adds character ;), but yes have heard a magic eraser is great for white sneakers (along with literally every other surface lol).

12. I saw you linked your headboards on insta stories, but I missed it! Could you please share both of those again? Also, if they are expensive...any cheaper options that are similar? Thanks! 
Meggan: Mine is this one from West Elm and it's currently on sale!
Brooke: This is the one I have from RH, but I also found this one that looks identical for less!

13. I'm heading to Morocco for two weeks in August. It's going to be super hot and I've been told to dress conservatively. I'm looking for cute (not revealing) midi to maxi dresses. To make matters a bit more difficult I'm around 5' and definitely need petite length. Any ideas? 
This dress is super pretty and 50% off, looooove this one, and this one is super super cute - all petite sizes!

14. What are you favorite nail colors for summer? Meggan I love the color you are wearing in your honeymoon photos post, do you know what it's called?
I was wearing CND romantique! A few of our other favorite summer colors are OPI bubble bath, OPI funny bunny, Essie blue la la, OPI let's be friends, OPI cajun shrimp, and Essie guchi muchi puchi.

15. I'm in the slow tedious (but fun!) process of furnishing my apartment and realized my lamp shades are so blah! Any good recommendations for shades you gals are liking lately?
Tons of lamp shades that are cute and neutral here. Especially love this one - it would easily go with any lamp in any room! Such a fun time for you!

16. I'm looking for a dress (thinking maxi) for a maternity photo shoot probably in August. Do you have any ideas?
Yes we love maxi dresses for maternity shoots! A few we're loving are here, here, and here. This one isn't a maxi but it's so pretty too!

17. Do you guys have carts going for the Zara sale? I have like a million things for my daughter but I'm not sure if I'm impulsively throwing stuff in. Help!
Meggan: I don't ever really online shop at Zara because the sizes are always so different! But I did pop in there the other day and got Cam a few things: this tee, this tank, and these sneakers. I sadly didn't find anything for myself ha!
Brooke: Zara is hard for me b/c without trying it on, it's really hit or miss! A few things I love - this dressthis topthis dress for little girls is SO cute, and love these sandals - they look like Celine!

18. I loved the post you guys did on your bedrooms - major design inspo! I was hoping you could share some of the details about where you purchased the decor and furniture pieces (headboard, nightstands, bench, etc.) as well as anything you're loving currently or where you like to shop for those bigger items. 
Meggan: My headboard is West Elm (linked in question 12), nightstands are from Pottery Barn that I've had since high school - time for new ones lol, here are my lamps (on sale!), ruggold urchinbooks, salt rock, and gold sculptures.
Brooke: My headboard is RH and linked above a well, my nightstands are RH - herehere is my rug from Overstock, the bench is RH, and lamps are these from Target (Nate Berkus).

Please leave your questions for next week below or shoot us an email at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject. XO


Wanted to share my lace-up sweatshirt since it was just marked down yesterday & sizes are going quickly! It's the softest material and can be worn anywhere - you could dress it up with black pants, wear it with jeans, cutoffs, or even joggers. I ended up with a size small and would say it's true to size, or runs a bit small if anything. 
Sorry if you're sick of seeing these jeans ;), but they are pretty much the only pair I wear anymore - they are the perfect "mom jeans," without being too mom-ish if you know what I mean. They are true to size. I know a lot of people hate these sneakers (my mom included lol), but I love them and both Meggan and I wear ours all the time. 
sweatshirt | jeans | sneakers | bag (similar here) | sunglasses (very similar here for $55!) 

St. Lucia Honeymoon

We stayed at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort which is so gorgeous and the location is unbeatable - it's tucked between two Pitons on a private beach. On the resort there's a spa, three restaurants, pool, beach, snorkeling (we did this everyday it was SO good, actually the best on the island), two boutiques, paddle boarding, kayaking, walking trails, and a gym (which we didn't use lol). You can stay in a beachside bungalow or a villa which are up in the hills. The hotel used to be a sugar cane plantation with so much history!
We landed around 1 but had an hour drive from the airport (on very curvy roads through the rainforest, I was a little car sick). Our cab driver Victor was awesome and had some Piton beers waiting in the car for us. He gave us a little tour of the island and we got to see his fishing village and even his home. Everyone is so friendly and are so proud to show off their island. Once we arrived at Sugar Beach we were greeted with their special rum punch (yum) and cool towels. 
We decided to stay in one of the luxury villas up the mountain so we could have some privacy + views of the ocean and Pitons. Our room was stunning and had it's own plunge pool. The villas come with butlers which was pretty clutch. They helped with reservations, planning your days, filling your fridge, calling your taxis, and overall just making sure you are having the best time.
An all white bedroom. So chic and dreamy!
We unpacked and sipped some champagne on our balcony before heading to Cane Bar for dinner (located on the resort). 
I loved the vibe of Cane Bar - it's a chic lounge with amazing sushi. Kyle and I still talk about the fire roll daily lol. We went back on Thursday because they have a DJ which was so fun. We witnessed a lot of bad dancing ;)
We got two couples massages while we were there. The spa is seriously AMAZING (I know I keep using that word but every thing was) and each room is in a secluded bungalow. This was Kyle's first massages EVER and it's safe to say he's hooked. I had to stop him from booking a third massage LOL.
After the massage you got to relax in this pool. #takemeback
The daily breakfast was yummy. Fresh juice, fruits, and a huge menu. Some days my breakfast looked like this....
...and others like this lol. It's all about balance right ;)
Kyle talked me into going on a hike one day. I love hikes and being active so I agreed. However, we didn't know how HARD it was going to be. It took us 2 hours to get up and 2 hours back down. At one point we were crawling completely vertical up the mountain on our hands and knees. It was pretty intense to say the least. I'm glad we did it though, it was a great accomplishment and the views were breathtaking.
The way down was the worst. It was slippery so you really had to concentrate. I definitely slipped more than a few times.
That's the Piton we hiked! We celebrated after with rosemary mojitos, piña coladas, and relaxing on the beach. These floaties were the best to chill on 
The piña coladas were our jam.
I loved coming back to our room to find fresh fruit, water, and snacks for us. Everything the staff does is so thoughtful.
Getting drinks in the Great Room before we headed off the resort for dinner at Boucan. It's a cacao infused menu which we were skeptical about but it was SO good. 
My dress is on sale for $40 (I bought for $130 ugh)!!! I got a size small and it fits perf. 
We did a sunset cruise which was one of our favorite activities. There was about 5 couples on it so it was very intimate. We cruised down the shore and looked at all the pretty colorful houses and resorts. We met a older couple from the Chicago area and knew mutual people. It's so crazy you can be thousands of miles from home and still have connections to people.
They provided rosé and snack boxes with fresh sushi and shrimp.
After the cruise we got ready and headed to the BBQ at the beach. You can't walk anywhere since the villas are up the mountain so these cute tuk tuk cars come and pick you up. The pink one was my favorite! The BBQ was too much fun. There was a live band and the biggest spread of food I've ever seen.
beach essentials: shorts | sandals | hat
We knew it would probably rain a little while we were there because end of June is the start of rainy season. It would be so sunny and then a downpour would come out of no where. It was gorgeous and would only last a few minutes.
One morning we went to the Sulphur Springs for a mud bath that supposedly makes you look 10 years younger. I wanted to scoop it into my water bottle and smuggle it home lol.
They told us the water would be around 100 degrees but it was definitely WAY hotter, probably about 110. Kyle couldn't even feel his feet after we got out lol. You did get used to it though.
We stopped at a waterfall afterward to rinse completely off. Our skin felt silky smooth afterward.
Morning beach strolls ^
Someone suggested taking a water taxi to a burger spot called Jungle Beach Grill down the island. We were a little skeptical but SO glad we went. Our driver gave us a little tour the towns and resorts, then showed us a bat cave. We we're going to snorkel but it started down pouring so we decided to just head to the burger shop. You guys, these were SO good, like in the top 3 burgers we've ever had. The mojitos were also to die for. My mouth is watering thinking about it! Definitely recommend going! Not sure if you saw on insta stories but on the boat ride home there was so much fog over the Pitons it seriously looked like we were in Jurassic Park. I also butchered the spelling of "Jurassic Park" on the video and Kyle was seriously concerned lolol. I think I wrote "Jurrasick". Spelling has never been my strong suite...at least I can laugh it off :)
Most people hung at the beach so you could usually get the pool all to yourself! 
Here's a quick breakdown...
The Great Room
Cane Bar
Bayside Restaurant
The Jungle Grill
Dasheene at Ladera

Hiked the Piton
Sulphur Springs
Explored Soufriere
Spa Days
Sunset Cruise
Relaxed :)

These aren't even half my pictures, it would of taken me hours to go through all them, ha! We had the most amazing time and hope to go back someday. If you have any questions about the resort or anything leave them below! xx

Peek Into Our Bedrooms

Good morning babes! Giving you a peek into our bedrooms today! They are definitely still a work in progress - Brooke needs new window treatments, and Meggan is on the hunt for nightstands and a bench. But since home/interiors was our #1 most requested post this year, we're going to try to do more for you guys! Please leave any post requests in the comments or shoot us an email! 
You guys probably saw me steaming my new bedding from Boll & Branch on insta stories ;). I feel like the master bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention and I'm so happy ours is finally coming around (3 years later lol). We decided to do wallpaper last year, and I'm totally in love with how that turned out, but it limited what we could do for bedding & furniture. 
I knew I wanted a super neutral, calm bedroom and white bedding was the way to go (we've tried tan, gray, and charcoal but the white looks so much better!) - especially with the wallpaper. I went with this duvet in white and love it against the linen headboard. 
I like to put my candles in a larger hurricane so little fingers don't get close - it also looks really pretty when it's lit. 
Everyone likes their bed and pillows arranged differently, and I'm one who loves the Euro shams front and center - I just love the look! I also have these king shams when I want to change it up. 
I love the charcoal throw at the end of the bed - this throw is so pretty and comes in 8 colors. 
The sheets are so comfortable and soft! My husband requested no white bedding (lol, pick your battles), but when he saw it in the room he loved it and said the sheets were the most comfortable sheets he's ever slept on ;). #win!
I agree with Brooke that the master bedroom is the last to get attention. We still haven't hung the curtains (we've had them since February lol), put up the artwork, and I'm still on the hunt for some furniture. I've had these nightstands since high school. They've gone with me from home, to college, to Chicago, and now Dallas! One thing we definitely needed was new bedding. I mentioned before that my night sweats are awful (ugh!) and when I was researching remedies, a lot of people said to get 100% cotton sheets. Boll & Branch is 100% organic cotton and I've truly noticed a difference since I switched. I seriously couldn't be happier (and neither can Kyle lol)! I've gone through too many duvet covers to count and this one is by far the best. It's breathable and SO soft. I also like how it spills over the bed - our last one was way too short!
I love mornings when Cam wants to cuddle and read books in bed. It doesn't happen often but I soak it up when it does :)
I was going to paint the walls a dark charcoal but decided against it. I love the light and airy feeling of my bedroom and want to keep it bright.
 You can never have too many throw blankets. I'm always cold and this one is my favorite to cuddle up in - it's so soft, warm but it isn't too heavy.
You can do a free 30 day trial if you want to try Boll & Branch bedding. We highly doubt you will send it back though ;) xx
In collaboration with Boll & Branch