My Vacay Style

I've been wearing easy breezy outfits since we arrived in St. Lucia but this two-piece set is by far my favorite. I wore it with sandals during the day and threw on these heels for date night. 
How pretty are the bell sleeves?!
For sizing: I got an xs in the top and skirt. This hat is on sale - yay! 

We are off to our last breakfast in paradise then heading to the airport. I'm so sad the trip is over but they say all good things must come to an end ;) I can't wait to get home and squeeze my baby. I've been missing him like crazy these last couple days. xx



  1. This is such a stunning two-piece set for vacation! You look amazing (as per usual)! Congrats again :)

    P.S. this is going to sound creepy (LOL).. but I saw the lace wedding robe you got ready in for your wedding on FB... PLEASE tell me where you got it - it's so pretty and I've been looking for something similar! :)

    1. Thanks lady! It's actually my SIL's that she wore on her wedding day too - I will ask her if she remembers where it's from and get back to you! xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! xx


  3. #coffeetalk question! Would you share some 4th of July inspired dresses? And maybe share what you're both planning on wearing?


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