Hair Stories (my new hair + a look at the past year)
Good morning, ladies! If you follow along on instagram, you know I dyed my hair dark yesterday – and I’m loving it. I get so many questions about my hair (I’m planning a few hair-related posts, stay tuned!), so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my hair over the past year. It was the year of experimentation, and was a lot of fun. Here we go! 
Pretty close to my natural hair color here (I’ve colored it for so long, it’s never really “natural”). 
Moving on to the DIY ombre I did – this was fun, for a few weeks (then it started turning really brassy). 
Instead of dying the ombre back dark, I decided to chop it off. A fresh (7 inches to be exact) cut felt so good.
Can’t wait to use this clutch again for fall – it’s the perfect size! 
This spring I decided to add major highlights (first time having lighter hair in over 7 years). 
My favorite jacket (I wear it year-round) – I ordered a small for those who wanted to know. 
2nd round of highlights – they were fun for summer, but not really “me.” 
tee / jeans / bag

And today! Back to the dark side for fall/winter. 
Several of you commented about this scarf and lip color. The scarf is from Nastygal, and this color is currently sold out, but they still have the green version, and the lips are Laura Mercier (lipstick is ‘spiced rose,’ gloss is ‘bare baby’). 

Do you have any specific hair questions for me? Please let me know, and I’ll plan my upcoming hair posts around them! xx